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chapter one:The Great Escape

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Meet her friends,parents,enemy and the crush. Oh yeah and the death trap called school.

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I woke up to my radio blasting My Chemical Romance:"Welcome To The Black Parade".I opened my eyes to the lucid sun coming though my window.I hit snooze on my alarm clock and stumbled out of bed.I walked sleepishly to my window.i looked sown at the celertiy traffic below from the penthouse apartment at the Dakota.~Wait lets stop the story here.I guess I must explain the whole penthouse apartment.Well my parents own the biggest company in the nation,Wellborn and Cahan Inc. the top financial
consultants in the nation.So this puts me in the top ten heiress of New York City.And someday the company will be mine, Ifine with that.Til then I'm still undead.So lets play the rest of the story.~ I treaded down the stairs to the kitchen,when I spotted Julia,the maid,beginning ti make breakfast.

"Hey Julia"

"Oh Hello Ms.wellborn I was going to make breakfast and send it to you up stairs"Julia said with a spanish accent.

"No Julia I'll have some Lucky Charms and Orange Juice"

"Are you sure Ms.Wellborn?"

"Yes Julia"I replied with a smile.

I sat at the bar and Julia handed me a glass of orange juice.I heard someone slowly coming down the stairs.I knew it was my mother since morning is her mortal enemy.

"Goodmorning sweety - Julia"

"Hey mom"I said when Julia handed me my bowl of cereal.

"So ,you ready for school today since you got back from you winter break in Italy?"I smiled at that remembering our coolest vaction ever.I mean we went to Italy!

"Yeah!,I still need to get dress.Then I'm going to go meet Cam at SIDNEI'S"I replied while munching on my cereal.

"How about we send the car to take you to school?"

"Mom I'll take the subway and my skateboard,K?"

"Why do you choose to take that thing to school?"

"which one the subway or the skateboard?"


"Not today mom I'm going to get ready"

My mother moaned and took a sip of her orange juice while I disregard my cereal to go upstairs.As I was walking pass the living room I saw the un thinkable:PINK!!

"mom did you try to do Laundry again?"

"Oh stop it I brought you this outfit for school"

"Its Pink.I don't do pink!But I'll be sure to give it to someone who needs it" I give the pink demon an evil look.I went up stairs to finally take a shower.

I came out of the shower and went to my walk in closet. What should I wear? I put on a white long sleeve shirt and a black T-shirt with skull printed on the front over my long sleeve. My black cargo pants and all black with white converses on. I grabbed my backpack off my desk. Wait I'm forgetting something? I went downstairs to find Julia, who was cleaning the kitchen.

"Julia have you seen my skateboard?"

"Um, try your fathers office"
I went down the hall to my fathers back office. I opened the door to see my father at his desk looking at me sternly.

"Left you skateboard in here again? doing ollies in here again?"

"No!" looking away briefly. He smiled and opened his arms to me.

"Good morning Daddy" giving him a hug "have you seen my skateboard?"

"Yeah,it's over there on the couch"


"Hey here an extra bonus" giving my 50 Bucks.

"What? What's this for?"

" I see you're running low on black"

"Thanks, if mom show you now she would die knowing you've been encouraging the black"

Giving him a hug and kiss goodbye. Grabbing my skateboard and went to the door grab my winter coat. I left to go to the elevator and go on just before it closed on me. I pulled out my i-pod gx and go off at the lobby. I Walked though the lobby I politely said hi to the security guard then walked on to 59st traffic was busy, people going to work, it was New York.

I got on my skateboard and rode to the nearby subway and got on the 1-train.15 minutes later I was on 103st,I walked across the street to SIDNEI'S. Though the glass door I spotted Leo, Camren, and Marco sitting at our usually back table. Before I could get both feet though the door:
"Janelle" they said in unison. I laughed and walked toward the back while the early morning preps looked at me mumbling whisper.

"Hey, what's up? Wait don't tell me the sky right"

"Jay Dawg we missed you being in Italy and all," said Leo. Before I could speak Camren spoke.
How was Italy? Did you have fun? Were the guys cute? Is it true that all Italian People hate us? Camren said a mile a minute.

"Fine.Superfun! Hot.No its French people who hate us" I said trying to keep up.

"Cam take a chill pill. No more black coffee for you, k"Marco said turning to me.

" You look like crap . . .. Latte?"Handing me a latte.

" Yeah, Thanks I think. Look I'll tell you all about Italy on the way to school" I said hinting. We all left together to get to school on time.

At school we were all gather at my locker.Camren and Leo were behind me talking about some band performing at METRO.I was putting my backpack and skateboard in my locker.While I was trying to take my book out for class, I looked to my left and saw Jerad Cahan.It seemed like everything around me slowed down.He was wearing a polo shirt and jeans and had his hair short and trimed.he was talking to his friend Issac before parting and walking in my direction.I closed my locker and swung around, figetting with my shirt and hair.Jerad stopped at the locker next to mine and opened it.OH CRAP! his locker is next to mine.

"Hey Janelle you coming or what?"

"Huh?"I said lookin at them confused.

"are you coming to the METRO to listen to the new band LoveSin?"Leo said.

"yeah,when?"I said looking at Jerad from the coner of my eyes.

"tomorrow nite"reported Camren.Jerad closed his locker amd walked away to join his friends again.the gang followed my eyes to what I was looking at.

"she's looking at Jerad again.How long does this staring last before she moves?"Marco commented looking at me then to Camren than finally Jerad.i got my self together and turned to face my friends.

"so i'll meet you tomorrow at 7:30?"

"no you don't get to change the subject.Lets talk about you little crush on Jerad Cahan"Camen said looking at me and crossing her arms.

"look at the time we have to go to class.See ya!"I said walking away to U.S. History.I walked away before hearing what they said.I got to U.S History just befor the bell rings.I took my sit in the back and realized I was now sitting next to JERAD!OH CRAP!

"Well good morning class! Welcome back from break. Today you all will begin a partner project. The project is based upon you picking and important war and doing a Power point presentation. Then individually write a 20 page essay."Mrs. Scott said. Everyone at that point was bellyaching and moaning. "Oh please let me continue there's more, I will be picking your partners." Mrs. Scott continues.
"Amy and John"

"Heather and Kim"

"Janelle and. . . .Jerad"

"What?! Excuse me?" I said alarmed.

"You and Jerad are partners for your project due in eight weeks." Mrs. Scott replied continued to call her choices of partners. While Mrs. Scott continued to explain the project even more, I was trying to come up with an excuse to switch partners. With Jerad as my partner I'll never get anything done. I'll stare at him instead of doing reseach, I'll get nervous and shut down. I'm definitely going to fail this class now. "Begin"Mrs. Scott said bring me out of my trance. I looked at Jerad and tried to smile.

"Hey" Jerad said pushing his desk next to mine.

"Hey" I said as my razor phone started vibrating in my pocket. Thank God my phone vibrated this means I don't have to look into his eyes. His eyes are just so . . .. Anyway I pulled out my cell and sunk in my seat to hide my phone. It was a text from Camren:
Hey meet me @ da bathrm ASAP!
Cam J
I closed my phone and wondered what's the problem.

"Excuse me" looking at Jerad "Mrs. Scott can I go to the bathroom" getting up.

"Yes, take the hall pass". I grab the hall pass and walked out the class. I started running around the corner just hoping there was nothing wrong seriously. I got to the bathroom to see Camren walking back and forth in front of the bathroom.

"What's wrong?" I said worried.

"It's Jada. Stupid Brittany and her mini me put these all over the school. I had to tear them down all over the building" Camren handed me the stacks of torn paper. They all said the same thing: JADA THE SUPER SULT!!!!!!!

"Where's Jada?"

"In the stall crying to death I can't get her out"

I went looking under the stall for feet and saw black uptowns in the last stall. Knocked once then twice. No one answer. I went to the next stall and stood on the toilet and liked down at Jada who was sitting with her head between her knees crying. She looked so small and weak; I knew I had to snap her out of the crying spell.
"Jada stop crying babe. You know those brats have no life and only live to screw other people's lives. Now I know you and you better not just sit here and cry. GET OVER IT!! DON'T CRY let's get even." I didn't mean to sound mean but I didn't know what else to say. I think I spend too much time around Camren. Jada got up and open the stall door. She went to the sink and wet her face, then patted her face dry.
"Your right Janelle. It just hurts being called names."
"I know come on how about skipping first for a latté." as we walked out of the bathroom. I saw Camren and the Brittany's having it out.
"Cam, lets go don't waste your time talking to the four numbskulls"
"Janelle, I have not seen you in a hot minute. So how's your gothic phase, is it over yet? So you can finally have real friends.
"Brittany burn in hell!" Camren shouted while I tried to turn her away.
"I'll see you there Camren" Brittany replied smiling.
"Brittany have you been to the doctor lately? Because I think your nose is still little bent from your last surgery," I said in a preppy tone. Brittany touched her nose with wide eyes. Confirming she had surgery over the break. Brittany collected her self and finally spoke with annoyance
"Why so touchy, Janelle? At one point we were friends and ruled the school. But now you choose to be a lower level of the school chain" Brittany said looking at me with piercing green eyes.
~Stop! I should explain the fact that I was a friend with the devils spawn. Brittany and I were best friends since first grade because our parents did business some times. Until the end of 8th grade Brittany tormented this girl since day one of school. The girl finally got her button pushed to far and she committed suicide in the bathroom with a gun. All Brittany had to say was: "I hope they have a stylist in heaven. Lord knows she needs it." At that point I realized Brittany was not the person I grow up with. Brittany turned into someone who plays the game but not the rules. This makes the long story short. So lets continue to the Drama. ~
The death threatening stares between Brittany and I ended by the presence of a teacher from down the hall.

"You girls got a pass?" asked the teacher. In response we all raised our hall passes in the air with out breaking the stare.

"Well you girls better get back to class before the bell rings" replied the teacher then continuing down the hall.

"I guess I'll see you around when I visit the dark side." Brittany said giving her brainless minis the signal to go. I turned to watch them walk away. I hoped the light fixture would crash on their heads, but I can only be so lucky. I snapped back around to reality and looked at my watch.

"I gotta go! I've been out of class for twenty minutes" I said almost halfway down the hallway. By the time I got to the corner I heard Camren and Jada utter bye. I got outside my classroom door and tried to slip in quietly. I was so close from getting to my desk I could touch it. Until Mrs. Scott looked up from her desk and looked at me sternly.

"Ms. Wellborn, I'm so glad you could finally join us for class. So would you care to explain why you were at the bathroom for twenty minutes" Mrs. Scott said walking towards me from her desk to mine.

" See what had happen was . . . I . . .um was stopped by Mr. Johnston and we ended up talking about my grades. Then I realized I was out of class so long" I replied pulling out my book hoping she would leave as well as the unwanted stares from the class especially Jerad.

"Oh really, I don't think there's a Mr. Johnston at this school. So you know what Janelle we'll resolve this after school. Don't get stopped on your way back here at 2:55. Now start on your project" Mrs. Scott said sarcasticly."Get back to work the day time theater is over" she continued and everyone got back to work. Mrs. Scott finally went back to her desk.

"So where were you really?"

"What? . . .Oh in the janitor closet smoking" I said nonchalant.

"That's a bunch of bull and you know it. But it's o.k. you don't have to tell me. I mean we're only project bubbies" Jerad said try to act like he didn't care. I smiled and he smiled too.

"So what are we doing for our project?" I said trying to change the subject. Then the bell rung for the end of first period. I got my stuff and was about to leave when Jerad stopped me.

"How about I get your cell number so I can call you about the project" Jerad said shifting his weight between his feet.

"Look me up. I'm in the phonebook or ask around" I said backing away slowly. I can't believe that just happened but it did.

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