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Starbucks and the other Bobs

by xDisenchantedx 12 Reviews

Bob Bryar is sick and tired of being the least popular MCR member, so with the help of two other Bobs, they set out to bring justice to the name BOB!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Parody - Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [?] [V] - Published: 2006/12/18 - Updated: 2006/12/18 - 1205 words


  • Bob's Revenge

    (#) A_Chemical_Tragedy 2006-12-18 02:26:38 PM

    That was cool finally SOMEBODY stands up for Bob. Good job it weird but cool.

    Author's response

    Ha! Thanks. That's exactly what I was going for. There's barely any completely Bob-centered fics. I could only find one besides this, actually. Thanks a lot for your feedback!
  • Bob's Revenge

    (#) Popciclegirl 2006-12-18 05:20:33 PM

    Bob Doyal! LMAO! Bob is the awesome. I LOVE BOB! Keep on going...STORY IS AWESOME!

    Author's response

    Wow, a lot more people like Bob than I thought! I really didn't expect that many reviews for this... haha. Thanks! -Bee
  • Bob's Revenge

    (#) MyVengefulRomance 2006-12-18 05:47:55 PM

    OMG!!!! You have NO IDEA how hard I just laughed! HONESTLY!!!! That was AMAZING!!! My mom and sister just had to yell at me to shut up. OMG,I loved Bob Dole in this. Friggin' hilarious. Poor Bob. I like Bob, but you did this tastefully. Good job, sweetie!!! UPDATE SOON!!!!!

    Author's response

    My family members have to yell at me to shut up a lot when I read fanfiction too XD My favorite chapter is coming up next (I'm about to post it)! Thank you for your kind words! -Bee
  • Bob's Revenge

    (#) chino 2006-12-18 05:48:15 PM

    Ive not read it yet but it already sounds AMAZING!
    Lol, yeah, thank you loads for doing this!
    sighs poor Bob goes to sit in the corner with him

    Author's response

    You're welcome, and thank you! ^_^ I can't believe nobody's ever written anything like this before. I hope you stick around! -Bee
  • Bob's Revenge

    (#) Cerediwen 2006-12-19 08:51:03 AM

    laughs that was very very funny, awww poor bobsy

    Author's response

    BOBSY! What a funny name XD Thanks a lot!
  • Bob's Revenge

    (#) Silvana 2006-12-19 09:07:59 AM

    dies laughing Go Bob!

    Author's response

    Whoot! Bob forever! Even though I like everyone else better! Haha. Thanks! -Bee
  • Bob's Revenge

    (#) chino 2006-12-19 03:11:03 PM

    hey, that ROCKED!!!

    Oh, I also got pissed ages ago coz there was never any Bob in fanfics so I did one. It's over in 'my faded romance' im chino over there aswell just incase you fancied having a laugh at it, it was one f my first!

    Author's response

    I found you but I can't find a Bob story. I wanna read it! Wanna send me the link? Thanks for continuing to read! -Bee
  • Bob's Revenge

    (#) horsie890 2007-04-07 01:37:34 AM

    I love stories where Bob gets revenge. I even wrote one, but that was because of a song...
    This is hilarious. Spongebob yay.
  • Bob's Revenge

    (#) horsie890 2007-04-07 01:38:42 AM

    OoO And I just realized that I pretty much STOLE the first two sentences of your Bob-revenge story for my Bob-revenge story. I didn't mean to, honestly! HAVE MERCY!! hides in closet

    Author's response

    ..I don't really know what to say to that.. if you read my story before you wrote that, then you'd have known that you took my lines and multiple of my ideas. I read yours. ...Possible lack of creativity on your part, I guess...

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