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chapter two:The Red Past

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What happens when the past comes back to haunt you? or make you falll in love again.

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Getting up the next morning was hard. Not because I was tired but because I was already sick of school.I had to get up anyway,doing my regular morning routine when I was interrupted by a phone call on my cell from Camren.

"ok whats up? Jerad asked me for you number yesterday.Then he was nice and said he'll buy me coffee today to thank me.I was going to call you yesterday but thought you would call me first to tell me what the hell is going on" Camren said sounding a little upset.

"Cam, look me and Jerad are doing a project thats all.So instead of me easily giving him my number I was playing hard to get.So relax your not missing anything" I said getting ready to leave the house.

"good i thought I was missing out on the action or somthing.I guess I'll see you in a few" Camren said relief.

"yeah,I'm on my way kid see ya" I said getting on my skateboard.

I got to SIDNEI'S before Leo and Marco did, but I saw Camren at the register making her order.I walked in and tapped her on the shoulder while she was paying for her coffe.

"hey,want coffee?" Camren said offering me some which I grabbed and walked to our usually table.

"hoe you took my coffee" Camen said walking behind me.We sat down and argued about who's coffee it was.Finally Leo and Marco came in late.

"where have you two been this very morning?" I asked taking a sip of MY coffe.Camren watched and kicked my under the table.

"We went shopping.Well I went shopping.Leo was looking at guitars.Gross!" Marco said passing his bags to us to look at.

"What do you mean guitars are gross?Whats wrong with guitars?" Leo asked offended.

"Guitars are a national symbol of male manliness and you know it.Tell me, Is one of the reasons you wanted a guitar was to impress girls and seem coooler to other guys" Marco replied happily to give his opinion.At that point Leo shut his mouth and went to order his coffee.We all laughed as Leo walked away.I took another sip of MY coffe ignoring Camren's stares.Then suddenly a large cup of coffee was placed in front of Camren.She smiled and didn't even bother to say thank you or see who gave her the free coffee.Camren just started drinking.

"Your Welcome" Jerad said laughing.

"Sorry, Thank you very very much.It's just that someone stole my coffee, HOOKER!" Camren said looking towards me.While I laughed still drinking my coffe.

"Well I got to go.I'll see you guys at school." Jerad said looking Marco,Camren and Leo, who just returned with his cup of coffee in hand.
Then Jerad turned to me and said: "I'll see you in history." We all waved good bye as Jerad left SIDNEI'S.Then the gang just turned around and looked at me.Trying my hardest to ignore them and finish my half empty cup of joe.Finally I couldn't take it any more as they stared down on me like hungery vulture eyes.

"What!? whay are you looking at me like that?" i said slamming my hand on the table.

"So you were going to tell us you were dating him.And if your not, Why was he looking at you like a dog begging for a wishbone?" Marco commented leaning in closer.

"First of all we are not dating,He's my partner for a history project.Second he was never looking at me like a wishbone your over exaggrating.And last but not least I'm not a wishbone,I'm a steak very good tastey steak" I replied grinning.We all stared laughing but knew we had to leave to go to school on time.

it gets really good after this so just wait!!!!!!
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