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Prepare to trying to convince you parents to let you off the leash.

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When I got home from school my parents were actually home since forever.I didn't have to work since its my day off.I put my bookbag and skateboard by the door.My parents were in the den doing what parents do werid parent stuff.I was on my way up stairs when my mother called me.

"Yeah mom" I said poking my head in the doorway.

"Say yes not yeah.You can't say hi to your parents young lady." she said patting the seat next to her, which meant I should sit and I did.

"I thought we go late afternoon shopping and then you father could meet us at Taver On The Green in Central Park" she continued.I haven't told them about going out tonite.So wish me LUCK.

"Actually I was going to go to the METRO with my friend to listen to this new band called LoveSin.Look before you freak out it starts at eight.I'll be home by 10:30 the eaarliest.I'll be with Leo,Camren,and Marco and there will be absolutly no drink.I'll call you every five minutes if I have to just please can I go" I mange to say in one breath and give them my baby doll smile.My mother looked at my father waiting for him to say NO before she did.Then my father finally spoke looking up from the newspaper.

"As long as you take the car so you and your friends get home safe and do call to check in.And . ..Have fun sweety" he said grinning ear to ear.

"Jim!" she said looking at him with disapproving eyes.

"Oh, thank you daddy!" I said kissing him and then gave him a bear hug.Then I turned to my mother and hugged her too.I went upstairs to figure out what to wear.I got my phone and texted Camren that I was still going.
I rummaged through my closet looking for something outragous but not to outragous.I decided to wear my black and white Converses, my all black fitted ripped jeans and my white tunic with a black tanktop underneth.I was cutting it close and still had to do my eyeliner.I raced down stairs, shouted bye and out the door before my mother could talk to me about the shopping spree.I knew she was going to drag my father with her.I got down stair to see Pete our driver waiting with the Phantom 38GX.I was still trying to fix my hair in the car which was in a pony tail.Finally we were off down 59st.
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