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Chapter 13:I'm running around in circles.

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The next day...

Brendon walked into the living room to be glared by everyone, except for Jon and Kara who had no clue of what was going on. Jon jst went along with them and glared.

"Why is everyone glaring at him?" Kara asked.

Spencer signaled Kara to come over and whispered something.


And everyone looked at Kara.

Jon gasped. "Who?" He asked.

Everyone looked at him with a 'DUH' face.


"Yah!" Kara yelled. "Brendon!"

"What? What I do now? Yeah, the big whole in the o-zone is my fault too! Oh and did I mention that I'm the one who knocked down the twin towers and killed all of those innocent people?!" Brendon yelled.

Everyone staired at him.

"Is there something wrong with me?" Brendon asked. "Am I not perfect enough for you guys? Well, guess what guys. NOBODY'S PERFECT!" He screamed. He slammed the door open and walked out, and then slammed the door shut.

"You know, Ryan. He's right." Spencer said. "You were the one who went blistic on him."

Everyone staired at Ryan. "Shut up."

Spencer got up. "Yeah, sorry for actually caring."


Lilee was gonna have to tell Jared eventually. Sure, she still has a few months but he would find out. She also wondered whether Brendon told the band. She wouldn't mind but what if they murdered him...with feeling really bad. She really wished she was there now.

Also, her new friend Skye. Whom she has known for 2 days, 2 hours, 46 minutes and 80 seconds. Can't blame her for knowing because having dropped out of school gives you A LOT of time to kill. There was a slight chance that she could see her on tour with Taking Back Sunday and she wouldn't be the only girl. She's be the only girl with a baby. Perhaps Skye would help. But then again, Skye would be in college for 4 years. But there is the summer.

She always had Kara though. Only Kara might be just as angry as the guys. The fact that she's older and engaged. Lilee might not have a choice about marrage though. Only Brendon was the one she wanted to marry. She was gonna wait till she was atleast 21 though. Because, weddings have drinks. Lots and lots of drinks. Sounded tempting. She could always slip one though...

What was she thinking? Drinking? Esspecially with child. Jeeze she was going absolutly insane!

With someone knocking on her door she got out of her thoughts and answered it.

"Who is it?"


Would she ever give her sometime to think? Probably not.

"Come in. Doors unlocked."

"Bad idea. Esspecially in New York, you should Always have your door locked."

"Oh well, if I get kidnapped, I get kidnapped. Nothing I could do."

Skye smiled and shook her head. "Not with the little one." She laughed.

Lilee had a sudden flow of nausea go through her. The thought of that made her sick. So it wasn't sickness. "Yeah."

"So, you told Brendon, what about Jared?"

"What part of my life don't you know?" She laughed. "And, I'm gonna tell Jared in person. I'll tell him about me dropping out today. He'll be happy."

"But you just wasted a WHOLE bunch of money."

"Yeah. You're right. But he'll be happy that I'm coming back to Vegas. Anyways, we do have lot of money. I guess you can say with his stardom rising, the money rose too."

"I thought you weren't rich."

"I wasn't. But now he is. I'm kind of well off now that I'm a regular celeberty and is dating a celeberty. I'm in A LOT of magezenes."

"Yeah. I was in one but I was identified as a fan."

"Oh. That must suck."

"Nah, at least I was in one."

They both laughed.

"But before I go, you must do one thing."


"Call your dad right now."

Lilee sighed and picked up the phone. She dialed his number.

"Hey Sabrina, is my dad there?"
"Yeah, hold on."

Lilee heard Sabrina call his name.

"Hey." He said.
"Hey dad."
"You rang?"
"Yeah. Dad, I'm dropping out."
She heard him sigh. "Okay. Why?"
"Something about Panic!"
"Oh. Okay."
"I already have a ticket back to Las Vegas."
"Is there an exact reason why you're dropping out."
"It has to do with me and Brendon, okay? I really can't talk about it."
"So you're okay with it?"
"Kind of."
"And I'm not going back to college."
"That I am angry about."
"Love, you bye."

And she hang up.

"I did it."

Skye smiled. "Good, you're getting better at this stuff."

"Yeah, and I can't believe it."
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