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Chapter 13

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Harry is emancipated at 16, and now he wants revenge. This is a grey!Harry and grey!Ginny

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A/N: Scene of last chapter:


Fudge looked at Voldemort's body and all the Death Eaters surrounding him in horror.

"But I don't understand. Potter broke the law, and must be arrested by the Ministry, and convicted to crimes against the magical world," Fudge said. "If Potter won't come out of the bank, we'll attack it," screamed Fudge.

Dumbledore shook sadly his head. "It's impossible to get Gringotts out of their shutdown," he said sadly. "And if I were you, I'd cool down; otherwise you'll destroy what's left over of this magical world you want to defend."

"I am the Minister here, not you," screamed Fudge. Dumbledore laughed shortly and apparated away.


Minister Fudge collected all Aurors, what he had available, and attacked the Gringotts bank building, but to no avail. The minister had two hundred fifty five Aurors at his command, and they all tried to attack the building with Reducto curses, but nothing happened with the bank. The bank building itself was under shutdown, and the building in this state was not accessible by anything or anyone.

The furious minister demanded that his department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures would collect dragons, and to attack the building. Charlie was one of the dragon riders, who came with four huge dragons to Diagon Alley. After the combined attack of four dragons and two hundred fifty five Aurors, the building was still there in Diagon Alley. You could not say the same for the alley itself, because it was one smoking heap of stones and garbage.

The shop owners of Diagon Alley were furious with the Ministry because they caused the damage and destruction of their shops. Many of the shop owners decided to move to other areas. America was very popular for the shop owners, and many businesses didn't come back to Diagon Alley.

After the combined attack of the Ministry, peace returned to the British Magical world, but not for long. Many laws were being created to restrict Gringotts and all Goblins, but neither Gringotts nor the Goblins showed up. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley were declared as enemy of the state, and they were wanted for rape, murder, and anything what looked bad. The Minister was accusing Harry Potter as the next Dark Lord, but nobody saw Harry or Ginny.

The magical world went bankrupt. There was no money; all riches were safely stored in vaults, which were located at Gringotts and were not accessible. The Ministry had no money for any person employed at the Ministry, and very soon, our Minister Fudge was the only person left in the Ministry building. Not even Percy Weasley stayed with the Ministry; he went home at the Burrow, trying to make peace with his family.

The Weasley's were hit very hard. Economically, they had hardly anything to eat, then only what their small garden was producing. Arthur Weasley stayed at home, because all of his colleagues were home as well, and he did not receive a Galleon for already several months. With nothing else to do, Arthur started to work in the garden. He tried to get the garden produce enough food for his ailing family. When Percy came home, he helped his father to develop the garden. At least they had something to eat.

Arthur and Molly Weasley were talking very bitter about Harry Potter and their daughter. They blamed those two for the destruction of everything. They were the ones who were responsible of the bankruptcy of the Magical World.

The shop of the twins in the Diagon Alley was destroyed ... it burned down after the Ministry tried to destroy the Gringotts building. They had no property, no income and all their products were in the shop. There was also not the possibility to open a shop, because of the closure of Gringotts. People had no money to buy anything. They started a new shop in the muggle world. Because of the collapse of the Ministry, they started to manipulate their products in a way that the muggles loved it. They could earn enough money to make a living.

Bill had no work anymore with Gringotts gone, but he found work at the Ministry of Magic in Egypt, where he started to work as a curse breaker. Charlie was always good with animals; he found a job in America, working in a magical zoo.

Ron was a bitter young man, and his relationship with Hermione went very wrong. Ron spent his time at the Burrow doing absolutely nothing, only bitterly cursing the one person he hated above everyone else, and that was Harry James Potter. He was dreaming of chopping Harry's head off when he saw him.

Hermione Granger left the magical world as a biter woman. She returned to her parents, and decided to study at a muggle high school. Later she would continue studying biology and became a researcher for a biotech company.

Albus Dumbledore, the last headmaster of Hogwarts, was forced to close Hogwarts. There were almost no students left to be taught, and he was forced to fire all the professors in the castle. Most of the students did not have the money to pay the tuition fee or they moved away from England or Scotland to try their luck in new countries like Canada, America or Australia.

Hagrid moved to France to see Madame Maxime, where they married and started a family. His first son he named after Harry Potter.

Draco Malfoy left his manor, after he lost his family name. He went to his Dark Lord, who had no use for him. Voldemort was torturing him for two days, before Draco Malfoy died. His body was thrown as garbage in the muggle garbage dump.

Neville Longbottom never returned to Hogwarts, because his family vault was inaccessible for him and his grandmother. They lived for a while on the food production of his greenhouses, but they was soon destroyed by a fire. He didn't know who started the fire, but he suspected Ron Weasley. Ron came the previous day before the fire on a visit and asked him for food. When Ron saw the heaps of food lying in the storage houses, he blew up and left with an extremely bad temper.

Neville and his grandmother left England to live with relatives near Seattle, America. There he met a very attractive girl with red hair and married her. Together they set up a new business in herbs.

Professor McGonagall was shocked that she lost her job, and for a while, she stayed with Dumbledore. She tried what she could to support the old man, but it was not enough. She returned to her private manor, she still owned, and spent the rest of her time in house. Later she decided to write books about Transfiguration and a book about the life of Albus Dumbledore, the Last Headmaster of Hogwarts.

Severus Snape was a broken man. His master and Dark Lord were destroyed by Harry Potter and he was the only senior Death Eater who was left. He moved back to his ancestral manor, where he had dreams of becoming the greatest Dark Lord of all times. Severus Snape died after he got in a fight with three Aurors, who were still being paid at that time.

Cho Chang became medi-witch in the 'Magical Emerson hospital' in Dallas, and Colin Creevey became the best photographer of news weekly in Paris. Seamus and Parvati married, and had triplets -all of them boys- and lived happily in the house of Parvati's parents.

Dean and Alicia married too, and they started a magical cooking shop in the new Diagon Alley. They got five children and they were all very happy.

Cornelius Fudge was killed by Mad-Eye Moody, when he tried to flee the Ministry building with more than hundred thousand Galleons, the last of the money of the Ministry. Alastor Moody was happy after that, and went to Hogwarts, to have one last talk with the greatest meddler and manipulator of the British world.

"Alastor, why don't you sit down, and tell me what you have on your mind," said Albus Dumbledore.

Alastor grinned. "I didn't want to tell you - I said so -, but I do. I told you so, and now you don't have Voldemort, neither Potter, nor the Magical World. Everything what we fought for all those years, is gone. The whole thing what we called the Magical World collapsed like a house of cards. Dumbledore, you, as the most influencing wizard, are greatly responsible for that. Would you do things differently, and would you have listened to your heart and me, things would look much different. Now you lost everything."

He waved around him.

"This useless empty building, called Hogwarts, with its thousand years of history, which educated one million wizards and witches, stands empty for the first time. I think that it will take a very long time before the first students will return to this building, where they taught useless things.

"You are fully responsible for that," the grilling old wizard said.

All the magical paintings were gasping.

"You are the one, who canceled most of the interesting and useful magical subjects like banking and finance, dueling, elemental magic, ancient blood magic and I can continue like that. You were the one, who was reducing the quality of all the courseware, you were the one who hollowed out all the training and hid all interesting books of magic in Hogwarts library.

"You are responsible for generations of wizards and witches with weak magical education, which the founders of Hogwarts had created. You did that all, and I want to ask you, how do you feel now?"

Dumbledore looked sadly to Moody, the whole time he had his wand trailed on the old Auror.

"Avada Kedavra"

Moody died instantly.

What happened to our heroes?

Gringotts stayed in shutdown for one year. After that year, they reopened the bank building ... but there was nobody left to function as customer. Harry and Ginny walked through what was left of Diagon Alley, holding hands. There was no shop left, and they only saw ruins. Nothing was moving in the once vigorous street.

They went back to the bank and talked to Ba'ar. They bought an old castle from the Goldstein family, and made it their home. Harry and the Goblins secured the castle with the help of Ginny, who was a specialist in rune magic. Nothing could penetrate the defenses of the beautiful and romantic castle, and they soon married. There were no friends or family during the ceremony, because they had none. Ginny's family was still or abroad or in the Burrow, and they did not want to risk a conflict. They heard the stories of an embittered Weasley family.

Harry and Ginny had four sons and three daughters, and were very happy together. When their oldest son became seventeen, they saw Ginny's parents for the first time. It was during a party being organized at the new Diagon Alley. Arthur and Molly Weasley turned bitterly away from their family.

That was the last time Harry and Ginny saw and heard from the Weasley family.

They lived happily and had a long life with their many children and their grandchildren.



A/N: Beta reader for this chapter is damantaray
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