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the old red flame: 2

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Who the hell is Damien Weschester?

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Hearing that name I felt a wave of sickness coming over me.I could barely shallow my drink but shallowed before I actually vomit.
"What!!!!!!!!? OK look as long as he doesn't see me and I don't see him,I'll be fine" I said trying to stay clam.
"Thats going to be hard since he's on stage playing right now" Camren stated pointing towards the stage.I looked over her shoulders and she was right.Damien was front and center playing Bass.Damien looked how he alwayed looked. Messy black hair covering his pale gray eyes, wearing that same black hoodie with the hood up.Tattered jeans and vans.He was Damien.
"You wanna go sweety" Marco said with concern.
"If I would have known he was in the band,I wouldn't have suggested we come.Sorry we can go if you want" Leo said.
"NO, I'll be fine.Lets just have fun" I said stopping every one from getting up.We stayed and continued to listen to LoveSin. ~STOP! I'm going to tell you about Damien and me.We met when we were thirteen the summer of 8th grade,after the Bestfriend from HELL: Brittany.We were unstoppable and we were in-love.Well I thought we were.We parted around this time last year.He left me.He left me to go find his self and his music.You know going around the world and stuff,opening you eyes as he say.I was hurt that he didn't stay and find his self with me.But he made his choice.Other then the bad break up,Damien is a good person and the perfect boyfriend.Damien knew a part of me no one else knows exist.~ Haunted by the arkward silents I decded to go get another drink.By the time the band was done with the song and move on to the next song.The lead singer introduced the next song:"This song was written by our bass player Damien.For his love FireFly and that's the name of the song,so enjoy." My eyes widen and my heart nearly stopped.Damien uses to call me his FireFly, but i never understand why he called me that.I listened to the song and slowly started to understand.
I must have been standing there forever before I realized the band had ended the song and wasn't on stage anymore.I turned back to the bar and grabbed my drink.I took a sip and turned to leave.Damien was standing there smiling with his adorable dimples.
"You thought I didn't see you.HUH?" Damien said kissing me on the cheek.
"I didn't know you were back in the states" I said taking a seat at the bar.
"Yeah I got back a couple days ago.My Parents already enrolled me at this High School, Moore I think" Damien said leaning against the bar.I wonder why he didn't call me when he got back that suck.I don't even know why I'm gettig upset.
"I guess I'll see you at school, since I go to Moore" I said getting up to leave.
" Yeah I guess so" Damien said excited.
"Yeah Bye" I said turning to leave.Trying to get far away as possible.
"Wait, lets dance for old time sake" Damien said grabbing me hand and putting my drink on the bar.
"Do i have a choice"
"Not really" he said pulling me to the dance floor.We danced for a while before it seemed like slow motion around us.Like no one else existed but us.Before I know it we were kissing.The feelings that were buried beneath anger was alive again.The passion that boiled between our lips was what I've missed in a long time.
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