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kisssing the dark past

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What happens now?Do you love or run?

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I pulled away from him and looked at him,I didn't know what to say and neither did he.Damien looked at me wanting to say something,anything.Everything around us resumed to normal.I looked away from Damien's grey eyes,I couldn't face him.I walked away towards the back door and stepped out to the alleyway.It was a clear crisp airy night.I breath in the fresh clar air,I don't even know why I'm upset,maybe because I promised myself I wouldn't fall back in love with him or the fact that this one kiss changed everything.I heard the door open behind me,I knew it was Damien.He came up behind me and I just stood there.I turned around and looked at him with every emtion I held back for so long.
"You left.You left me to find yourself.So you don't get to come back and resume your life with me.I was here waiting for you when I knew I shouldn't have,but i did.You dropped everyone and everything to satisfy yourself" I shouted my skin growing hot in the cool night air.Damien looked at me knowing I was hurt because of him.He looked down searching for something to say.Then looked up at me.
"Firefly,-"Damien said before I interuppted.
"You don't get to call me that,not anymore"I said taking a step back.
"Janelle,your right I was selfish.I realized I didn't need to find myself or my music because I already found it.Thats way I came back.It was here.It was you.You made me a better person.I love because of you.My music is inspired by you.I love music because it remind sme of you.Janelle-"
"Damien don't do this" I said on the edge of tears.I went to the door and grabbed the handle.
"wait Janelle you don't have to say anything.Just know that I still love and I'm going to show you.I'm going to do every thing in my power to earn your trust" I didn't even turn around,I just went back inside.I got myself together bdfore return back to the table.
"Dude I'm so ready to go,but you guys can stay and enjoy" I said grabbing my coat.Then leo came out of no where with a big grin on his face.
"Dude lets go its getting lame anyway" Camren said knowing something was wrong.Leo and Marco followed and grabbed their thing.We walked up the block to my driver who was awaithing us.The whole ride no one spoke.When we arrived at everyones home I told them to have a good nite and see you tomorrow.I got home a little after 10:30.i went up stair to my room and closed the door.My parents must have still been out because the house was so silent.i laid across my bed and closed my eyes.The scene of me and Damien kissing burned my eye lids.I opened my eyes.I didn't know what to do,How to feel, or what to do next.I was in a numb state.Then I thought about Jerad.My body ached from thinking so hard.i got up and went to my guitar.I picked it up and left the apartment.Don't worry I'm not going to hit people or kill them with it.I went to my private stage on the roof(where no one dared to go).I plugged my guitar in to the amp I had up there.Lets just say all of New York City heard me and my guitar.
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