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I suggest to read this story after you have seen the "Saving scarlet" episode

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I repeat, I suggest to read this story after you have seen the "Saving scarlet" episode

Delilah noticed that his face bore planes and curves finelly chiselled. Indeed, Julius is quite handsome. His eye colour happens to match the cloudless summer sky. Those eyes, as Delilah was thinking nice thoughts about them, was staring right back, which caused her to blush deeply pink. Delilah was glad that it was night. This way, he, at least,could not see her blush.
Just then, Julilus did something that he'd never done before. It happened so fast. He reached out and touched her cheek, which caused her breath hitch in her throat. "Can I be more ridiculous?" she thought.
Even as they stared at each other, their faces just few inches apart. Delilah's body seemed to sway to fill the gap between them. He too, was swaying toward her as if it is unable to stop himself as she was----
"SMACK" Some mustard went on Julius's face. Then they heard Nosey said from the backyard:"Food fight!!!"(See, it's always Nosey disturbing THE moment) Delilah laugh shakily. She was terribly pleased that Nosey had thrown mustard at just the moment. Delilah had a bad feeling that if Nosey had not happened to thrown mustard right then, she might have gone completely off her head and let herself kiss Julius. All she could do was thank her lucky stars that she hadn't kiss Julius. Could you imagine if she'd gone up to him and did what she wanted to? He'd have thought she'd forgotten to take her medication, or something.
"Um......nice mustard!"Julius said helplessly, Nosey shouted to them:" Hey you guys,why don't you guys join the food fight?" Scarlet said:" Come children. Join the fun!"
After the food fight...
"Well good night." Julius said to Delilah "Night." that was Delilah's reply.
Before going to bed, Julius saw a small box on his desk.Inside there was a surf leash and a card. The card said:" Ha ha, actually I've bought a present for you. Happy anniversary! YOURS TRULY, Delilah^^"

Sorry guys, my first story i know it's too short. Hope you loved it.
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