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Such a Lonely Day

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Horror, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] [X] - Published: 2006/12/21 - Updated: 2006/12/22 - 1656 words



Anna's POV

Another Saturday and I was home alone again. I'm feeling that my family is taking advantage of me. They know that I get bored out of my mind so I start cleaning and cooking. By the time anyone gets home, it's nine o'clock at night and the house is spotless and a semi-delicious meal is cooked. Well, it's only one o'clock right now and I have time to waste. I woke up at eight this morning just to see my dad leaving for work. Therefore, the cleaning is done and all that's left to do is cook. I'm thinking chicken cutlets and pasta tonight. But first, I'm having a frozen pizza for lunch. My music was blasting as I went searching for the pizza. My parents hated rock but it was the only thing that kept me sane. I was trying to scream along to some slipknot song while dancing in my pajama pants and a my chemical romance shirt, my short brown tied up in a messy bun was coming out. My two sisters, one at work and one at a party always thought I was the black sheep of the family. What can I say, I knew how to have fun, what's so odd about that?
Anyway, I realized at the moment I was pulling that pizza out of the freezer, I was eighteen and I needed to do something with my life, move out and get a job. I only had a few weeks till I graduated high school and I'll be off...Ooo My Chemical Romance is playing now!

Gerard's POV

We've been on the bus for like a hundred freaking hours! I swear this new bus driver does not know were we are going. We just passes a sign saying, "Welcome to Blauvelt, NY" we're supposed to be at the Meadowlands in New fucking Jersey! Why are we in New York?! I got up and walked over to see what the other guys were doing. Frank and Bob were playing video games...grand theft auto (good game, good game)...Ray was reading and Mikey was listening to his I-pod. As I was about to sit down on the couch, the bus stopped suddenly and I was thrown across the bus onto Frank.
"What the fuck was that!?" I screamed.
"Sorry guys but the bus broke down, something fell out from underneath." the bus driver called back from his seat.
"Get off me man!" Frank said pushing me off.
We all walked outside to see a suburban little town.
"I'm gonna see if we find some help." Bob started walking off. I ran up to him
"We don't even know if these people are mass murderers! Let's just wait until we get some freaking reception from these crappy phones of ours."
"You can wait but I'm going to get help plus it sounds like that house has good taste in music. Come on Ray!"
Ray got up and followed him. Well, he was right the house was blasting our song.

Anna's POV

'..but the pages are all torn and frayed now I'm okay, I'm o-' ding dong Wow there's actually other civilization here other than me. I closed the oven and went to open the door. I unlocked it and there was none other than Ray and Bob.
"Hello," I said trying not to piss my pants because my favorite band was on my doorstep. I'm pretty good at keeping calm, cool, and collected, "can I help you?"
"Hi, I'm Bob and this is Ray, our tour bus sort of broke down and we were hoping we could borrow your phone." He smiled really big.
"Well...I don't usually let strangers in the house..." I smirked.
"We'll give you a new t-shirt," Ray laughed.
I looked down and saw some pasta sauce over my my chemical romance shirt.
"Oh no, my 'I-don't-know-who-you-are-cover is busted," We laughed. "Sure you guys can come in, invite everyone else to come in too."
"Thanks so much," Ray turned around, "Mikey, Gerard, Frank! Get your asses in here, we found a hot chick that's actually gonna let you guys in the house!" Ray winked at me as he entered the house. Bob already had the towing guy in the phone. I waited by the door for the rest of the guys to come in. I saw them coming in and the bus driver trying to fix the bus. I forgot how hot gerard looked, even with the blonde hair.

Gerard's POV

Bob has good judgment, I'm sure this person's home he just walked into isn't a murderer. Me and the guys started walking towards the house and I saw the "hot chick" by the door. Man, she wasn't hot she was beautiful. She smiled at us and I couldn't help but smile back.
"Hey fellas. Heard about your bus trouble, make yourself at home." she said as she invited us in.
"Hey nice to meet you. I'm Gerard, this is my brother Mikey, and this hobbit is Frank."
"Hey, thanks so much for your help."
"Yea, really you're a saint. And I am NOT a hobbit." Frank yelled at me. She laughed and it sounded like an angel.
We all sat down at the table. Bob got off the phone after much yelling.
"Okay guys, here's the thing the freaking towing people can't make it today because it's some holiday thing. The other ones I called can't make it till like seven o'clock. Good thing our concert isn't till tomorrow."
"Hey you guys," she started saying, "you can stay at my house till the towing people come, that'd be fine."
"Really? That'd be great, you are the best...?" Mikey said.
"oh yea! My name is Anna. Now can I get you anything to drink or eat?"
Man, was she beautiful...and nice...
"I'll have a coke please," I said,
"Here, Here" they said all together.

Anna's POV

Gerard keeps looking at me, but I said I will NOT be distracted by guys...I hate lying to myself. As I walked to the garage, I called out,
"Anyone want pizza or something cuz I have one cooking already?" All of a sudden I felt someone hug me.
"Thank you so so so so so much!" Frank said with a death grip on me.
"I'll take that as a yes," I said giggling.
I came back with the sodas and five more frozen pizzas, you know how guys eat.
They were talking about some band things and I started fixing some more pizza.
"Hey Anna, nice outfit," Ray snickered.
"Well Raymond, I figured that if I saw my favorite band for the first time, I'd look my worst so that if they ever see me again, I can only look better." I smiled.
"We'll see you again?" Gerard sounded hopeful.
"Well you guys do have a concert tomorrow and I've only been carrying tickets around for the past month."
"Hey how about we give you some backstage passes? It's the least we can do" Mikey said.
"Thanks guys." We talked for like an hour till the pizzas were ready and after we finished we went to go watch some television.

Gerard's POV

Yes! we're gonna see her again. I don't know if it's even possible for her to look better.
We were watching viva la bam and Anna and Bob were talking about possible drum lessons in the kitchen while Anna was cooking. It was maybe 6:30 and we heard the tow truck coming.
"Looks like your ride is here," Anna said getting up and going to open the door. We gathered our stuff and started heading out.
"You guys can stop by anytime since you now know where I live," Anna offered.
"Really Anna we will. Thanks so much for not being the mass murderer Gerard thought you'd be and being the nicest person ever!" Bob said.
Frank caught her in another bear hug and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
Ray hugged her too.
"Hey don't forget my new T-shirt," she joked.
"Never," Ray laughed.
Mikey and Bob also hugged her lots and I went up to her.
"Thanks a lot Anna."
"Mass murderer, huh?" she smirked. "Do I really look like one?"
I hugged her.
"No," I whispered, "you look like an angel." I pulled away and smiled. The guys started yelling for me to hurry up "See you tomorrow!" I smiled.
On the bus the guys started teasing me like shit. They know me all too well.
"Ooo gerard has a crush!" Mikey teased.
"Bet you can't wait for tomorrow," Frank jumped on me pretending to make out with me. I pushed him off.
"Man, don't get to attached. You don't even know if she has a boyfriend or something. Plus, she wants me, not you." Bob laughed.
I threw a pillow at him.
"Woah! I was just joking, no need for violence!"

Anna's POV

OH MAN! Gerard is amazing! I was so sad to see them leave because they became like brothers to me in one day. As there bus pulled away I went inside, finished dinner and finished watching the viva la bam marathon. My family came home (Somehow they all come back at the same time)
"Hey honey, how was your day?" my daddy said. "Thanks for cleaning the house and OH! Dinner too, (what a surprise) you are an angel (like I haven't heard that before)"
"Oh you know guys, it was the same old, same old today. Cooked, cleaned, homework, and music."
"You still going to that concert tomorrow?" Mom asked.
"Yea and I'm bringing Jon too since I have an extra ticket."
"How'd you get an extra ticket?" "Connections, Ma." I smirked
"Okay well I'm going to bed, I probably won't see you tomorrow so have fun!"
"Thanks. Good night!"
I went to bed dreaming of concerts and sugarplums ;)
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