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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Horror, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2006/12/22 - Updated: 2006/12/23 - 1747 words

Anna's POV

I woke up at 7:00 because I was so nervous about tonight. I decided to go to church at 8 instead of waiting. Afterwards I went to tell Jon that he's invited to come with me tonight. I'm glad he doesn't even like rock (haha sarcasm) but he's my only friend and I love him to death. No, we are not boyfriend and girlfriend. He's like my brother and has been there for me since kindergarten. From the outside I guess we look like we're together, but really I know how it really is. Plus how am I going to pick up hot rockers with a boyfriend there. I went up to his house and rang the doorbell. He answered in his pajamas.
"Hey baby!" I ran tackle/hugging him to the ground. He was maybe 5'10 and I'm 5'6, not much of a tackle, but it got him stumbling.
"Hey sweetie!" he said yawning, "What you doing here so early?
"Well I've got an extra backstage ticket to the my chemical romance concert tonight and I'm taking you!"
"Thanks,'d you get backstage tickets?"
"I fed five hungry men and I needed a reward." I smiled.
"you met them! Woah, they're like your idols, how'd that happen?"
"I'll tell you in the car, your coming to my house so get ready."
"Okay, let me put some real clothes on just hurry up!" I yelled as he started running upstairs. He had his own place and I was thinking about moving in with him after I graduated. I walked in and closed the door. The room was filled with pictures of his family and of course me and him from kindergarten graduation till now. Like I said we went way back. I felt arms and a kiss on the cheek. I turned around and kissed him back.
"Let's go babe it takes me ten hours to get ready for this kinda stuff."
"I know that's why I was so fast."
We left and got to my house. I rummaged through my closet for literally five hours. Jon just played some video games while I got dressed. A good hour of it was trying to make him wear eyeliner. He loves me but not that much.
Finally, I came downstairs with my hair straightened, thick eyeliner with purple eyeshadow, a jean skirt and a black and purple corset top and converse.
"Wow," Jon said, "you look hot and spicy."
"I know, now let's grab some food before we go."

Gerard's POV

I woke up at noon to Ray's victory song, "Sweet, sweet, sweet victory yea!" (spongebob) against Bob in ATV Off road fury. I rolled out of bed and it hit me, we had a concert tonight and I would see Anna again. I wanted to put my best show on tonight for her so I got up and took a long shower.
Four hours later I was ready to go practice with the guys. I was dressed slightly nicer than usual which produced a load of whistles from the guys from.
"Hey sexy! OWW!" Frank laughed grabbing my ass.
"Yea wow Gerard who trying to impress wink,wink" Mikey said.
"Shut up guys let's just get to practice." I mumbled and off we went and practiced for about an hour and half...concert time.

Anna's POV

After a scrumdiddilyumcious meal at the local diner. Me and Jon headed out to meadowlands arena. I was nervous. Music was the only thing that made me feel like throwing up from excitedness. Me and Jon held hands as we walked in. I showed the security guard our passes and he let us threw. It was hectic backstage!
"I'm gonna lose you in this crowd" I whined.
"Just hold on to my hand and we'll get somewhere less crowded."
I started looking around to find the guys. Where were they?

Gerard's POV

I was warming up for the show and I was nervous because Anna was going to be there. It a half an hour till 7 and we still had the opening acts to watch but where was she? At that moment I saw her and my jaw dropped she was absolutely gorgeous, but she was holding hands with some other guy and my heart dropped...a boyfriend?
"ANNA!" Frank yelled as he threw himself on Anna. I had to laugh as she fell (unharmed) onto the floor.
"HEY ANNA! WAZZ UP?!" the other guys yelled.
"hey anna!" I said giving her a hug.

Anna's POV

After I recovered from Frank's attack and saying hi to the guys, Gerard came up and hugged me and it seemed like it lasted longer than it should've but who's complaining.
"Hey guys! I missed you even though it's been like one day. Oo yea this is my best friend Jon"
"ooo little Anna has a boyfriend." Ray joked while throwing a shirt at me "Here's your shirt sugar."
"Thanks and yes I do have a boy friend he's like the brother I never had. Sheesh guys" I don't know if I imagined it but it seems like Gerard got a little happier.
"So who's up first?"
"reggie and the full effect and then Alkaline Trio" Gerard said, "So we've got some time to chill."
We all went to the dressing room and had a blast...We had so much in common even Jon. This night was going wonderfully.

Gerard's POV

In the back it was fun I sat next to Anna and Jon on her other side. I could tell he loved her, I mean loved her. But I didn't let that ruin my night. Me and Anna were talking...
"What you doing for summer?" I started.
"Oh you know, I'm thinking about going moving in with Jon and then head over to Italy for a month. But I can barely afford anything so Italy is just a dream."
"sounds like fun. you have a boyfriend?" I saw Jon look at me...jealously or protectively or both?
"Well I did, he was amazing everything I wanted. Haha even the musician in a band, wrote-a-song-for-me kinda guy I wanted. But he sort of blew me off and I saw him fucking some other chick." Jon's hand on her leg sort of squeezed her thigh. "But that's all in the past and I've had a great friend (nods over to Jon) to help me get through it." she forced smiled.
"I'm sorry, doll, no one should feel like that especially someone as beautiful inside and out as you are." she blushed
"ANNA BOBANNA!" Frankie yelled, "wanna see have a tour around this place before we have to go on!"
"Sure hold up" she got up and left. Me and Jon sat there for awhile. So I asked,
"How long did you love her?"
"Is it that obvious? (I nodded) Kindergarten, ever since the beginning, but she doesn't feel the same. Our friendship is more important to me anyway"
"Wow, I can't blame you she is one amazing girl. Did she tell you what she did for us?"
"Yea, that's her to help half strangers. Haha. Hey man, I know that I will probably never have her like I want to, but I think she likes you and I do not want to see her get hurt again. That fucker ripped her heart out."
"Thanks. But I swear I would never hurt her."
"You better not." okay he was two inches taller than me and more muscular I wouldn't even try.

Anna's POV

The show's about to go on. I feel bad I missed the opening acts but hey I got to chill with the guys.
"Wish us luck!" they shouted.
"Good luck guys!" I shouted but what I didn't expect was Gerard kissing my cheek before he ran off onto the stage.
"What's up NEW JERSEY?!" screams
The rest of the concert was amazing I was moshing and having a blast. Even Jon had fun even though the only song he knows is I'm Not Okay.
Holy Crap I was pooped by the end of the concert.
"WOW you guys were freaking amazing!!"
"Yea guys good job."
"Thanks Anna, Jon" Bob said before running to grab some water.
We spent maybe another hour chilling, Ray taught me some guitar shit that was amazing and Bob, Mikey and Jon were talking about some football video game. I didn't see Frank or Gerard but I was sure I'd see them later.

Gerard's POV

"Dude, don't jump into this to fast. I mean you didn't even give me a chance to lay down the moves on her." Frank said cracking up.
"Wow Frank, you have a girlfriend. If your too immature to give me some advice then I'm leaving." I started walking off.
"Okay, okay but honestly get to know her better and see how it goes from there. Anyway, Jon told me she's scared of commitment because of her last boyfriend. So don't scare her you ogre."
"Thanks Frank."

Anna's POV

I finally saw Frank and Gerard come out from somewhere.
"Hey Frank" I called out.
"Can I get your number?"
"Sure, OKAY GUYS SINCE IT"S ALMOST BUH-BYE TIME, IT"S TIME TO EXCHANGE NUMBERS!" Frank yelled out. Every one gathered round us and by the end my arm was covered with names and numbers.
"wow...okay thanks guys. I hope to hear from every single one of you and come visit anytime."

Gerard's POV

Hell yes I'd call her...
"Hey," I called out, "Do you want a ride home?"
"Well we have our car outside," she replied.
"Come on, we'll get some guy to drive your car and we'll take you home in our bus."
She looked at Jon and he shrugged...
"Okay, sure."
It was maybe midnight by the time everyone got in the bus. I could tell Anna was tired. Once again she was between me and Jon, but she fell asleep on the way home. Head in my lap, feet in Jon's. As I was stroking her hair I realized we were almost at her house.
When we got there. I carried her in (bride-style) and onto her bed. She woke up slightly and smiled at me. I kissed her forehead and left. Jon was staying the night at her house. We said our thanks and good byes and left. Jon was a good guy and although he was semi-competition, I liked him and knew he had Anna's interest at best.
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