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Ch 1: On the Road Again

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Jealosy, romance, love, twists, turns, hatred, kindess its all here

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Hey everybody!
Well I posted this story awhile ago, but I am posting it again. I changed the name,some of the characters and I might change the story around a little bit too. So enjoy, and please review! and be honest, but if your gonna say something totally rude or mean, don't even bother. But I will respond to reviews. thanks!


Dear Diary,
Well, Brendon is finally gonna introduce me to his band. They started the band pretty long ago but Brendon said.... "You can meet them 'when the time is right'...".....yeah blah blah blah, whatever that meant. But now I can finally meet them. I'm so excited. He never talks about them so I don't really know what to expect. I just hope they are nice and not rude or something-

"Writing about me?" I jumped and turned around to see Brendon standing behind me as I was writing at my desk.

I quickly shut my diary "Mayyybe"

Brendon's been my best friend ever since I was 8. I can still remember the day we became neighbors. He seemed so shy when I first met him. I remember going over with my mom to welcome them to our neighbor hood, and he seemed scared of me. but boy was I wrong. He's so outgoing and loud, and always making me laugh.

"Are you ever gonna let me read that thing?" he asked me

"Haha yeah right, this thing is like my prized possession, and it's for my eyes only......So when am I meeting the band?"

"I just came by to pick you up, so we can leave whenever your ready"

"Ok, awesome, I'll just get my purse and we can go"

I grabbed my purse and stuck my diary and my pen in it and we left.


Mannn, Andie was always writing in her diary and she carries it around everywhere. I wish I could read it, that would be amazingly awesome...I've always wondered what she is thinking about all the time....

"So where exactly are we going?" She asked

"To one of the band members grandmothers house"

"You practice at his grandmothers house?"

"Hey now, we needed somewhere to practice"

"Have you guys decided on a band name?"

"No we're working on it though"

We just talked and drove for about 10 more minutes. Car rides with Andie were always fun. I love how she can never pick a radio station, yeah that sounds weird, but it's attractive to me somehow.

"Well here we are"

Andie and I got out of the car and went inside.
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