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Ch 2: Time to Meet the Band

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I really hate summaries, heh. Andie and Brendon arrive, and Brendon introduces everyone.

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Just a quick question...Should I make the chapters longer or keep them this length? I don't know what to do.


Brendon and I walked into the house then down to the basement. There were 2 guys, one was sitting at the drum set and the other holding a bass. They both looked up when Brendon and I entered the room.

"Hey guys, I want you to meet Andie........Andie, this is Brent and Spencer"

"Hey, nice to meet you" I said

We all talked for awhile while they finished setting up. It turns out, Brent is in my study hall, and Spencer is in a few of my classes too. Spencer tells me of how he despises Mrs. Martin, our history teacher, haha and I thought I was the only one. He and Brent both are both pretty cool. Brent wasn't as talkitive though, but I'm glad I got to meet them.

"Hey when's Ryan coming?" Spencer asked

"Ryan? Ryan who?" I said

"Oh, he's another band member" said Brendon

Just then, I heard someone walking down the basement steps.

"Hey guys sorry I'm late-" then he looked at me, "Have we met before?" he asked me

"no I don't think so....but I'm Juliana"

"I'm Ryan"

we shook hands and time seemed to stop as we just....stared at each other for I couldn't help but stare into his beautiful brown eyes....

We both looked down and noticed we were still holding hands

"Oh umm..." we let go

"Hey we should get started" Brendon said

"uhhh yeah, ok" said Ryan
So they started practicing and I just sat down on the couch and watched. I decided to journal while they practiced. I pulled out my diary from my purse and began to write while I listened to them play.

Well I just met the band. They all seem like pretty cool guys. When I met Ryan we kind of.....I guess had a "moment". I don't know how to explain it. We just kind of stared into each other's eyes ....and it was amazing. I think getting to know these guys is going to be cool, especially Ryan.......


Wow Andie is so beautiful. When I met her I felt like I was in a dream. I kept staring at her as she was sitting on the couch watching us practice. She was writing in a book or something, I think a diary? As she was writing she looked up and caught me staring. Then she just smiled, and I almost melted.. I smiled back at her, god, I can't get over how beautiful she is. Brendon's lucky to be her best friend.

Eventually she stopped writing and we played a couple more songs. Soon we finished up and started putting all of our stuff away.

"Hey we should all hangout later tonight " Brendon said

"We could go to my place and watch a movie or something" Andie suggested

"That sounds cool" Brent said

"Spencer? Ryan? You guys wanna come?"

"Yeah, I'll come." I replied

"Sorry I can't, I'm going to visit my sister later" said Spencer

We finished packing up and decided we were going to Andie's house. I was surprised she invited us over, since she doesn't really know us. But it's fine with me, as long as I get to see her again.
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