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Ch 14

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NEXT TO LAST CHAPTER!!! so sad. but it ends tonight. and hey, it's a happy ending... but shhhhhhhh i didnt tell you that. it is severly against my policy for happy endings. but i felt i owed...

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Again I was lying in Pete's arms, and again we were watching cartoons. This guy is a super dork in disguise. But I love h......

Whoa. Ok. No one remember I thought that last statement. Ok, you can if you want, but I won't. Ok I will, but I don't know if its a good thing. Is it? Maybe, I mean, love is a good thing. Unless its a bad thing.

Damn. I was rambling in my head again.

Pete leaned over and placed a kiss on my forehead.

I wasn't really understanding my solidness. I'd been solid for 5 straight hours. I even coughed a few minutes ago. Which, yes, is a huge deal for me. Hey, you start missing coughing. Stop calling me a dork. No, I'm not! I mean it... You're the dork bitch. No, you are... Stop distracting me, I'm trying to tell a story!

Damn rambling.


I looked up into his eyes and smiled, receiving a gorgeous one from him. He leaned down and kissed my lips, causing a chill to go through me. Not like one that I got when I fell through people. But a chill up my spine, sending me a message...

And I knew this kiss was going to go further.

He deepened it much to my satisfaction, applying his tongue at just the right moment. My arm was guiding itself around his neck drawing him closer, while his hand went to the hem of my shirt, sliding it off with out any protest on my part.

I could feel the heat of my body, it was like I was... well, alive again.

I gently pulled his shirt off and threw it as well. My hand then placed itself on his bare chest before sliding down to his button on his pants.

He'd already unbuttoned and unzipped mine with out my noticing, and I actually let out a whimper as he started sliding them down.

He stopped and looked at me. "Am I scaring you?" He whispered, his breath hitting my neck, causing me to get chill bumps.

I shook my head, and he smiled and carried on.

When I had my pants kicked off I started to work on his, carefully unbuttoning and then unzipping, all the while enjoying his kisses on my neck.

When I finally got his pants down to his knees he kicked them off, though not very easily. That's what you get when you wear girl pants, Wentz. :]

We were down to our underwear, and I was really enjoying his hand, which was gently caressing my thigh.

He then reached up and unsnapped by bra, then threw it to the side. His kisses instantly trailed down to my breast, making yet another chill go through me.

I was glad he'd gone commando. That's one less piece of clothing to shed, and less time to get to the, um, point.

He kisses trailed down my stomach to the hem of my panties, which he slid off smoothly.

He looked up at me and smiled, then crawled on top of me back up to me lips. He supported himself with his arm, which I was thanking God for. I already could barely breath...

Oh my God.

I was...


I wanted to tell Pete, I really did.

But hey, his fingers had trailed to my um, womanly parts. Who wants to stop that?

He slid two of his fingers slowly inside me, causing me to moan and whisper his name: "Pete..."

He smiled and slid them out, then buried his head in the crook of my neck as he slid himself in.

"Oh God..." I breathed out. This was like nothing I'd ever felt before, this was /amazing/.

He started his pace, and I called out his name: "Pete!"

He felt him smile, and couldn't help but smile myself as his pace got faster, and we were both close...

He pumped harder, causing me to moan again. Yes, ladies, Pete Wentz is damn good in bed. :]

He gave one last hard shove and it sent us both over the edge, and both of us were out of breath.

He collapsed on my chest, then rolled over off of me.

His arm was draped over my stomach, and I was smiling probably the dorkiest smile ever.

"Brailly?" He said my name, and you could hear the result of our previous efforts by the way he had to work to get it out.

"Yeah, Pete?" I replied, staring at the ceiling.

"I love you." He said, then he leaned up to kiss my cheek.

But he never got the chance.


Yes, this is the second to last chapter. So sad! Yet, you know...

2 people (that I remember) semi guessed the outcome of the story.

Evie kinda did, and some one named ___closing.

till the end, amigos. till the end...
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