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I Know You

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You know how sometimes you just feel like you have known someone for all your life, even though you have only known them for a few hours? How you can tell them everything even though you have alway...

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" ..." Talking
'...' Thinking
... Online Chat
[...] Phone Conversation
{...} Spanish/French/Greek (I will let you know which one)

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Chapter Four: I Know You


Jay saw the girl with the long red hair and golden glow again the next day, when his classes had started. She was sitting in front of him in his English class; her long red hair glittered in the sun. When she turned back for a moment he noticed that she had a light flush to her skin and he could tell that she had just been exercising.

'She must be in one of the sports programs.' He thought to himself.

"Alright class, stand up!" Jay's energetic English teacher said. The class stood up obediently. "Ok, seating plan time. You all should know the drill now." The teacher said, she called name after name.

"Jay Sailet and Theresa Minute." The teacher called as she pointed to a pair of desks in the back middle of the classroom. Jay walked back to the desk and set his stuff down, he looked up at his seatmate and had to blink rapidly when he realized that it was the redhead girl.

'Nice Jay, you look like a complete idiot blinking like that.' A voice in his head told him, Jay hadn't heard it before but knew it was right.

"So I guess were seatmates now." Theresa said quietly, Jay could detect a slight French accent in her nervous voice.

"Yeah." Jay said trying not to turn bright red. 'Should I be feeling this way? How can she be making me blush so much?' Jay asked frantically in his head. He smiled meekly when he heard a slight bit of his Greek accent coming though (it is perfectly possibly to hear your own accent, I've done it.).

"So." Theresa said nervously.

"So, you from France?"

"Yeah, just out side of Paris actually. I'm going to take it your from Greece?"

"Mmhmm, Athens. Are you a dancer?" Jay said trying to place her in a sport, which was harder than he thought it would be.

"Martial Arts actually." Theresa corrected him. "I take it your in space."

"How'd you guess?" Jay said, starting to feel like he had known this girl for years rather than just minutes.

"I saw your star charts in the bakery the other day." Theresa said hurriedly as the teacher began to talk again. The two continued there whispered conversation for the rest of the period as best they could.

"You want to come to lunch with me?" Jay asked shyly as the class ended.

"Sure." Theresa said happily, a wide smile spreading across her face. Jay smiled as he led her out the door. With all the awkward introduction talk out of the way Jay felt like he had known his girl for ages and could talk to her about anything and everything.


"So why are you hanging around here anyways?" Odie asked light-heartedly as he bent down to get a better view of what he was doing.

"Well I've got nothing better to do." Penelope replied pulling herself up on to the table and pulling out the purple notebook that she always had with her. Odie laughed, his brown and green haired friend always had that light brown shoulder bag with her. It's contents varied but it always had that battered purple notebook. Her lifeline she called it.

He had seen faint spots of blood on it before, and a few tearstains as well. He was sure that that notebook held so many secrets, secrets that would take time for Penelope to tell. Whatever it held, it meant the world to her, even only knowing her for a couple of weeks he knew it.

"But if you don't want me here, I could leave." Penelope finished, pretending to be upset. Odie laughed.

"Nah, stay. I could use your company." Odie said. Penelope began to laugh as well. "You have to be getting pretty hot in that hoodie." Odie stated a half hour into their innocent banter as he took off the baggy red hoodie that he normally wore. The heat of the early fall afternoon was getting to him.

"No!" Penelope yelled. Odie tried to read his friends face, nothing but fear filling his friends eyes. Odie reached out and tried to lay a gentle and comforting hand on his friends shoulder. Penelope stood up and grabbed her bag and took off out the door.

"Penelope!." Atlanta yelled as she and Archie came in the door. Archie threw an arm out and caught the arm of the terrified journalist.

"Get away from me you monsters!" Penelope screeched at the top of her lungs. Archie's bright sapphire eyes met her vibrant emerald green ones, the same color as the streaks in her hair. The fear in them reminded him of a look he had only ever seen a few times before. Suddenly he knew why she was so afraid.

Archie dropped Penelope's arm in an instant. She took of immediately, flying down the hall towards her dorm room. "Let her be." Archie warned as he saw Atlanta tense up in preparation to take after her friend.


"That's it Neil baby, the camera loves you." A photographer said as Neil struck pose after pose.

"Tell me something I don't know." Neil said confidently, flipping the collar of his black leather jacket.

"Ok Natalie get in there and well make this the picture of the year." The photographer instructed.

"Try the photograph of the century." Natalie replied with a smirk as she slipped into Neil's arms, double-checking that her white tube top was not wrinkling and his dark jeans and her light ones matched.

The photographer began to take pictures a rapid speed, as Neil and Natalie posed again and again like a happy couple. Natalie sighed in her head, she longed for Neil but knew that she could never have him he only loved himself.

She knew that she could wait; she could wear him down eventually. As for now she was happy to pose in his golden glow.


[Penelope?] Archie said meekly.

[Hey Arch.] Came Penelope's bubbly reply.

[You alright?]

[Yeah, why?]

[You seemed pretty freaked out back at Odie's dorm.]

[Oh, sorry about that. I'm not sure what got into me.] Penelope admitted meekly.

[Yes you do. And I think I do to.] Archie said sternly.

[No you don't.] Penelope said, anger and pain entwining in her voice.

[I'm coming over. Trust me Pen, I'm 90% sure I know. I've only ever seen that amount of fear in two peoples eyes, both in the same situation. ] Archie replied, more sternly this time.

[Oh and who would they be, and where.] Penelope said defensively.

[My sister, and ME. And I'll tell you when I reach your dorm.] Archie said slightly angry.

[Oh.] Penelope said quietly.

[I'm almost there. Trust me I know you better than you think.]


"Hey Theresa." Herry said happily from behind the counter of the bakery as she and Jay came in on there third lunch date that week. Jay had his arm around her waist protectively and Herry could tell that Theresa was happy. Her bronze glow shone even more brightly.

"Hey Herry." Theresa said as she and Jay browsed the sandwiches and salads. "This is Jay, and Jay this is Herry."

"Hey man." Herry said happily.

"Hey." Jay said with a smile, returning the greeting. In the moment Jay had to smile even more when he noticed how Theresa's golden glow, which he was slowly getting used to, and Herry's silver one complimented each other well.

"So what of this did you cook?" Theresa asked.

"The creaser salad." Herry replied proudly as the bell above the door rang, signaling another person had come in.

"Well then we'll have two." Theresa said as Jay grabbed two of the salads.

"I'm sure she will be alright." Odie reassured a worried Atlanta as they walked into the bakery.

"I hope so, she looked so scared." Atlanta said worriedly.

"Arch said he'd call her." Odie said.

"Hey Odie." Jay greeted.

"Oh, hey Jay."

"Thanks again for making those changes to my computer."

"No problem."

"So who's your friend." Jay teased.

Odie and Atlanta laughed for a moment. "This is Atlanta. Atlanta meet Jay and you are?"


"Herry." Odie and Atlanta smiled. "Well I'm on my lunch break now, you guys want to go eat outside." Herry suggested.

"Sure." The other four teens chorused as Odie and Atlanta paid for a couple of sandwiches.


Well hope you all liked that. I'm not sure if I will be able to update again this Christmas Break but I will try. See my parents surprised my little sister and me with a trip to Disneyland so I'm there for a while starting tomorrow. I will surly write more chapters on the plane I just wont have access to a computer to type and update.

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