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Chapter 002:Ghosts

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"Dear Saphire, two and a half weeks. I've been counting."

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Dear Saphire,
2 and a half weeks. I've been counting. I know you said I'd regret my wish and I do now. I don't want to leave. I don't know how it's gonna come for me but it's gonna come. I'm scared now. Pete won't ever forgive me. I won't ever live my dream of becoming an actress. And no, I still haven't told him. I will though. And promise me, you'll be there for me, more like him. He doesn't need me any more. I can tell he's getting sick of my bitching and him always having to forgive me. But when I say sorry, I mean it. Talk to you soon.


She looked over her letter once more before putting it in the mail box.

"You were writing to your sister?" Pete asked.

She turned around suddenly. "Oh, yeah."

"Will I ever get to meet her?" He smiled.

She looked down. "Yeah. Two and a half weeks."

"What is it with you and two and a half weeks?"

She looked at him. "You'll find out."

"Well, I hope you had a good birthday, despite the fighting."

"Yeah, I'm over that now. It was pointless. Let's just forget it." She said. She bit her lip with lust. "You know what would make it better?"

"You are such a bad child." He laughed.

"Well, I can't help the fact that I'm just a naughty, naughty girl."

He smiled. "Shall we, then?"

"Oh yes."

"They're gettin' jiggy with it again." Andy said.

"Jiggy? What the hell?" Patrick exclaimed.

"You get what I mean."

"Yeah. Sadly." Joe said.

"And according to my calculations this one will last untill...2 o'clock." Patrick said, looking at his watch.

*The next day.

Dear Lori,
Hey, what's happening? Try not to be so pessimistic. That would only make matters worse. I've seen your boyfriend on tv. You did good. I'm not dating anyone. Florida isn't that interesting. I've met up with a few bands. My tour isn't going that well. Underoath bailed on us. Not a lot of people bought our tickets. I hope that before you leave you'll be able to see us. Well, make Pete as happy as can be these days. Love you. Bye.

She folded the letter and put it in her pocket. "Hey, Pete! I got a picture of my sister for ya!" She called.

He walked over to her and took the picture. "She looks exactly like you...only she's hard core."

"Well, we're twins."

"Oh, yeah. I forgot."

She laughed. "Well. May I have it back. I need it for something."

"Sure." He gave it back to her.

She walked out.

"So, Pete. You scored last night, didn't you?" Andy asked.


"You always do."

"Yeah but these days...nothing can please her. I don't get it."

"She's a girl. We'll never figure it out."
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