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~!Chapter 2!~

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Amber is in her junior year of high school. Her curent boyfriend is not the best to have. She meets someone who will change her life for good at one point and better the next. I hope you like it...

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"So, you ok. I mean if you want me to I can have Lindsay come and pick me up"
"No, I want to talk. Like why, even after I told you I don't want you hanging with those boys, are you making plans with them. Can you tell me that Amber?" He yelled at me.
"Well, I am just their friends. Lindsay and I just want to have some fun tonight. Why do you have some thing to say about that?" I said with a sarcastic tone.
"Well, I really don't have anything to say about it. I am going to do something about it." He said as he brought his hand up and before I knew what he was doing he slapped me hard on cheek. I had the look of 'what-the-fuck' look on my face. My hand went to the cheek and held it there. "Oh my god Amber, I don't know what I just did. I didn't mean to do it. I am so sorry; I will never do that again. Amber baby I am so sorry." He went into get a hug. I let him hug me, but my hand was still on the cheek that he slapped me on. He pulled away.
"Connor I think I am going to call Lindsay to come pick me up. We will talk on a later day." I told him on the verge of crying. I got up and took my cell phone out and started to dial Lindsay's number.
"I think that is a good idea. I am sorry. I love you babe." He told me.
"I love you too babe... Lindsay, I am ready to go. Will you go and get me?"
"Sure, hun is everything alright. I mean I thought you would be over there for a long amount of time then this."
"I am fine, I am just ready to go."
"K, see you in about 5 minutes."
"Bye" I said and then hung up the phone. I walked into the bathroom to check to see if I did not have a red mark on the cheek. I rather not have to explain to Lindsay or anyone else why I had a mark on the cheek. I looked into the mirror, I saw I had a little mark, but not big so I toke out my compact out and touched up my face. It hurt a little bit, but not a lot. I will just have to watch it. I walked out of the bathroom and saw that Connor was just sitting there.
"I am going to go. I will talk to you later. Bye babe." I went over and kissed him on the cheek. Then I walked out the front door. Right as I walked out Lindsay pulled into the drive way. I got into her car and she pulled out and head to her house.
"So why didn't you stay that long."
"He was tired after practice so I am letting him rest." I said, with a 'just-drop-it' tone. She got that and dropped it. "So I met this guy while I watched Connor at practice, his name is Brendon, he's friends with Spencer, Brit's little brother. But he is in our grade. Well, we exchanged numbers and on the way home from Baja Fresh he called me and asked me if I wanted to hang out with his friends. And of course I was like yes. So I told him you and I would love to hang out with him. So I am going to call him and tell him that you picked me up and see where he wants to go. Ok?" I asked her.
"Of course, anything to get out of the house." She said and I nodded, I picked up my cell and picked is name and pressed send.
"Hello, Amber."
"Hey Brendon, yea Lindsay just picked me up and I told her about what you and I talked about and she is on board with it. So what do you want to do tonight?" I asked him.
"Well, I was thinking we go to the mall and maybe catch a movie. Or something fun. I mean we have all day. Well almost all day. So what do you think?"
"Hold on," I put the phone down for a little bit. "The mall and maybe a movie? Does that sound good?" I asked Lindsay, she nodded yes. "Sure how about we meet you at the mall in about 30 minutes. How does that sound?" I asked Brendon.
"Sure, me and the boys will be there. See you soon."
"Ok bye" I hung the phone up. Lindsay and I got to her house and fixed up a little bit. Then just at the right time we left to get to the mall to met Brendon and the boys. When we got to the mall we all met. Ryan, Brent, Spencer and Brendon met my friend and because I had already met Spencer and Brendon I met Ryan and Brent. I could tell my friend really liked Ryan, because she would want to sit next to him or she always talked to him. I mean they would make a cute couple. Also I could tell that Brendon was starting to like me. He always looked at me and I really don't know how to explain it. But, it was a lot of fun with them.
Over the next couple of weeks I hung out with the guys and Lindsay, and Connor. Every time I was at his house a lone with him, he would hit me or throw me across the room. But he always said he was sorry after he did. But, some times he said he did this because he was mad that I was spending more time with guys and not him. But one night he wanted to go on a date with me and I had already made plans with Lindsay. We were having a girl's night out. The mall, movies, chocolate, candy, ice cream, and much much more. Well, when we got to the mall, we were there for like and hour, we had just walked out of Spencer's Gag Gifts, and we walked right into Brendon, Ryan, Spencer, and Brent. We all agreed to finish our mall night together, because we all only had a couple of shops left. After our mall night we all went our separate ways. Well I went over to Connor's house to make up not being able to go on a date with him the other day. But, I could tell he was pissed at something. But, me being a kind girlfriend I wanted to see if he was ok. I knocked on the door and he yelled for me to come in. So I came in and found that he was on the couch watching MTV. I sat down next to him and tried to kiss him, but he turned his head. So I sat down.
"Hun, what's wrong?" I asked him.
"Well, I don't want to seem like I am watching you, but I was at the mall yesterday, and I saw you and Lindsay at one point walking out of the book store. But, you were not alone those guys were with you. I thought you were going to the mall with just Lindsay. You said nothing about those other guys. You lied to me." He yelled at me. I got up, because he was getting mad and I really did not want a repeat of the last time. "I am not done talking with you." He got up and slapped me hard on the same cheek as last time and threw me across the room. I lay were I landed kind of hurt. "I thought I told you that I didn't want you hanging with those guys. I don't want you to hang out with them or any other guys except the guys on the team. You got that?" he yelled, when I did not answer he kicked me once in the stomach and in the back of my knee. I just lay there hoping for it to stop. He picked me up and made me look him in the face. He saw that I was crying. "Stop crying! Did you hear me I do not want you hanging out with them? Answer me bitch." He threw me across the room again. But this time I hit the wall head on and I almost blacked out. But, again he kick me and picked me up one more time, hit my head hard against the wall about 3 time. He punched me in the eye and the stomach. When I thought he was done, he threw me one more time against the other wall and then I closed my eyes I heard him slam the door shut. I had enough strength to call Lindsay.

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