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I'll give you hints from your reviews and answer them the best I can without giving too much info.

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Ace_Fan_12 01/02/07 - 05:48PM 1 :
Ohhhh why did Theresa leave? Um.. was the letter a divorce letter? Anyways please update soon and I hope someone guesses what the letter is so you could continue the story! I hope i'm right!

RESPONSE - well it wasn't a divorce letter, they're just together not married yet but a very good guess.

greektitan 01/02/07 - 06:18PM 1 :

Rates ambience


RESPONSE - lol i'm glad u liked it, no she didn't kill him. lol, she put a sleeping pill in his drink that lasted for an hour so he wouldn't go after her and she could run away, but why did she run away?

qte-pututie 01/02/07 - 08:36PM 1 :
OMG OMG OMG!!!!! WHAT DID THERESA DOOO?!! OMG I NEED TO KNOW!! THIS STORY IS AMAZING! PLEASE UPDATE SOON BEFORE I HAV A HEARTATTACK FROM SUSPENSE (can that happen? lol)ANYWAY PLEASE UPDATE, and i hav no idea wats in the letter so i'll leave that to ther reviewers lol.

RESPONSE - well everyone will just have to guess, lol.

Wild__Dragon 01/03/07 - 12:07AM 1 :
Rates ambiance i wish i could rate one hundred times for ambiance. WHAT DID SHE DO. well my opinion is that she put sleeping pills in his drink so he couldent stop her from doing somthing, i think she is going to comit suside.

RESPONSE - aww i'm glad i got many ambiances for the rating.

And your guess is true, she did do that sop she could run away, but why did she run away??? Ps- no she's not commiting suicide, don't worry she won't.

Theresa599 01/03/07 - 03:24AM 1 :
I don't know all i know is that at the very beginning of the story i thought she killed him so please don't do that again but so far I like this story

RESPONSE - Sorry I made you think that, yikes, don't worry she won't ever do that.

I'm glad u like it so far.

fluffypup 01/03/07 - 05:55AM 1 :
good story you wrote something about people finding her and hurting her and they would get to jay right so maybe she did something bad and...

RESPONSE - exactly correct, yeah, now the question is...why do they want theresa?
And Theresa ran away so they couldn't get Jay either, absoultely correct!!!

Theresa17 01/03/07 - 02:45PM 3 : Hints
Hi!I absouloutly love this story and I just read the guesses so I'm going to have to guess that....maybe she's running away because.....
Okay DEDUCTION time!Alright so we know that she did something bad that would make people want to come after her!Maybe the police and maybe she....taps chinwow this is really hard!She...ROBBED SOMEONE!Well in the first couple sentences it said like'what had she done?'...Okay your a really good writer!And deduction means taking things away to narrows down possibilites,for anyone who doesnt know what it means and well tht\at all I can guess cuz your such a good writer and I cant figure out what she did or why she'd be running away!So you HAVE to update ASAP , okay?LOL!I think I'm going to stop talking now....well really god story and yeah so BYE!


RESPONSE-LOL! Thx so much! and no she didn't rob anyone...heyyy i'm goooddd lol.

dancechickie222 01/03/07 - 03:21PM 3 : Hints
Hmm.. I dunno did Theresa kill someone maybe? As in taking away someone's life? Update soon, it's great!

RESPONSE- Maybe, maybe not. That's a good answer, caz it's got something to do with it. So it's pretty hard for me to answer that.

greektitan 01/03/07 - 03:23PM 3 : Hints
Mabey Theresa was WORKING WITH CRONUS!

RESPONSE- LOLLLL!!! I luv it when u review u always say funny things. No she didn't run away with Cronus, in this story i don't want it to do anything about him sooo nope.

twiinklestar 01/03/07 - 04:29PM 3 : Hints
WHAT DID SHE DO! I think that she got pregnant with somebody else and then she handed Jay the paper and drugged him. Update soon

RESPONSE- well...good guys are close...but it'll be interesting if i make it harder! lol

paua_dragon 01/03/07 - 07:47PM 3 : Hints
IS IT MURDER!!!!!!! ... sorry, i've been making a bag with skulls all over it, and i like DEATH!
perhaps she's RUNNING AWAY WITH ODIE!(or Herry, or NEIL! Don't make her run away with Neil!)
or is it SUICIDE? (i'm just popping out ideas here)
she didn't run away with Archie did she?
that's a bit wild isn't it? i need to stop watching Agatha Christies

RESPONSE - no she didn't run away with any of the guys...ehhh don't worry i'll never let that happen!
And that guess is very good...she might be married to someone else...see you guys have so many good suggestions...but hey good guess, gonna have to review more for clues!!!

Ace_Fan_12 01/04/07 - 06:23AM 3 : Hints
Umm....Maybe Theresa killed somebody or did something to someone and now they want revenge on her!! Ohh PLEASE update soon!! I'm dying to know what she did!! I hope I'm right!!

RESPONSE- well...thy sort of want revenge on her...
i guess you could say that.

qaz 01/04/07 - 02:51PM 3 : Hints
hheee hee i alreday know the answer caz ya told me, but dunt worry i wont give it away to them!!!

RESPONSE!- haha ya better not tell em! LOL

kool_kat 01/04/07 - 05:18PM 3 : Hints
well its kinda a stupid guess but i believe maybe a murderer or the mafia are after her !! i really dont know the REAL answer but im just dying to find out !!

RESPONSE- lol glad u liek it alot. Maybe a's a sort of give-away- the people that are afer her aren't the governement or good guys, their evil.

Mrs-Jay 01/04/07 - 08:04PM 3 : Hints
Hey hey this story is really good!

Hmm... ideas... ideas... Theresa commited plagiarism and the coppa's are after her! Lol I dunno not really the sharpest tool in the shed here... argh everyone has such great ideas... I just think that Theresa has done something bad and she doesn't want Jay to get involved... gangsta? Naa someone said that... hmm... I'm running on empty here! Lol

RESPONSE- WOW! you gusy are really good guessers! How do you come up with things? Well if you can't guess mine, i must be good! lol, well answer to yur question is no...she did plagerise anything.

Well Keep Guessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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