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Leaving You

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All grown up, defeated Cronus...Jay and Theresa are now living together as a couple...but Theresa does something terribly wrong...

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Theresa stepped back, stiff.

What had she done??

She slide down agaisnt the wall dropping herself to the ground.

She started she couldn't breath.
She clasped her hand over her mouth to stop her lungs from thumping and her gasping for tearful air.

Her eyes wetted her eyelashes making them soaked.

She dropped the letter on the ground.

She sat in her cold kitchen wanting to rewind time.

Jay wasn't in the house, he was out sailing...but he'd be back.


Jay was on his computer typing a e-mail to his work friend.

He was a sail teacher at the new olympian docks.

Theresa came in white as a ghost and quiet as a mouse. She starred at the glass of water she was going to hand to Jay.

"Here Jay." She said in a low sad voice...she took a seat on the couch.

"Thanks." She watched Jay gulp it down.

"Theresa? Are you okay?"

His caring voice just wanted to make her burst out crying.

Two drops of tears fell rapidly down her cheek.

It was cold as she felt.

"Theresa?" He got up.

"Here." She handed him the letter looking away.

Jay felt a bit dizzy.

"" He put his hand on the chair for support.

He took a glance at it reading the lines.

"Theresa..." He was surprised...oh no.

"I'm sorry Jay." She got up crying.

Jay stood up dizzily.

"What did you do?"

"I put sleeping pills in your drink, it last for an hour...I'm sorry Jay."

"No Theresa, don't leave me." He realized what this meant. She had to leave him forever...or Jay would be in trouble too.

"No!" He fell on the ground.

Theresa stepped back.

She couldn't stand it, but it was for the better. If these people caught her...they'd go for Jay too. She couldn't stand that.

Jay started to cry a bit. He pleaded. "NNNNOOOOO!!!"

He became as dizzy as ever and fell right into a deep slumber.

Theresa kneeled down to him.

"I'm sorry Jay." She kissed him on his forehead. She saw that tear rolled down. She took her sleeve and dried it off.

"I love you..." That made her want to cry even more.

She took one glance at him sleeping and left...forever.


man that made me cry when i was writing it.

Can u guess what the letter said?

or what it was about?

If someone can tell me by reviewing, i'll actually continue this story.
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