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Do You See What I See?

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Is the bud of romance between Brendon and Alice blooming, or starting to wilt?

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Do You See What I See?

"I still can't fucking believe it. I. Cannot. Believe. It." Ali's roommate Sarah practically screamed into her cell phone as she walked up the driveway.

"Hold on, hon, I'm coming up the driveway...No! Don't say a word. I'll do you up as quick as anything." Sarah hung up, satisfied with her quick trip to Rite-Aid for a makeup sweep.

Meanwhile, Ali sat on her bed, driving herself insane. "What do I wear?..." She whispered to herself furiously. Right before she could toss all her clothes out the window, her door opened with a bang.

"Not to worry! The makeup superwoman is here!" Sarah said majestically before traipsing through her roommate's room. Ali looked at her friend with wide eyes before laughing. Sarah just giggled before shoveling her thick curly mane into a bun.

"Okay, let's get cracking. We want you all pampered up before you go meet Mr. Urie!"

"Sarah...d'you really think I'm worth it?"

"Worth it? Pfft...If anything, you should think of it the other way around. Do you really think he's ready for what he's about to get? He's probably not even a virgin anymore..."

"Sarah!" Ali chastised her friend in a joking manner.

"Kidding, kidding. But you gotta wonder 'bout the guy before you-"

"Okay, just do what you're hired to do!" Ali laughed hysterically, as Sarah rolled her eyes and held her hands up, saying, "Fine, lady. You got me."

"I thought you don't date fans." Jon mumbled, still playing Dungeons and Dragons-his third hour straight (besides using the bathroom twice).

"When did I ever say that?" Brendon asked, a bit annoyed at how much his bandmates were teasing him about the 'official date'.

"Umm..." Jon was hooked on playing the game. He hadn't looked up since he started.

"Jon?" Spencer waved a hand in front of his friend. "Dude, I think he's stoned for life." Spence told Ryan, who was busy writing something across the room.

"No. He's just stoned whenever he plays that game." Ryan responded as a matter-of-factly.

"Okay, I'm goin'." Brendon announced.

"Goin' where?" Jon asked dumbly.

"ON HIS DATE!" Spencer and Ryan half-shouted.

"Have you not been listening this whole time?" Spencer asked, frustrated with Jon's strange obsession with Dungeons and Dragons.

Brendon, however, knowing the addictive feeling of the game himself, just rolled his eyes and patted Jon's head lovingly. "It's okay, dude. I feel your pain."

"More like pleasure." Jon murmured gruffly. Brendon, frowning in mock-disgust, removed his hand immediately.

"Anyways, I gotta go. See you guys later."

"Have a nice date!" Jon immediately responded, looking up from his game for the first time since he started.

"Jesus Christ. He's finally looked up. The things you do to him, Bren..." Spencer started to say, before Jon hurled a pillow at Spencer's head. Instead, he completely missed and hit Ryan smack in the head. Ryan, who was caught off guard, fell off his chair.

"What have I said about pillow fights whilst I was writing?" An upset Ryan said from the floor. Jon giggled before sneaking back to his game.

"Leave it to the rational one to ruin the fun," Brendon thought to himself, chuckling. He then decided to leave, before anything else occurred.

"It ends tonight...It ends tonighhhht...." Ali sang softly, looking out at the ocean as her faded-white skirt billowed about her newly-shaved legs.


"Holy mother of sh-" Ali turned around, scared out of her wits.

"Gotcha." Brendon smiled, before quickly wrapping her up in a hug. Ali was in such a state of shock, she didn't respond for the first thirty seconds.

"God...I don't even recognize you..." She started to say, before Brendon cut her off again.

"I swear it's that stupid eye makeup Ryan insists on me wearing all the time."

"It's not stupid...Well...okay, so it looks a little odd on you in particular, but..."

"Hah, you agree with me!"

"Oh, shut up."

"Come on, is that the best comeback you have?" Brendon taunted.

"...Hey. If this is a date, taunts and arguments aren't the supposed foundation of-"

"Oh, come on, I was just playin'. You should go out with Ryan sometime then-he's practical and all rational. Just like you, I assume?"

"You judge too quickly." Ali shook her head, smiling wistfully. Brendon grinned, before locking arms with her. "So. Where are we off to?" He asked, walking in a random direction.

"Brendon, let's walk off the street. I don't really plan on getting run over today..." Ali said a bit quietly. Brendon just raised an eyebrow, and walked on the pavement instead.

"You really are that practical after all." He said after a short silence.

"Not all the time...It's just...I don't know...Taking me a long time to-"

"Process?" Brendon provided, looking at her straight in the eyes.

"...Yes. Exactly. Exactly that..." She whispered softly. Again, another pause. Then she broke away reluctantly, and kept walking, their arms intertwined.

"So...did you grow up around here or something?"

"I go to college around here." She said, briefly stopping in front of a bench. "Care to sit?" She asked. Brendon wasn't used to such formalities, but nodded, and sat anyways.

That's when he really noticed her for the first time. He took it for granted at first-he was constantly bored with his life, wanting something very up-and-down-roller-coaster-style. That was just what he got considering he had become a punk-rock star for the past couple years. Jesus Christ, it's too early for me to settle down! I haven't even screwed over three ladies yet!


"Huh?" He snapped out of his reverie. By the look on his face, Ali could tell he didn't dream often. She giggled, and sat back, nestled into the bench. "I was asking a question, but nevermind..."

"No, go ahead. I'm all about questions."

"How about answers?"

"Well...that too...oh, shit. Just ask." Brendon laughed, seeing where he tripped.

"Okay...well...You're not a virgin?"

"Is that a question?"

"Well, I just asked it," Ali said confusedly.

"Um...No offense, I don't really know you that well and-"

"That's good." Ali said, softly again.

"What?" Brendon asked, sitting up properly. This girl confused the hell out of him.

"I'll race you to that corner shop over there-the crimson one. Last one there buys the other ice cream at my favorite shop. See you there," She winked, and upped and went.

Brendon was appalled. Then, after catching up to what she just said, he shook his head, smiled with a tint of a smirk, and yelled, "Hey, I'm a fast runner! Just you wait!"

It didn't matter anymore, because a rather hysterical Ali was just about down to the corner shop already.

"Yum." Ali smiled, obviously indulging in her ice cream.

"What'd you get?" Brendon asked, still pissed at how he lost the race.

"Dulce de leche. Or something. The caramel stuff."

"Yeah, I think that's Dulce De Leche." Brendon murmured, leaning on wall outside the ice cream shop.

"Why didn't you get ice cream?" She asked innocently, carefully licking the tip of her ice cream.

"Cuz I'm keeping my figure, dear." He turned to wink at her playfully, but she cocked her head in confusion. "Why do you need to keep your figure? You're completely alright as it is..."

"Are you saying I look good?" He asked, smiling evilly as he leaned into her.

"Er, I..." She mumbled, backing up into the wall.

"Because you know it."

"Know what?"

"That I look good."

"You have too big an ego."

"Ouch." Brendon whispered, clutching his heart. Ali just rolled her eyes, looking at Brendon like he was a little kid. (Which, in essence, he was.)

"Come on. I bet you have a slew of fangirls to pick. You could have any one of them. They're a whole lot prettier than me." Ali said quickly, finishing her ice cream up.

"...We should get going. Don't you have a concert tomorrow? You don't want to sleep late..." Ali mumbled, throwing her trash in the garbage bin, and starting to walk off, thinking that Brendon would follow.

If she hadn't left so early, she would have heard Brendon's barely audible voice: "Sweetie, you've got me all wrong."

"Have a good concert tomorrow."

"It was nice spending the day with you, by the way..."

"Oh, it was fun. We should do it the next time you're in town."

"" Brendon trailed off. The two looked into each others eyes. Ali, leaning too much on the driver's wheel, slipped on accident and managed to make a very audible honking sound. Brendon, startled by this, jumped up quickly, and hit his head on the roof of the car.

As if that wasn't enough, a very perky looking Jon Walker popped up from nowhere, opening Brendon's-the passenger side's-door.

"Jesus Christ, Walker!" Brendon jumped again, scared out of his wits. "C'mon, dinner's almost ready. Oh, hey Ali. See you inside, Loverboy." Jon winked at his friend before running into the hotel like a little boy about to open his Christmas presents on Christmas morning.

"He knows my name?" Ali asked, as Brendon watched him disappear into the hotel.

"Yeah...Finally." Brendon said, thinking about how all Jon could think about was Dungeons and Dragons.

"Ok. Well. Best be off, then." Ali said, somehow managing to make her voice even as she checked her watch. Inside her head, she kept thinking,/ why does it have to be over? It's over too soon! He's just so...just so.../

"That would be too late." Brendon said abruptly, interrupting Ali's train of thought.

"What would be too late?"

" was something that you said earlier, before Jon interrupted us. When you said, 'we should do this the next time I'm in town'...Well, I just think it'd be too long 'till I come to your town on tour...whenever 'next time' is..."

Ali looked at Brendon with huge incredulity. She hardly knew the man-of course she liked his personality, his mannerisms, his...well, everything-but what was he getting at? She thought that the girl always had to be the one to initiate the relationships (yes, she had bad love relationships in the past, as you can see here.) but it seemed that the man was actually doing...the man's job?

"I'm...confused." Ali said, for lack of a better sentence structure.

"Okay...well, a way to be blunt: I'd like you to come on tour with me."

And for lack of a better description, her jaw dropped to the floor of her car.

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