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Fifteen - Coffee

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chapter 15. thank you guys SO much for the reviews, they seriously made me smile loads :) well, here's the next chapter so PLEASE enjoy and I hope I will be receiving more wonderful reviews!
Gerard was awoken by a loud crash which made his heart thump incessantly until he thought it was going to smash out of his chest. His eyes were wide, like a rabbit in the headlights and he sat up perfectly straight in an instant. He felt awful - he had a headache that felt like a rabid dog feeding off his brain and he felt slightly weak and incompetent. He scanned the area, searching for any evidence of the crash. Nothing. He sighed and gradually fell back onto where he was sleeping - cosy.

"SURPRISE BOG FACE!" Mikey screamed as he walked into Gerard's bedroom, holding a plate and a spoon. Gerard scrunched his eye up in disbelief - what the hell was Mikey in his room making such a piercing racket?

"Awh, c'mon Gee, get up! I made you pancakes!" He said as his eyes moved across the room, looking at posters and photographs that were pinned up on the wood-panelled walls.

Gerard opened his eyes in both hunger and disbelief. Mikey? Cook? Pancakes?

"Eh?" He asked, sounding extremely fatigued and lifeless. " erm? You made pancakes?" He yawned, itching his head.

"OUI, JE SUIS MADE PANCAKES!" Mikey squealed. He was unusually hyper, which somewhat concerned Gerard. "C'mon, they're gonna go cold you freak."

Gerard coughed (slightly laughing from Mikey's misuse of French) and buried his face into his pillow, which smelt of comfort - homely.

"Okayyyy," He shouted in a low voice, "I'm fucking coming."

The sweet smell of pancake batter caressed the hallways of the Way household, which was coming from the large kitchen.
"Mikey, are you cooking honey?" Donna asked her youngest son as she kissed him on the forehead. Mikey turned from flipping pancakes and faced his mother, a huge grin on his face.

"Yes, infact I AM, mother," he replied. He smiled at her for a few seconds before shaking his head to move to straggly pieces of fringe that were covering his glasses.

Donna was slightly confused by this sight. Not once had she seen Mikey cook. Plus, he sounded a little hyperactive for her liking!

"Well, don't BURN anything! And don't eat stuff off the floor," she went to pick up her keys off the kitchen table before quickly turning around again and pointing her finger at the toaster, "it DOESN'T go in the sink, Mikey."

Mikey rolled his eyes at her and smiled.

"Mom! Like I'm gonna stick electrical appliances in water. DUH, I'm not dumb!" She rolled her eyes and smiled.

"Be careful! Oh, and look after your brother for me. I was worried about him last nite," she said as she again kissed him on the forehead before she walked over to the door, blowing him a kiss and slamming it, causing the wind chimes to make a graceful clattering sound.

"Sure, whatever," Mikey retorted in a soft voice. He was strangely happy. He felt good and he wanted to do something nice for Gerard, hence the cooking. He kinda felt a bit sorry for Gerard. Mikey KNEW what was going on. He was friends with Frank, therefore Frank told him stuff that he didn't tell Gerard and Gerard, being Mikey's older brother, told him stuff that he didn't tell Frank. Mikey laughed to himself as he poked the sloppy pancake batter with a spatula. He found it funny, because they both told him the same thing.

The wretched noise of a chair being scrapped across the floor awoke Mikey from him thoughts. Gerard was slumped on the table, his head in his hands. He was still wearing the clothes he had on last night - the grey sweater, those black jeans. Gerard muttered some weird sounds before Mikey served up the pancakes onto a plate, dripping them in Maple Syrup.

"Cheer up, Gee," he said, placing the mountain of food on the table. Gerard slightly lifted his head in order to view what Mikey had placed before him. His eyes were squinting, as if he hadn't quite adjusted to the light.

"You'd better not have fucking poisoned this shit," Gerard jokingly said, his voice hoarse.

"Err, NOPE," Mikey said as he walked over to the coffee maker, grabbing the coffee and pouring it into a little white cup, which was Gerard's special mug. Gerard, meanwhile started to wolf down the pancakes, dribbling syrup down his face and onto his sweater.

"Mmm, fmmking mmdd," was all that Mikey could make out. He smiled - he knew his cooking was appreciated. He walked over to the table and placed Gerard's mug down carefully before reaching over to the sideboard where he grabbed his mug of coffee he had made previously. He came and sat by Gerard, staring, puzzled at him.

He loved his brother, sure he did, but he was starting to become concerned about his behaviour.

"Why were you drinking outside last nite?" He asked, still staring at the top of Gerard's head. Gerard stopped shovelling the pancakes into his mouth and gradually lifted his head up, meeting Mikey's eyes. His stomach turned - he didn't want to upset his baby brother.

"No reason," he said quietly. He took a sip off coffee, slurping noisily. Mikey smiled sarcastically before sighing loudly.


"Don't fucking swear," Gerard replied, kicking his brother from under the table.

"Don't fucking tell me what to do," Mikey retorted, kicking Gerard harder.

"GO DIE, MIKEY," Gerard said, throwing the mug of coffee at his brother, causing it to smash into little pieces of porcelain on the floor, whilst Mikey was soaked, soaked in the stench of sweet coffee. Mikey stopped. He was shocked his brother had done such a thing - infact, he was slightly upset.

The two boys sat there, staring at each other for a few moments, both breathing heavily, their hearts being to palpitate viciously. Mikey's mouth went dry as he felt the stinging off the hot coffee seep through his shirt and onto his soft skin.

"That was out of fucking order," Gerard yelled as he banged his head on the kitchen table, making an extremely loud noise. He clenched his fists in sheer anger. How could he do such a thing to his own brother? He hated himself, he really despised him. He couldn't even look in the mirror for fear of vomiting at the sight of his own flesh.

"Stop, Gerard," Mikey softly said. His words had no effect on Gerard; he carried on banging his head, each whack numbing the pain of the last. "STOP FOR GOD'S SAKE."

Gerard stopped and fell into his arms on the table, tears rolling flawlessly down his face.

"I'm.... I'm.... sorry. I'm such a fucking awful brother, Mikey. Sorry," he said, his voice muffled as he was talking into his sweater.

"It's okay, don't worry," Mikey replied. Looking at his brother in such a state made his heart break. "Just," he took a deep breath, "just tell me what's wrong? Tell me why you've been drinking so much. Tell me why you sit in your room for days on end. Tell me why you're living off alcohol and nicotine?"

Gerard didn't say anything. He was absorbing Mikey's words, his brain was running a fine toothcomb over them.

"Gerard, please," Mikey said, his voice dripping with sadness.

"Alright then," Gerard said as he lifted up his face, his eyes connecting with Mikey's. His face was deathly pale and his eyes were red with large bags underneath them. He looked old.

Mikey KNEW what was making Gerard like this, he just knew. However, as Gerard told him, it wasn't as he had first predicted.

awh. poor Mikey. he's so adorable :)
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