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Should we mind about this little problem?

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After seeing his ex-girlfriend in front of that door, Pierre discovers she's not going to take it easy on him right before he can remember they are being tape recorded. Should they mind about this ...

Category: Simple Plan - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Chuck Comeau, David Desrosiers, Jeff Stinco, Pierre Bouvier, Sebastien Lefebvre - Published: 2007-01-07 - Updated: 2007-01-07 - 1274 words

Getting a huge smile upon her face, Ashley jumped in my arms holding me really tight and I didn't know what else to do but stay still. I was just too surprised to have any reaction. In the meanwhile, I could see the 4 of them staring back at us not understanding one thing only of what was happening. Well, I didn't blame them for that. I myself couldn't understand what was happening. I didn't know what to do or what to say, but I'm glad she made it easier on me and started herself the talking part.

"You can't imagine how much I missed you." She said caressing my face
"Stop touching me! You know you're not my girlfriend anymore!" I yelled back at her, going apart "What the hell are you doing here, Ashley?"
"Why are you being so rude with me?" she asked making a sad face
"You're not that stupid. I don't think I have to explain that."
"Guess you're right. But I really am regret about all the things I've done to you, Pierre."
"Yeah, yeah, right. If I say you're forgiven, will you take the next flight back to USA?"
"I have no ticket back USA."
"I'll pay for that." I replied desperate to see her walking out of that door
"You don't understand. I'm not living in USA anymore. I just moved to Toronto."
"You did what?!" I yelled in rage
"Yeah, I'm your neighbor. Guess we'll se each other everyday. Aren't you happy, honey?"
"No, I'm not happy, stop calling me honey and no, we won't see each other everyday. Actually, we won't see each other any longer. I have many other things to do in here, it's not like I'm on vacations and I don't ever wanna see your face again. Now, turn yourself around and go back home or I'll call the police to denounce a break-in."
"Actually, you opened the door. This is not considered a break-in" she replied me
"They don't know about that."
"Pierre, please, you had never been that rude with me, I know you're still sweet. Please, Pierre, I love you."
"God, Ashley, I don't feel the same way about you and you probably don't have this feeling either. You just want fame and money but I'm not famous and I don't have one cent, happy? Now, would you please leave me alone? You're unbearable!" I shouted back at her almost exploding in rage
"But, Pierre..." she started again as I just interrupted yelling...
"Damn, go back home! Is it that hard to do?"

Not answering my question or doing what I asked her to, she stood still for a while as I saw her eyes starting to get watered. After a silence that lasted only a few seconds, she tried her one last effort. She jumped in my arms all by sudden and pushed me against the wall to kiss me before I could tell what was going on. I could feel in the same time she was running her hands in every single inch of my body and I couldn't help but getting turned on with that, but I soon had Jessie back on my mind and pushed Ashley away from me. After that, I lifted her up in my arms and started driving her to the door.

"What's that for?" she asked like she had no clue why I was doing that
"Because I can't take you anymore and if you don't wanna go, I'll make you." I said putting her back to the ground outside the door "Girl, you desperately need to go out and get yourself a boyfriend." I shouted locking the door right in front of her

As I turned my backs to the door and faced the guys again, I could see all of them staring back at me with the most surprised looks ever, like they wanted to say something but they couldn't get the air back to their lungs to start it.

"Uh, okay, I no one is going to ask it...I will." Said Seb trying to keep calm, starting the question I was sure he was going to ask "Pierre...what the fuck was that?"
"I really wish I knew." I replied calmly sitting down by their side in the sofa
"Pierre, there was a, no, no! Let me make it really clear..." stopped Chuck for a bit to choose the words he was going to use "There was a hot to death blond girl right here making out with you and telling you she's in love with you. Now you tell us you don't know what happened? I wish something like this happens to me one of these days."
"Chuck, that girl happens to be Ashley Jenkins, the girl I used to date when I lived in USA and that broke up with me 2 weeks after I moved to Canada, telling me she was cheating on me with my best friend and that she never loved me. She completed it saying that the only reason why she ever dated me was because one of her friends had a crush on me and she wanted to make her jealous. Two years went by and I never heard about her again and I even found myself an amazing girlfriend. Just when I am in a studio with my band recording our very first CD with a very known label, she shows up from nowhere, tells me she's in love with me, pushes me against the wall and starts to make out with me. How would I know what's going on?"
"Guess he's got the point." Agreed David after some seconds of silence
"Well, but she's hot. As long as you don't want her, why don't you give her my cell phone and my e-mail address?" asked Jeff smirking
"If I thought she was a nice girl, I would, but I know her and you deserve much better than that." I replied
"Anyway, Pierre, you know there are many hidden cameras in the house and...the only things they don't record are voices and sounds..." said Seb trying to make me understand something
"What's your point, Seb?" I asked confused
"You've been tape-recorded kissing Ashley and those images can't tell you didn't want to." He answered
"And, if Adam doesn't want us to leave this house or bring any company here, what's he going to do when he sees this girl here making out with you?" asked Chuck
"Gosh, we're screwed!" I said getting a lot of worried about it
"Adam is not going to fire us now that we have 80% of the album already recorded and a couple of fans here in Toronto. It would mean to loose a lot of money. You should worry about Jessie now and not Simple Plan." Said Jeff slowly not to get me too concerned about the situation "I know you forgave Adam but, if he was lying, in no time at all Jessie will have this tape in hands and..." he tried to finish but I interrupted him
"And she'll break up with me. But I...I don't wanna loose her, specially because of Ashley."
"Guess there's nothing we can do about it." Said David "All we have to do is wait and beg we're all wrong. After all, among all the boyfriends she had ever had you're the only one who treated her that well and the only one who sees her inner, not just her body. If she sees this tape...I don't even know how to describe in words the damage it will `cause on her."
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