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Going back home for vacations!!!!

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After those six long months recording an album in a studio in Toronto, Simple Plan finally has their debut album in hands and is finally allowed to go back home for those 2 months vacations that ha...

Category: Simple Plan - Rating: G - Genres: Drama, Romance - Characters: Chuck Comeau, David Desrosiers, Jeff Stinco, Pierre Bouvier, Sebastien Lefebvre - Published: 2007-01-08 - Updated: 2007-01-08 - 1744 words

Different from all the things we imagined, Adam didn't talk about that tape in the next day, or in the day after that, or in the day after that, or in the day after that. Actually, he never mentioned that tape and Jessie wasn't acting any differently with me on the phone or in the next weekends we spent together. And Ashley didn't dare to knock on our door again. It was like everything that had happened in that night had just been a dream. Barely I knew that this one wasn't going to be the last time I was going to hear about Ashley.

Another 2 months went by and we were just returning to our house in Toronto after finish shooting the cover of our very first album. It was called "No pads, no helmets...just balls". I remember we were so happy. All the hard work and dedication had all been paid off with Simple Plan's first album and we couldn't be more proud of it. The album would be on the records stores on Monday, but each one of us already had 5 copies of it. One was ours to keep and the other 4 were to give to whoever we wanted to.

It was 1 p.m. of a Wednesday afternoon when we got inside the house and rushed as fast as we could to our bedrooms to pack up our bags to return to Montreal. But, this time, not to spend 2 days only, we were returning home. Once in Montreal, we would spend one entire week doing nothing before shooting our very first video: "I'm just a kid". After that, we would have 2 months of vacations before start touring around Canada and then, around the world. Still, as promised, we were going to hire the bodyguards before start traveling.

While placing all of my stuffs back in my bags, I couldn't wait to see Jessie again. I wanted that so bad that I could even smell her hair and feel the taste of her lips on mine, but still, this feeling wasn't better at all than actually doing this, so I started packing up my stuffs so fast that I thing I broke many things, but I didn't care at all about that. I was considering calling back home to tell them I was coming back, but I decided to keep the surprise. They would probably be happy by seeing me back.

It didn't take me 30 minutes until I was done on packing up my stuffs and on cleaning up my room, but there was the very last thing waiting to be kept: Jessie's bracelet. This one I took in my hands and kissed before finally heading downstairs with my bags. When I got there, I threw myself over the sofa and kept waiting for the guys not taking my eyes from that bracelet one minute only and thinking about her the whole time. I was missing her a lot. I couldn't wait until I had her back in my arms again. I kept like that until I heard David's voice waking me up from my daydream...

"Hey, if you're trying to decide if you should put that on or not, just remember this is a little too gay and you'll have to stay at least 10 miles away from us."
"Very funny, David, but this isn't mine, it's Jessie's." I replied standing up from the sofa
"Now this is getting worse. Pierre stole Jessie's pink bracelet." Said Chuck in a playful tone "No! Pierre, don't leave us! You don't have to go this way, we can buy you some magazines to show you some hot chicks. If this get your thing hard, and we're almost sure it will, you still have a salvation! But don't give up, we still can save you, just don't put on this bracelet!"
"Guys, I'm not gay, I'm not confused about my sexuality at all and I don't intend to put this bracelet on. I was just thinking about her, happy now?" I asked them
"I am really much more happy and relieved to know that you're not gay and that you were thinking about a girl and not a guy." Said Jeff laughing
"Me too. I was ready to spend my last paycheck on porn magazines to you. I'm happy I won't have to do that or to go apart from you `cause I'm just too irresistible." Said Seb
"Me too!!!" said David, Jeff and Chuck in unison
"Guys, stop teasing me. Let's just go." I said laughing

We left that house still laughing while our neighbors probably thought we were completely out of our minds and got in the taxi straight to the airport.

It was 5 o'clock p.m. when I twisted the doorknob of my house to see my 2 little brothers sat down in the sofa, drinking some apple juice and watching TV. As soon as they saw me, they started screaming in happiness and forgot about the juice, soon rushing to hold me tight.

"I missed you guys so much!" I said hugging them really tight
"We missed you too, Pierre." They said in unison

Soon, I saw my mom coming downstairs a little bit mad at the noises they were making and not even realizing I was in there.

"Hey, boys, no screaming here! How many times do I have to ask you to behave? Do I have to call your brother and tell him you're..." in that moment her eyes met my face and she stopped talking. I saw a special shine reflected on her eyes when she realized I was back and she couldn't help but let the tears roll down her face "My son!" I heard her shouting before she kneeled in front of me crying and hugged me as tight as she could.
"Hey, calm down, mom, I'm right here. I'm fine"
"It's just that I missed you so much, honey. Oh my God, my baby is back!" she said caressing my face and looking into my eyes with a smile on her lips
"Yeah, your almost 19 years old baby that can drive a car is back, mom." I said in a playful tone while drying her tears, then kissing her cheek and standing up as she and my brothers did the same
"There's still 6 months more before you turn 19 and you'll still be my baby even when you turn 40 and have your own babies." She replied at my last comment
"Guess I can see that." I replied laughing "Well, I'll leave my bags in my room and I'm going to bring Jessie here to stay with us, is that okay?"
"Sure, she's a sweetheart. She had been helping me a lot to take care of your brothers, you know? She'll be a great mom someday. They love her." She said smirking
"We're not talking about babies or marriage yet, okay? Anyway, I'll be back soon."

Rushing the most I could, I arrived in Jessie's house in less than 10 minutes. When I rang the bell of that door I could feel my hands trembling and sweating, like I was picking her up on our very first date. When I heard some steps approaching the door, I felt even much more nervous. I was crazy to see Jessie and I didn't know how I would react by seeing her. Soon, I saw that door opening and the beautiful figure of Jessie leaving that house on her favorite jeans pants and a black shirt. In the moment she saw me a smile appeared on both our faces and tears started forming in her eyes. Without saying one word, she closed that door and didn't make me wait one more second only to do exactly what I wanted to. She pushed me against the wall and started kissing me like she never did before, not wanting to stop for nothing in this world until we were both breathless.

"Pierre! Oh my God, Pierre! What are you doing here today? It's Wednesday, shouldn't you be in Toronto with Simple Plan?"
"Not anymore. We finally finished our debut album. It will be on the records stores on Monday."
"Can't wait for that. I'll be the first one to buy it!"
"You don't have to buy anything. I can give you one right now. It's called No pads, no helmets... just balls. And no, you can't make fun of this name, we liked it so that will be it." I said as I realized she was laughing at the name and laughed a bit more at the comment, but our intention was to make people laugh, so we were in the right track. Then, I took the CD out of my backpack and handed her over "Here it is. You're the first one to have it."
"What an honor!" she said giving me that beautiful smile and taking the album in her hands "The picture matches the title." She said laughing and making me do the same "Can't wait to hear it."
"Oh, yes, you can `cause I'm kidnapping you and you'll sleepover in my house and I'm not asking if you want to, I'm demanding."
"Wow, yes, sir!" she said laughing "Just let me take the CD to my room and tell my parents, then we're going."
"Okay, but, before you do that, there's one more thing I wanted to give you." I said putting my hands in my backpack and taking out of it ....
"A music box?!" she shouted amazed and smiling, taking it in her hands "Oh my God, Pierre, this is so cute! You can't imagine how much I wanted one of those."
"Oh, yes, I can. This is as sweet as you, so it fits very well. I saw it in Toronto and that reminded me about you, so I decided to buy it."
"How sweet!" she said getting back in my arms and kissing me tenderly "I love you."
"I love you too."

Still in my arms, she opened the little box to hear a sweet song and to see a little ballerina, slowly spinning around the box in the rhythm of the song. Behind the ballerina, you could read "I love you". With her eyes watering, she kissed me once again and thanked me one million times before returning home to place her gifts in her room and tell her parents we were leaving. In a while, we were heading back to my house hand in hand.
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