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People Think I'm Insane Because I Am Frowning All the Time

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ohh what's gunna happen when Katie goes over to Brendon's house???

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Sorry it has been a while, I hurt my knee and have been feeling kinda down and out but I'll start to update my stories more regularly. Thanks for reviewing!

---Katie's P.O.V.---

My only friend was Jake, and this had been the case for about 2 years. Ever since I switched schools I had lost touch with all my old friends, but Jake's always been there for me and helped me through some tough times. Brendon made me feel really happy, and this was the first time in two years I wanted to be with someone.

It only took us ten minutes to walk to his house, and it turns out he lives right around the corner from me.

"Brendon! We're practically neighbors! This is awesome!" I screamed as I pointed out my house.

He flung is arm around me. "Katie we are going to have so much fun together!"

He opened the door into his basement. It was huge. He had his own living area, bedroom, bathroom, and even a kitchen. I was adjusting to my surroundings when a very pretty lady walked in. She was middle aged, and had shoulder length dark brown hair and was wearing simple, plain, non embarassing clothes.

"Hey kids, Brendon are you going to introduce me to your friend?" The lady asked. She even had a pretty voice.

Brendon introduced the woman as his mom, Linda. She was perfect, the type of mom you see on Desperate Houswives, not in West Coast Canada.

"Katie, its really nice to meet you. I'm glad Brendon's made a friend already. You're welcome here anytime. Are you staying for dinner?" She asked. Crap! I hate staying for dinner at other peoples house. "I'm making Vegan Lasagne, but I can make something with meat if you prefer?"

"Actually Linda, I'd love to. And vegan lasagne sounds perfect, I'm vegan too." This was great, I didn't even have to reject an offer due to my picky diet.

---Brendon's P.O.V.---

Katie was perfect. She was super sweet, vegan, and she hit it off with my mom right away. Oh, and she was beautiful.

"So Kate, wanna watch a movie or something? I got Bambi, Mean Girls, and Alice in Wonderland with me right now."

"Ohh let's watch Alice in Wonderland!" Katie said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me down on the couch.

The movie was grand. We laughed at all the cute corny parts, and leaned on each other. I still missed the boys, but Katie was awesome.

My mom came down just then and asked if Katie wanted to stay the night, and after I got down on my knees and begged her, she agreed.

"I have to go out after dinner, I'm going to Kelowna to see Grandma and I won't be back until Monday, so you kids be good, no drinking, no sex." Mom told us after dinner.

---Katie's P.O.V.---

"Mom, hey how are you?" I had to get this phone call over with. "Do you remember Carrie from church?"

"Ofcourse honey, her mom just died didn't she?" My mom asked.

"Yeah, well I saw her at Starbucks and she invited me to stay the night, so that's where I will be, ok?"

The conversation soon ended, and I went back to hang out with "Carrie".

"Sooo...we have the house to ourselves and a loaded bar. Pick your poison." Brendon said as he pulled out bottles of Jose Curevo, Polar Ice, Godiva, and every imaginable liquer. An hour later we were both pretty trashed and rolling on the floor laughing at something, when the phone rang.

"Kate can you answer that, you sound sober, incase its my mom?" Brendon asked.

"Hello..." I said into the receiver.

"Whoa Brendon's been there like a day and he's already getting laid!" a voice on the other end said. "Ryan, a chick just answered his phone!"

Brendon hit speaker phone. "Hey guys."

"So Brendon, is she hott?" the mystery voice asked.

Brendon looked at me with an adorable smirk.

"She's gorgeous." He said.

*So not too much happened but I wanted to give you guys something. Please review, when I get 5 reviews I'll post the next chapter! More drama soon, it's just getting started kiddies!*
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