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Ride the Wings of Pestillence

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Brendon and Katie have a chat and get to know one another.

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--Katie's P,O.V.---

I felt someone poke me. I rolled over to see Brendon half asleep, gazing into my face.

"Katie, whats your favourite colour?" He asked. He was so cute.

"Green. You?"

"Red. Whats your favourite movie?"

"Umm...Star Wars, and the American Pies.. whats yours?" He was being so cute, I've never had a boy ask me questions and actually care about me in this way before.

"I like Star Wars too. And the Nightmare Before Christmas." Aw he liked the classics! He kept asking me cute questions. What my favourite food was, my favourite drink, my favourite animal, band, TV show, character from Star Wars, my favourite book.

"Brendon, can I ask you a question?" I asked the adorable little boy beside me.*

"Of course. Shoot."

"Why do you care?"

"Katie, when my mom moved me here, I left my two best friends, Spencer and Ryan, my band, I left my life. I wasn't expecting anything good to result from this move. But I got something amazing. I got an amazing friend who needs me just as much as I need her. She's everything I would ever want, beauty, charm, humour, and she cares so much about me. Katie, I'm falling for you. Hard and fast."

That wasn't the asnwer I expected. I just stared into his eyes, wishing it was true, but I knew in my heart, no one could love me. I was unloveable. I had heard it lots. At school, at home, I got used to it. I wasn't expecting the kiss. I was gazing into his eyes with such lust I didn't notice his lips get closer to mine, until I felt his gently graze mine. It was amazing. It was barely a kiss, but it was a kiss with such passion I'd never known possible.

"Brendon...I think...I'm falling for you too." As I said this, a huge smile spread across his face. He gently brought his hands up to my face, and caressed my cheek with his rough, beautiful, angelic hands. He brought my face closer to his, and just before our lips met, he whispered into my mouth.

"You make me so happy." And then he kissed me. Long and hard, and amazing. I felt inadequate.

*Short I know but atleast its something k?? I am deathly sick with mono and I can barely think haha. 5 Reviews and I'll update k?*
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