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Chapter 3

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THE END. This is the final chapter. As in all final chapters, everything works itself out. Though, one lingering question is left.

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Sorry it's taken so long. Don't hurt me, pwease?

Should I be happy or sad? This is the final chapter of 'Pins and Needles'. Should I be happy that it's almost over and there is not pressure on me to update? Or sad because I won't be able to update and get anymore of those wonderful reviews you guys have been leaving me?

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I slowly opened my eyes expecting harsh hospital lights to flood in. Instead, the room was dim.

I looked around. Same room as before, but I was the only one in the room. This was the first time in all the times I'd been conscious over the past several hours that I'd been alone.

I wondered where my band mates were.

The door cracked open and more light spilled in. Mikey entered, closing the door behind him quietly. I watched him sit down in the chair beside my bed.

The dim amount of light entering my room under the door and between the curtains reflected off of Mikey's glasses.

I was laying on my side in the same position I'd woken up in, staring at Mikey, waiting for him to speak. When he didn't, I figured out that he must think I'm asleep.

"Hey," I called.

Mikey's head shot up and his eyes locked onto mine. "Hey," he said. "How are you feeling?"

"A bit better," I mumbled "I mean, I still feel kinda sick and I've got that 'hung-over' feeling..." I licked my lips "My lips and mouth are really dry."

"You can blame all of that on the drugs," Mikey said, handing me a cup of water. I propped myself up and drank some of the cool, refreshing liquid.

"Thanks," I handed the cup back to Mikey, who set it on the table beside my bed. I sighed. "How long was I out this time?"

"About three hours," he said "You had us all really scared, Gee."

"Sorry, Mikes," I said as I sat up against my bed's headboard.

Before either of us could speak again, the door opened and Frank bounced in, literally. He bounded over to the window and wrenched the curtains open allowing bright sunlight to fill the room.

Both Mikey and I yelped in surprise and shielded our eyes until they adjusted to the light.

Ray and Bob walked in behind the bounding Frank

"What's with him?" I asked.

"The soda machine near our tour bus finally broke and poured cans of drink everywhere," Ray explained "He drank about 5 or 6 in a row before collecting them and stashing them in the bus."

"Brian was not happy..." Bob said.

"I'm also happy 'cuz they got the chick that put our Gee in hospital," Frank said, a little calmer.

"Oh! So that's why we had to hurry to the hospital after that call," Bob said.

"Jerk!" Ray said as both he and Bob hit Frank across the back of his head.

"Ow!" Frank cried.

Mikey and I laughed loudly.

"You made us worry for nothing!" Ray yelled.

"Uh, guys?" Mikey interrupted "As entertaining as this is... maybe we should fill Gerard in. He looks confused.

I could feel the puzzlement on my face.

The bickering stopped and the guys gathered around my bed.

"They caught the girl that did this to you," Frank explained "They tracked her down about an hour ago and she confessed. She confirmed what drugs gave you and her reason. And what a weird reason it was..." Frank trailed off.

I was still really confused.

"Her name is Jordan Masterfields," Mikey said "She used to work for the police until she ended up in a mental institution for a while."

"She's a completely devout Green Day fan," Frank took over and I looked over at him. "Apparently, she wanted 'revenge' after we won some award over them and decided to try and kill the lead singer of the 'evil band' so that said band would go away and Green Day would be the best. She's a nutter."

"Something tells me that Billy's going to be really pissed off that one of his fans would do that," I said.

"Probably," Ray agreed.

I licked my lips. I rubbed a hand under my nose.

Mikey handed me a tissue.

"Thanks," I grumbled as I put the tissue under my nose and pinched it.

I shifted a little.

I pulled the tissue away and realized that the nose bleed had stopped almost as soon as it had started.

I groaned. "The drugs are most definitely wearing off," I knew I sounded pathetic.

I hate the part where the drugs wear off. I mean, I want them out of my system completely; I just hate what they do to my body as their effect wears off.

"Maybe you should get some rest," Mikey suggested.

"Yeah," I sighed as I laid back down in my bed.

I closed my eyes and soon drifted off.

The last thing I heard before falling asleep was my band mates wishing me a good sleep. They're so good to me.


The next time I woke up, it had just gotten dark.

I felt much better after my nap and the hospital agreed to discharge me as long as I wasn't left alone over the next few days, just in case. I was also under strict instruction not to do anything strenuous for at least the next week.

Good thing we didn't have any concerts until next month.

It was about 7:30pm when Mikey, Ray, Frank, Bob and I stepped out of the hospital, piled into our hired minivan and headed back to the tour bus.

We arrived back at the bus a short time later. We all quickly changed before heading out to dinner after deeming nothing on the bus edible.


After dinner, which we finished at about 9pm (it took us half an hour to change and determine that nothing was edible and then another half hour to find a KFC), we went looking for an all night convenience store.

We didn't need anything really, we just felt like seeing what we could buy to add to the useless clutter on the bus and annoy Brian.

I ended up buying a few things of whipped cream and a packet of condoms. I bought them purely for the purpose of playing pranks on Brian and the guys.

The store clerk gave me a really weird look as I bought the items.

We got back to the bus at about 9:45 and put away our purchases. (I securely hid one of mine in my pillow)

Mikey, Frank and I sprawled out on the 2-seater couch and Ray and Bob on the floor in front of us. We flicked on the TV and channel-surfed until about 10 when we found the late news.

I groaned when I saw a report about my hospitalization. There is no privacy in my life.

Just then, Brian entered the bus holding 5 suit jackets in dry cleaning bags.

He saw us and froze.

"Brian..." I groaned at the same time as the others.

"I'm sorry," Brian said "but they were starting to stink up the bus."

We all gave him a weird look.

"More than usual," he added.


"Oh, by the way, Gerard, Billie called while you were out at dinner. Wants you to call him back," Brian said "Speaking of which, you five still reek of KFC." With that, he disappeared into another part of the bus.

I got up, found a phone (I'm not too sure whose) and called the number I knew I could reach Billie on.

"Hello?" the voice on the other end said tiredly.

"Hey, Billie," I greeted.

"Oh!" he immediately brightened "Hey, Gerard! How ya feelin'?"

"Much better now that I'm out of hospital."


A short silence.

"Look, I'm sorry about what that chic did to you, Gerard. She obviously wasn't a very good fan if she didn't know that you and I are friends and that I don't hate you for winning something," Billie apologized.

"It wasn't your fault. She was a nut job," I said.


"But if it'll make you feel better, apology accepted.


About 40 minutes later, I finally said goodbye to Billie and re-joined my friends inside the bus. I don't really remember having gone outside, but obviously I had.

"Wow, that took a while," Frank said as I dropped the phone on a table on the way in "Did you have to pwofess your wuv to one anover?" He made fake kiss-y noises.

"Actually, he wouldn't shut up," I said "I couldn't understand him and most of the time; I had no clue whether I was speaking to Billie or Jimmy. Then there was that song he sung in Korean..."

"He knows Korean?" Ray asked disbelievingly.

"That was my reaction too," I said "Oh! Frankie, he had a message for you."

"He did?" Frank gave me a questioning look.

"Yeah, he said," I cleared my throat dramatically "and I quote 'Tell Frankie that I found his Batman boxers. They were at the bottom of my bunk wrapped up in my old dirty, sheets. Feel free to collect them whenever' unquote." I dropped into the seat beside him and gave him a sly look. As did the others.

"What happened between you two, Frankie?..."



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