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My heart is the worst kind of weapon.

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Kadence encounters a problem...

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Chapter 6

My heart is the worst kind of weapon.

Kade's POV:

I never forgot about them. It was impossible, they were everywhere. Plus the fact that Spencer is an almost exact replica of Pete.

That's why I cant let them meet Spencer. Your probably asking 'why don't I just lie to them and tell them he's someone else's. But I know as soon as they see him that they'll know he's Pete's.

Like I said, I still talk to Patrick occasionally. He keeps telling me how much he misses me but I just cant risk the chance that he would find out about Spencer. He's Pete's best friend and I know he would tell him. But I miss him so much. I miss all of them.

I'm currently living in living in California; I had to move there for the job at AP. It was well worth it. Writing is my passion and I get to meet my favorite bands all the time. It's especially fun when I get to go on Warped Tour. They even let Spencer come with me. But any time Fall Out Boy were on Warped, I didn't go for chance I might be caught. I've also had to give up great interview opportunities because the bands were touring with Fall Out Boy and I would have to come in contact with them to get to the band I wanted to interview.

Fall Out Boy is going to be in California recording there new album next week and AP has set up and interview with them. You're probably thinking so what just pass it up like you did all the rest. Well there's a slight problem there, the boss is picking who is going to be doing the interviewing. And if you don't take the job, you'll get fired. He's been a jackass lately and he knows I won't interview Fall Out Boy so I have a feeling he's going to be picking on me. And I really cant afford to get fired because I have to support Spencer and myself, California ain't cheap.

Patrick knows about the interview of course, he knows about all of them. And every time AP interviews them, he asks me to take the job and come and see him. I always have to make up excuses and lie to him and it kills me every time. I hate lying to Patrick.

So I'm expecting on our next phone call that he'll bring up the interview and yet again ask me to take the job. Except this time I wont have to lie to him about not knowing if I could take the job, because my boss is picking who gets it.

We find out tomorrow whose doing the interview; I'm so stressed out over it too. Hey, look Trick's calling me...


"Hey Kade! How're you doing?" He asked.

"I'm good. How are you and my boys?"

"I'm great and Andy and Joe are too. The shows we play are amazing! Our fans are so crazy, its unbelievable!" We never talk about Pete because Patrick knows how much he hurt me.

"I know! You guys are everywhere know a days!"

"I know, its great...So we got a call from our manager today," Here it comes, "And he said we have an interview with AP next week. I would really love to see you Kade, can you do the interview?" He asked hopefully.

"I don't know Trick, my boss is picking out whose doing the interview. It's his time of the or something, he's being bitchy."

"Gosh its like the world's against us or something." He mumbled something under his breath but I didn't hear him so I just brushed it off. "I really wish you could do the interview us so you could hang out with us and meet my girlfriend Chelsea. She's amazing Kade! A whole year and a half! I think she's the one, but I want your approval first. I wont be able to do it unless I know you like her!" Man this boy knows how to make my make-up run.

"Aww! Trick your too much! I'm sure she's great! And I'll check my schedule to see if I can come to one of your shows in LA." Maybe I could see them and just get a sitter for Spencer. I missed them so much. I heard rustling in the background and knew it was time for Trick to go.

"Hey I gotta go, but I'll call you later. Love you Kade."

"Love you too Trick!" We hung up the phone and the tears just wouldn't stop coming. He wanted my approval! He really is still my best friend! I don't know what I'd do if he forgot about me too! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to go on with my day to day life.

I think I might just go to one of their shows. I mean its not like I have to talk to them, but if I wanted to I could. But I would never tell them about Spencer. I can't it will ruin everything I've worked for...

The next day...

The day I've been dreading. I'll be at work in 5 minutes and I'll find out who gets the interview for Fall Out Boy. There's a part of me that wants the interview but then there's also a part of me that doesn't want it in fear that they would find out. Gahh I hate this, I need to stop thinking so much.

Author's POV:

Kadence pulled up to her usual parking spot. She walked into her office and set her things down and made her way to the conference room and sat down at the table. A few minutes later her boss walked in with a single sheet of paper in his hand. He tacked it up on the bulletin board and walked out of the room.

It was still for a minute, then all of Kadence's co-workers ran for the board. Kadence just sat in her seat for she wasn't as worried about it as they were. They wanted it because it was the job of a lifetime. One of her co-workers Amanda Louis shrieked and shouted Kadence's name. She perked her head up and looked towards Amanda.

"How come you got the job? That's totally not fair. You never even try to get the Fall Out Boy interviews!" Me and Amanda have never gotten along. There's a little 'friendly' competition.

"Well trust me I don't want this job, but I have to take it because I don't want to get fired!" I was just a tid bit miffed to say the least. I knew he was going to do this to me!

"Why do you hate them so much? It's like your going to die or something if you ever come in contact with them. Your probably like in love with one of them and worried that you'll do something stupid and totally ruin the interview! I could totally see you doing something stupid like that!" Amanda ranted. God I just want to punch her in the face!

"Amanda shut the hell up! You probably just want the job because you want to fuck one of them! So I'm glad I got it and not you! Whore! God!" I said walking out of the room and back to my office. In my office I found my boss sitting in my chair smiling at me.

"Why Bruce, why?" I asked pouting.

"Because I love you and I think this interview will do you good," he said still smiling.

"But you don't understand Bruce I can't do this interview I just cant!" I said exasperated.

"Well you have to because if you don't then your going to get fired and your one of my best writers. And I know that you know them so that's even better because you can get even more information from them." He said standing up. "Oh yeah and you'll be staying at the apartment with them for the weekend so start packing."

"But what about Spencer I cant just leave him!" I said, this is not happening!

"My daughters looking for some cash, she'll be more than willing to watch him..."

I hate him, I hate him, I hate him. I can't do this! I can't spend a whole weekend in the same house as Pete! I can't leave my baby! What am I going to do?
wow this one was long! haha. thanks to all my reviewers!! especially chelsea! she gave me great ideas!! your amazing! and this is just a starter w/ your character! haha. sooo please review everyone!
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