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Chasing Cars

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Mark's firend, Sick Boy, comes by to visit. Aki gets ignored.

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Chasing Cars

The next morning brought more work and promise. Mark was plugging up his tech junk. He had just received an X-360 from his parents as a going-away present and decided not to open until he got a dorm. Now, that that end had been held up, may the games begin!

Mark had just finished setting up his game system when he held footsteps. He slowly turned to see Aki in the hall doorway. She was clutching her laptop in her hands as if he was going to steal it away from him. Mark eyed her in confusion. "What are you doing?" he asked her. "I'm going to work on my article." his "girlfriend" replied. Mark seemed stunned. "You type for the school?" he asked. "Well, not yet." Aki said. "But I'm working real hard to get to that point." "Uh-huh..." Mark said flatly. "Yes." Aki said. Then his "girlfriend" sat down her the kitchen table, hooked up her laptop, booted it on, and got to work.

The "couple" was busy into tech land when someone pounded loudly on the door. Actually, the knock had been their for minutes but it hadn't really registered with either one of them. "You want to get that?" Aki asked from her work. "Why can't you get it?" Mark asked back. "I'm working." his "girlfriend" replied. "So am I." he said.

"No you're not!"

"I am."

"My work is going to make me successful. You're just playing your stupid video games!"

"No I'm not!"

"Look, just get the door!"

Mark just sighed and rolled his eyes as he put down his joy stick and walked to the door. He opened it as he mumbled in displeasure. But suddenly, his annoyance faded away as fast as it came. "Sick Boy?" he asked in shock. A man was bleached blonde hair stood on the other side of the door. He was wearing pure designer labels. "Hey Rents!" he called. But men were overjoyed to see each other. Aki looked up from her work in curiosity. Mark took Sick Boy over to his "girlfriend." "Simon, this is my girlfriend, Aki." he said to him. Mark turned to Aki. "Aki this is Sick Boy." her "boyfriend" said. "Nice to meet you." Aki said with a bow. Sick Boy couldn't help but smirk. Aki looked up and noticed that. "What do you find funny?" she asked in curiosity. Sick Boy just kept smiling. "Oh, nothing." he replied. Aki looked at him suspiciously.

Sick Boy stayed for hours. The longer he stayed, the more annoyed and suspicious Aki came. "Is this guy prejudice of me?" she thought. "Why does he find everything I say funny? And why isn't Mark stepping to help me?" Aki managed a smile however. But the alleged prejudice wasn't the problem. The guys were ignoring her. She wanted to be included into the conversation. Nothing she tried caught their attention. Finally, Aki became annoyed. She threw down the tea and walked out the door with a loud slam. Even the boys didn't notice that she was gone.

"Hey Aki!" Mark called moments after she left. "Could we have some more tea?" Silence was his reply. "Aki?" he asked. Both Mark and Sick Boy looked up. "Where did she go?" Sick Boy asked. "Dunno." Mark replied. A long pause came over them. Finally, Mark rose to his feet. "I'm going to look for her." he said at last. "All right." Sick Boy said. Then, Mark went out the door.

The night was clear outside. But Mark didn't notice. He was too busy looking for Aki. "AKI!!!!" he called out loud. All he received at first was his own echoed. "AKI!!!!" he called again. She was still nowhere in sight. All seemed lost. But then, Mark heard soft sobbing. Curious, he followed the sound all the way to the to the hill near the woods. There she was. Aki was standing on the hill crying to herself. Mark silently approached his "girlfriend." He lightly tapped her on the shoulder. Aki whipped around to him. "What?!?" she snapped out loud. Mark seemed taken-aback. What was she so upset about? "Are you okay?" Mark asked her in concern. More tears fell from Aki's eyes. "Nothing!" she snapped. Her "boyfriend" raised his eyebrow. "Then why are you crying and why did you walk out on us?" he asked. "I'm sob not crying!" Aki denied quickly. "There's something in my eyes!" Mark was confused at first. But then it donned on him! Aki had been ignored all of this time!

Mark put his arm lightly around his "girlfriend." "I'm so sorry, Aki." he said. "Why didn't you say that we were ignoring you?" Aki just turned to him. "Nothing I did caught your attention." she replied. "Aww," Mark said. "I'm so sorry." Then he hugged her tightly. "But I haven't seen Sick Boy in months. So this is a real surprise." her "boyfriend" explained. At that moment, Aki began to stop crying. "Okay." she said softly. Then, Mark let go of her. "Now, let's go back." he said. Aki nodded. Mark just smiled. "Good." her "boyfriend" said. Then the "couple" headed back to their dorm in Dark Moon House.

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