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Child Whore

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Mark falls for a younger girl named Dianne. But Aki becomes jealous. So she tries to sabotage it.

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Child Whore

The days have passed by quickly. Aki and Mark found that they actually could put up with each other through a whole semester without murder-suicide. However, feelings of love hadn't registered. Not to worry, they hadn't planned on it anyway. The "couple" was just happy to live together in peace without finding out they had committed fraud to score a dorm. Their classes were pretty decent. Tedious and stuffy at times, but they managed. Spud and Sick Boy came to visit them regularly. (Unannounced, no less.) Aki and Mark only grinned and bore at times, but it was still all good. Yep, everything looked decent in Renton- Kimoto land. Until, she showed up!

Aki was typing on her laptop near the window in her room. Everything had to be quiet. One little sound and all hell would break loose. Today was a critical day. She was locked in a paper due in three days for her journalism class. It was all or nothing! Aki just needed to get this paper done. "My career as a journalist depends on it!" she thought in madness. She was on the last sentence when disruption reared its hideous head. Suddenly, Aki heard giggling from outside below. She froze in annoyance. "Twinge What was that?!?" Aki thought in anger. She glared evilly as she turned her head to the open window and looked down. Hang on, it gets uglier from there.

Mark was returning back to the Dark Moon House. But he wasn't alone. A female was with him. This was no ordinary female. Brace yourself, this will get nasty! This female looked preppy. Her neatly pressed uniform was cranberry red and black. Her hair was short and dark brown. A shiny powder blue clip was keeping it nice and neat. The girl had a nice little figure too. Her busts hadn't grown fully yet but the rest of her body made up for it. She was laughing at what Mark was saying to her. Aki was getting bitterly jealous by the second. But that wasn't the worst part of this potential "boyfriend" thief. The girl clearly wasn't from this academy. "She must be from one of those snotty rich private schools in the area!" Aki thought harshly. "Damn them all to hell!!!" But then upon closer inspection, it became the straw that broke the camel's back. The private schoolgirl looked about fourteen years old! Okay, feel free to run, duck, and cover now!!! Aki was so pissed that she accidentally typed her thoughts into her paper. She didn't see it until she hit save. You can imagine how mortified the journalist-in-training was to see that. "Oh-uh!!!" she thought in panic. Aki quickly worked to delete her thoughts about the potential "boyfriend" thief.

When the crisis had died down, Aki heard the door slam shut. She looked up instantly. That only meant one thing. "Hail, hail! The traitor is home!" the journalist thought bitterly. She decided to give him a little "greeting." Aki rolled her chair out to the hall. Mark was walking into the living room in bliss. He had met one of the hottest girls he had ever seen and she seemed to like him as well. Oh, if he had known the storm that awaited him. Mark was at the mouth of the hall when he saw his "girlfriend" sitting in her chair waiting for him. She had a deep angry scowl on her china doll face. The woman looked like Satan in a young Japanese woman's body. Mark's bliss was slowly fading away now. "What did I do now?" he thought in confusion.

"Hello R. Kelly!" Aki snapped coldly. Mark was now in a lost hurricane. "Where did this come from?" he asked his "girlfriend" in confusion. Aki looked like she wanted to kill him. "Don't play dumb with me, you baka!" she screamed out. "I saw you with that... that.... child whore outside! She was laughing at what you were saying!" Suddenly, it hit Mark. She was talking at the girl he was walking with today. Mark began to smile and break into laughs. He tried to hide them but to no avail. Aki caught them in a flash. Duck and cover again. "WHAT THE HELL IS SO DAMN FUNNY, MARK?!?" she snapped violently. That only made her "boyfriend" laugh even louder. Aki was pissed even more. She rolled up closer to her and began kicking him. Mark was now falling down and laughing. This went on for some time.

Finally, the "couple" managed to calm down enough to talk. Mark rose to his feet. Aki watched him sharply. "Why do you care?" he asked at last. "We're not in a real relationship, remember?" Aki sat there frozen for a moment. Then said, "Oh right. But still..." Mark fell back into confusion. "Still what?" he asked. Aki sat up in her chair. "She's still too young for you!" she snapped. Mark just shook his head. "What do you care about Dianne and I so much?" he asked. That only added more fuel to Aki's anger flames. "Dianne?" she snapped. "That's who that little whore is?!?" Mark lost his patience. "I'm leaving." he sighed. Then he turned and left. That wasn't smart to do that to Aki either. She was now the queen of anger. "Mark!!! GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE AND FINISH THIS ARGUMENT NOW!!!!" she screamed out loud. The door just slammed shut. Aki rolled her chair to see if he had really left. What she found was Spud standing straight in front of her. He looked pretty nervous. Aki glared at him pissed. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?!?" she snapped violently again. Spud just backed to the door in fear. "I'll just come back another time." he replied in a small voice. Then he opened the door and ran out of it.

Aki sat in the bathtub that evening. Thoughts of blood floated wildly in her head. She was worried that Mark would moved out and try to enroll at Dianne's school. She couldn't bare the thought of living and paying for the dorm alone. Something had to be done and fast! How was she going to get of this Dianne whore? Murder? No, where would she hide the body afterwards? That's no good! Then, an epiphany came to her. "I'll break them up!" Aki thought happily. Right then, her plan came into action.

The next week played as followed. Aki "forgot" to tell Mark that Dianne called. She deleted calls by the "boyfriend" thief. Each day, Mark would come in confused and wondering why Dianne was annoyed for not calling her. Aki would just shrug innocently and say she didn't have a clue what was going on. Then, Mark would walk back to his room and Aki would snicker to herself mischievously. This plan was going great for Aki. Then, came the confrontation. It occurred one Thursday afternoon. Aki was making herself lunch. The journalist noticed that the answering machine light was blinking. Curious, Aki walked over to it and pressed the button. "Hello there Mark, this is Dianne I was wondering if you and I could meet at..." the message said. Aki instantly hit the delete instantly. She thought she was in the clear again this time.

"So that's what happened to all of Dianne's messages!" a voice boomed aloud. Aki jumped up with a startled look on her face. Mark stood in the doorway staring at her coldly. "You have been deleting them!" he called out. Aki straightened up and watched him. "Yep!' she called flatly. "And?" Her "boyfriend" stepped closer. "Why?" he asked bitterly. Aki looked genuinely hurt. "Because," she protested. "I can't afford to lose you!" Mark was confused yet again. "Why?" he asked again. Aki wanted to say it but didn't know how or what to say. So she turned on her heel and headed back to her room.
Mark and Dianne continued to date each other secretly. Aki didn't like it but she kept her opinions to herself. This seemed to be the new normal. But then one day, things went back to the "real" normal. Aki was typing a fun article for herself in the living room when she heard the door slam shut. "Hi Mark!" she called out. "Hi Aki." her "boyfriend" said in misery. His "girlfriend" noticed that something was wrong. She quickly looked up to see Mark staring at her pitifully. Now, the journalist was really concerned. "What's wrong?" she asked. "Dianne's gone, Aki." Mark answered. "She gone and f***g dumped me!" Aki looked emotionless. "Oh." she said flatly. Mark just nodded and walked back to his room. When she was sure that he had closed the door, Aki smiled to herself in victory.

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