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Terror Night

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Ahh, a peaceful night sleep right? WRONG!!!! There is something up on the third floor.

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Terror Night

Night was setting in fast. Most of the students were going to bed. (Some are night owls, but that's not about them!) Mark and Aki are two of the most of the students. "Good night, Mark." Aki called as she was heading into her room. "Night, Aki." Mark replied. Then, they headed back into their rooms and shut the doors for the night. You would assume that it would be a typical night like the others. Ha-ha! Yeah right! Otherwise, this wouldn't be a good story.

Aki lied back onto her bed. She seemed worried. "Please let me survive the whole night without losing my mind." she thought as she breathed heavily in and out. You see there had been this noise up on the third floor. But nobody has been on the third floor in ages. Aki as it has been seen, is superstitious. Aki told Mark about the sounds upstairs. His response? "It's all in your head." her "boyfriend" would say causally. That never really satisfied for the young journalist. For a while after that, she had been trying to ignore the sound. It only made things worse.

Then, it sounded up again. First, it was a soft rapping sound. Aki froze in panic. "Just stay calm." she told herself. The journalist clinched her light blue and sunflower sheets tightly for security. She could even feel herself trembling. The sound only grew louder gradually. "Just stay calm." Aki kept telling herself. The rapping and thumping were always the first sounds to come. It always sounded like something was hitting against the pipes. Or maybe it was something trapped in the pipes. Probably both. "Maybe it's something stuck in the pipes." Aki thought trying to think positive. The rapping sound became heavier. "Something big..." Aki tried to guess. But the sound was too heavy for it to be that way.

Aki was now worried again. No amount of positive thinking was going to get her calm or to sleep now. Should she go wake up Mark? No. "He'd think I was crazy again!" she thought in despair. The journalist saw that she had no choice but to try and ride out this night of terror. It wasn't going to be easy. Next came loud and heavy stomping sounds. Footsteps. Something or someone was on the third floor. There was no earthly way her imagination could create this! But was it a ghost? Was this dorm house really haunted?

The final nail in the coffin was the voices upstairs. It was a man's voice. He was swearing angrily. Aki was terrified out of her mind. "There is a ghost here!!!!" she thought. The poor girl screamed aloud in fear. "Stop! Stop!!!!" she kept screaming over and over again. The line had been crossed too far. She had to get help or the ghost would come and kill everyone in the house. But how? Talk to Mark! "But he'll think I'm nuts!" Aki argued. It's the only way! Aki strengthened up. "All right! I'll do it!" she thought. Then the journalist rose out of bed and headed to Mark's room.

"Mark!!!" Aki called loudly as she pounded wildly on the door. "Wake up!!! There's a ghost on the third floor!!!" The door slid open. Mark stared at her looking tired. "What?" he mumbled. Aki panted wildly. "There's a ghost on the third floor!!!" she repeated loudly. Her "boyfriend" just stared at her like she was crazy. "There is no such thing!" he protested. "But I keep hearing it!!!" Aki argued back. Mark just shook his head in annoyance. "Look, how many times must I tell you..." he began again. Then, the noise itself came again. Mark quickly awoke fully and looked up. The thumping was strong and heavy. The "couple" froze stiffly. "What was that?" Mark asked as he kept looking at the ceiling. "That's the ghost!" she whispered. Her "boyfriend" just rolled his eyes in annoyance. "No it's not!" he said. Aki glared at him coldly. "Okay then, smarty pants!" she barked. "If it's not a ghost, than what is it?!?" Mark stared at her blankly. "I don't know." he replied. "But we're going to see." Aki became a little better. "Okay then." she said. Mark stepped out in front of her. "Follow me." he said at last. Aki nodded weakly. Then, the "couple" headed to the lift.

They made it to the third floor. The same cloud of dust greeted them. The "couple" fought it off wildly. So far, there was nothing. Just a dark hall and a few dorms. Mark turned to Aki again. "See! No ghosts up here." he remarked. Aki still stood close to him like a scared child. Then a loud groan noise came through the air. Both froze again. "What was that?" Aki trembled out loud. "Dunno." Mark said slowly. The groaning came again. Mark looked straight ahead. "It's called from the closet!" he exclaimed. The "couple" ran straight to the closet. Mark flung the door open wide. Both stood there in complete shock. A drunken-looking man was sitting in the closet groaning. Mark relaxed and turned to his "girlfriend." "Is this the ghost you were talking about?" he asked loudly in sarcasm. Aki glared at him in anger. "Very funny!" she snapped. Mark turned back to the man. "Well, let's get him off of here so we can all sleep tonight!" he spoke up. "Right" Aki said.
The "couple" dragged the man down to the lift. It was a total backache. But Aki and Mark got the job done. They threw the drunken man onto the couch. When it was all over, Mark turned to Aki. "Now," he said. "Good night!" Then he stormed off to bed. Aki just stood there staring at him. "Okay..." she said slowly.

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