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Harry Potter died before he could find a Horucrux. All hope is lost, but there is one last hope. Hermione and Ron re-unite Dumbledore's Army with the final attempt to kill Voldemort once and for all.

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Harry Potter and The Battle of Dumbledore's Army

characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, etc

summary: Harry Potter died before he could find a Horucrux. All hope is lost, but there is one last hope. Hermione and Ron re-unite Dumbledore's Army with the final attempt to kill Voldemort once and for all.

rated: Teen for now, but may go into mature later...

Chapter Warning: Chapter will contain some language

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or the idea behind it. I don't own any of the characters, spells, ideas, blah blah get the idea.

A/N: I was thinking of Harry Potter a while back, then I thought about a movie with Dumbledore's Army actually being the heroes...then this story popped up. I'm impressed with the prologue so far, I hope you enjoy it as well. Review please, your comments will help me improve and be a better writer! :-P



It was a cool afternoon in the Weasley household. Everyone was happy, and collected. Even Harry Potter, who like Hermione Granger came to visit the red heads, enjoyed himself. Hermione had just stopped laughing at a joke Bill had told (he was now happily married to Fleur as of earlier that day, to Ron's great disappointment), and turned to glance at The-Boy-Who-Lived. His face was now un-smiling. His fresh green eyes, which had been staring down at his food, had looked up to meet Hermione's chocolate ones. Hermione stared, her heart skipping a beat as he suddenly stood up.

"Are you okay 'Arry?" Fleur asked, looking concerned.

"Yeah." Harry's eyes finally broke contact with Hermione's to glance at Fleur, a tentative smile on his face. "I'm fine. I just...I want to go outside for a minute." Without another glance, he walked away.

"Poor 'Arry," Fleur murmured, staring after him. "I know 'ee iz still miserable, 'is favorite teacher iz now dead..."

"Harry has changed," Mrs Weasley agreed.

"Everyone has changed," Mr. Weasley piped in. His face was pale, and he didn't look happy. "No one is taking this the same. I still can't believe it myself."

Hermione agreed with Mr. Weasley, and looking across the table, her eyes met Ron's, and he nodded at her, signaling. The two stood up and also without speaking, followed the direction Harry went. They were led out to the Weasley's backyard, and finding Harry sitting in the grass, staring at the setting sun. The two of them really know that Harry was indeed worried for something; they were worried for the same thing. "Harry-" Ron began.

"Don't try to talk me out of it," Harry immediately interrupted, not moving an inch.

"But Harry..." Hermione tried to object.

"NO," Harry said sharply. Hermione and Ron gave each other a too common he's-too-stubborn look, but nonetheless sat down on either side of him. "Look," He began before they could open their mouths again, "I have to do this, you guys." His voice grew quiet. "I can't let him get away, not after he's murdered the greatest sorcerer of our time, or my one and only piece of family. There's nothing you can do to stop me from finding those Horucruxes."

"Harry, we know," Ron said to him exasperatedly. "We can't talk any sense to you once you get in that hero mode."

Harry's face lit up with a slight sad grin, but it faded quickly. Hermione knew he was in deep thought.

"He killed Dumbledore," He said softly. His hands gripped tighter on the grass in rage. "I'm gonna murder him cold. Right after I get my hands on Snape and Malfoy."

"Draco did nothing," Hermione said after a moment's silence.

"He tried to kill Dumbledore," Harry pointed out, "I bet to you he would've done it if Dumbledore hadn't have tried to talk to him."

"Harry, Draco spent time crying in the bathroom, moping around, complaining about doing it," Hermione said defensively, and in an even softer voice, "He'd been blackmailed once you think about it. He had no choice. His life was on the line."

"But it was his fault he had to do it anyway," Ron muttered.

"No it wasn't!" Hermione said sharply, turning to the red head. "His stupid parents are Death Eaters, Ron."

"Why are you taking up for him anyway?" Ron said just as sharply, "You got feelings for a pure-blood?"

"No," Hermione said heatedly, her cheeks turning rapid pink, "I'm just defending him because its one of the first times he's actually innocent. I bet you, Ron, and you, Harry would do the same thing he did. Put yourself in his shoes. Its not his fault. Snape was the one who made the Unbreakable Vow, Snape was the one who pulled it off, he's one of them." With that she turned away and looked into the grass. After another silence, she continued to say, "Myrtle told me that Draco doesn't actually hate Dumbledore. He just resents him because he took a liking to you, Harry. He looks up to Dumbledore. That may be the reason why he picked on you and Ron. Me, well, I'm just a filthy Mudblood to him."

She wasn't surprised to see the appalled look on his face. "Looks up to Dumbledore?" He said incredulously. His expression changed to suspicion. "How come you didn't tell us that before?"

"I...couldn't." Hermione's eyes looked back down. "It was on the day of Dumbledore's funeral, when I went to say goodbye to Myrtle. I thought...there wasn't a good time." A finger went under her chin and she was forced to look up in Harry's almost darkened face. His expression was no longer serious, but it had melted to caring.

"Hey," He said softly, his fresh green eyes boring into hers. "No one's blaiming you."

Hermione was glad it was almost dark, because she was blushing badly. Ron, who had been staring, quickly turned away. "Thanks Harry," she said, trying to keep her voice steady. "So, I guess the game plan is..."

"To find the Horucruxes," said Harry, standing up. He turned to them both. "Listen you guys. I've made up my mind and you can't come with me."

"No!" Ron exclaimed, jumping up with him. "I thought we've already discussed this!"

"We have," said Harry shortly, "But I gave it another thought, and I decided. You guys can't come with me. I can't live if something happens to the both of you." He glanced at Hermione as he said this.

"Harry..." Hermione whined. "We have to help you. I don't know about Ron, but I just can't let you go out alone like this. We've known each other for almost seven years now. We have a strong friendship, and I say that we stick together. Voldemort has his followers; you should have your friends!"

"I wish I could agree," Harry said to her, sadness making his way into his tone. "But the prohecy included me and Voldemort. You can't come with me, and that's final."

"Damn you!" Ron hissed at Harry, and it was obvious that he was close to tears. He turned away from Harry. "What would happen if you were to die? Then what?"

"Then the Aurors have a chance," Harry replied, showing no emotion now. Hermione could tell that he was trying to keep himself from crying as well. She had tears of her own sliding down her cheeks. "I say at dawn, I'm leaving, you two take care and..."


A sudden voice made the three of them jump. They turned to see Ginny Weasley standing at the doorway in her magenta PJs, face and eyes red from the light illuminating from the streetlight. "Harry, you can't..." Ginny said, her voice cracking as she walked towards him. Hermione looked at Harry and saw that his tears were fully showing under half the light, slowly inching their way down his cheeks. "Harry..." Ginny was starting to cry now. "" By the time she made it to the raven-haired boy, she could barely hold herself up. She threw her frail little arms around his waist and sobbed into his grey T-shirt. Harry was staring off into space for a moment, before he returned the embrace, burying his face in her dark red hair, even more tears coming from his eyes. Ron stared at them, and to Hermione's suprise, he burst into tears. He put his sleeve into his face but the more he tried to stop, the harder he cried. Harry looked sympatically at him before reaching an arm out and giving him a brotherly like hug, more tears falling from his eyes as well. "Don't leave Harry," Ginny whispered, tears still falling out. "Please..."

Hermione had a stinging pain of jealousy for Harry and Ginny. She herself had a slight crush on Harry herself, and had been jealous of the two ever since they started dating just a few months ago. But she had always thought Harry had liked her a little too. She had turned to Ron, whom she had a little crush on as well, but not as noticable. She stood there, watching, and after a moment or two, Harry looked up and his eyes locked with Hermione. His nose was red, and so was his face. It was the first time Hermione had seen him so upset. She then realized what the situation at hand was, and as she walked to them, more and more tears fell from her eyes. Ron looked up and smiling a little, held his arm out to her. Hermione tried to smile back, but failed, as she reached his arm and locked with him. He was warm, she was cold and glad she had decided to hug him as she began to sob into his jacket.

His arm snuggled closer to her, and she felt safe and secure against him at that moment. She looked up at Harry after several minutes of crying, and he was just looking at her. She couldn't do anything but stare back at him. Ginny had apparently cried herself to sleep, still hugging Harry and breathing deeply. Hermione giggled a little, trying to lighten up but she couldn't. She looked up at Harry again, and he was smiling, not at Ginny, but at her. She was getting a sudden urge to kiss him, like she always did, but she couldn't do that to Ron, who obviously liked her. She also couldn't imagine what Ginny would think, or even Harry himself, but before she could make a decison, Harry had came closer to her first.

Apparently, he was feeling the same way she was.

Hermione stood there in shock with Ron as Harry leaned over and his lips met hers. Hermione was still frozen, surprised but eventually gave in to the warm kiss she was dying to have since first year. He pulled away after what seemed like ages, grinning from ear to ear. "Thanks Harry" Hermione said with a smile herself. "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too," said Harry, and embraced her, Ginny still clinging tight. He patted Ron on the shoulder, who was looking a bit grim at this moment. "Sorry," He muttered to Ron, "I...couldn't help it." Ron nodded, even though looking as if he didn't believe. "Well, I'll be gone in the morning," He continued as if the kiss never happened," and I only have one thing to ask this time."

"What?" Hermione and Ron asked at the same time.

"Promise me a few things." Harry took a while to think carefully about his words. He lowered his voice. "Don't tell anyone what I'm doing."

Hermione and Ron shrugged. "We won't."

"Hermione, don't tell Ginny about what just happened."

"I won't." Never Hermione thought to herself happily.

"Ron, please find it in your heart to forgive me."

"I don't have a choice now do I?" Ron said sarcastically.

Harry grinned at his friend. He was sure to miss the sarcastic remarks. "If something happens to me, don't come finding trouble. Don't go after Voldemort."



Hermione and Ron stared at him. "But..."

Harry gave them a very stern look. "Look, I told you guys you couldn't come."

"Fine. We promise."

"Thanks." Harry looked appreciative. "I've never met greater friends. Just one more thing to ask. Don't ever forget me."

Hermione wiped the water at her eyes away. "Harry, we won't. Ever."
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