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holy jamalama.

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Patrick missed his cue for the fifth time in a row and let out a frustrated groan. He removed his headphones and just let them fall to the floor while shaking his head disbelievingly.
"Dude it's alright. How about you call it a night don't try and force it anymore." PJ's voice echoed into the sound booth as Andy walked into the room.
"What's up?" He questioned concerned and Patrick shook his head.
"I don't know something is off." He responded while rubbing the back of his neck. For some reason Andy suddenly felt a wave of panic run though him it was apparent on his face and though Patrick didn't notice Pete and Joe did. They walked into the booth but didn't say anything.
"Dude your freaky vibes are contagious, now I have them." Andy shuddered in response and Patrick glanced at him but didn't say anything.
"Let me just try something and if this doesn't work send him home dude." Joe mumbled to PJ as he walked back into the control room, PJ nodded in response. Joe took out his phone and hit speed dial 5 and waited as the phone rang and rang and rang some more, Kate's voice mail finally picked up and her voice filled his ears,
"Hey you guys it's Kate and I'm not here . . ."
Joe hung up and pushed redial. This time voicemail picked up right away. He frowned at his phone and then gestured to PJ that his plan didn't work. PJ strolled back into the booth followed by Joe. As PJ talked to Patrick Joe rested his arm on Pete's shoulder.
"I know he's not perfect but this is weird man he's never been so off before." Pete whispered to Joe who just nodded in response.
"Did you call my sister, she can usually fix him." Pete gestured towards Patrick with a slight laugh and Joe nodded once again,
"She didn't answer, I called twice."
"Huh, weird." Pete responded but quickly silenced himself when Patrick nodded and stood from the stool he was sitting on.
"You going home buddy?" Pete tried to sound cherry.
"Ugh yeah, it's just not going to happen today." Patrick mumbled frustrated.
"Well, you know, you've been here since forever, you're just worn out man. I mean your doing the whole producing thing and the band, it's a lot. On top of all that there's still that Sean thing going on with my sister, you're under a lot of stress. No big." Pete placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder and Joe nodded in agreement.
"It's not stress, I can handle stress, something is just off." Patrick replied as he walked into the control room and pulled his hoodie over his head.
"Just get some sleep." Andy replied.
"Or get laid." Joe yelled from inside the sound booth, Andy just shook his head in disbelief and refocused his attention to Patrick who was expressionless.
"Gross man." Pete threw in before returning to the conversation he was having with PJ.
"Uhm yeah, alright, I'll see you tomorrow." Patrick whispered defeated as he let out a breath before opening the door that lead to outside.
"Call if anything." Andy yelled after him before the door shut.
Once outside Patrick pulled out his phone and dialed Kate. Immediately,
"Hey you guys it's Kate and I'm not here, but thanks so much for calling I love you times ten so leave me a message." flooded into the receiver.
Patrick smiled at her retarded voicemail message but still found it weird that she didn't answer.
"Hey babe, it's me. They let me out early 'cause I pretty much suck at life today so give me a call back. Love you, bye."
He sighed as he slid the phone back into his pocket; he glanced down for a spit second and was suddenly bombarded with a passing stranger bumping into his shoulder. It was too aggressive to be on accident but with their hood on he couldn't tell if he knew them, so Patrick mumbled out and apology and continued on his way. He unlocked the door to his apartment building. As he approached the door a nasty feeling started to rise in the pit of his stomach, he shook his head in attempt to make the feeling pass, it didn't. He went to unlock the door but it was already open, so he pushed the door slowly causing it to creak as it slid open. Nothing seemed to be out of place at all, everything was as he left it. Patrick let out a breath and laughed slightly at himself as he shut the door behind him.
"Kate!' His voice echoed throughout the apartment without a response. He glanced at the table by the door that still held Kate's jacket and purse. Sleeping He assumed as he headed for the bedroom, as he crossed into the hallway something in the kitchen caught his eye. What the fuck is all over the floor? he questioned himself and approached the kitchen. He glanced behind him at the house phone that had just started to ring before he tripped over something and fell to the floor.
"Ugh ouch." He replied and glanced at what tripped him, it was Kate.
"Oh my God Kate." Patrick scooted towards her.
"Kate!" He yelled again as he began to shake her lifeless body. There was a great deal of blood and Patrick put his head to her chest to check for a heartbeat, once he established that she did in fact still have a heartbeat he immediately grabbed her and cradled her into his arms despite his better judgment telling him to let her be. With the kitchen rag held over her wounds to prevent further bleeding he quickly dialed '911' and as he was talking to the operator Kate stirred and opened her eyes. Patrick immediately dropped the phone, he had given them enough information anyways.
"Hey." She whispered and slightly smiled.
"Hey baby." Patrick said just as softly as she did while trying not to break down, he felt the need to be strong for her. Kate glanced down and removed his hand and the rag in order to see her wounds.
"Well that's not good." She continued whispering and placed his hand back into place.
"Nope, no it's not." Patrick replied while sniffling, he had finally let the tears fall.
"I'm so sorry I bled on your shirt." Kate replied growing quieter and lightly tugging on Patrick's shirt before closing her eyes and once again passing out.

Pete, Joe and Andy ran down the hospital corridor dodging the wheelchairs, nurses and such. They practically collided into the info desk coming to a stop with a sudden halt. They had no idea what to expect, the phone call came right in the middle of Joe laying down guitar tracks and the person on the other line just said that the emergency pertain to Mr. Stump and that was all. They knew that Patrick was having kind of an off day but they couldn't imagine what exactly 'emergency' meant, they just knew it couldn't be good.
"We're looking for Patrick Stump." Pete said slightly out of breath, the nurse nodded acknowledging that she heard him and attempted looking him up on the computer.
"I'm sorry we don't have any patients by that name sir."
"Excuse me?" Andy questioned,
"The person on the phone said that there was an emergency and to come to this hospital. I know, I took the phone call." He finished knowing very well that he did not misunderstand the person on the line.
"I apologize but there is no one by that name checked into this hospital, if it was an emergency I would suggest going to the ER and asking there." The nurse smiled apologetically and Andy nodded trying to control his now shaking hands. Andy and Joe began walking in the direction the sign told them the emergency room was, Pete stayed behind almost in a state of shock. Joe looked around for Pete and once he noticed that he wasn't there he stopped Andy. The two turned around and saw Pete attempting to balance himself on the info desk. They quickly jogged over.
"Pete, we can't find anything out until we go to the ER." Joe squeaked out trying to convince him unsuccessfully.
"I think I'm going to throw up." Pete responded and covered his mouth with his hand and leaned his back on the desk.
"Whoa, whoa, ok. No worries, Patrick's probably fine, you know him, he probably just needed stitches or something." Andy replied more to convince himself that everything would be fine.
"Where's my sister?" Pete said barely above a whisper and looked at both Andy and Joe with tears streaming down his face. Joe inhaled sharply and turned to the nurse.
"Uhm can you check on a Kate Wentz please." He whispered and the nurse nodded solemnly. The nurse looked up at the computer screen and her face fell.
"Yes sir, she's in the ER." She said barely above a whisper. Joe nodded a thank you and ran to follow the others though the double doors labeled EMERGENCY. It was packed with sick people, nurses, doctors, policemen all yelling, the whole room was a slur of incoherent noise. Pete was shaking uncontrollably and had to hold on to Andy for support. Joe attempted to stop someone in scrubs with no luck; he let out a frustrated groan and searched the room for anyone who would be able to help them out at all. It was then that he saw a man covered in blood standing in the corner of the room crying like a child.
"Oh my God." Joe stated frantically and headed towards the man as fast as he possibly could. Before he could reach Patrick police stopped him.
"Who are you?" The officer questioned. Joe couldn't form words he just looked at the policeman with his mouth agape.
"We're his friends they called us." Andy chimed in behind Joe still holding on to Pete who had his face buried in his chest. The policeman nodded and let them pass, immediately Joe embraced Patrick.
"Holy Fuck." Was all Joe managed to say as he pulled away.
"Patrick what happened?" Andy questioned.
"I shouldn't have left her alone, I told her to be careful but I shouldn't have left her alone." He said quietly not really answering the question. It was then that Pete broke away from Andy.
"You were supposed to protect her Patrick, you were supposed to, I was supposed to protect her." Pete pounded on Patrick's chest causing him to break down once again.
"I'm sorry." Patrick cried. Andy stepped back, never in his life had he seen so many men cry, Joe even, who was pacing had tears streaming down his face. He shook his head as he let his own tears fall,
"Uhm excuse me officer, do you know what happened?"
The officer looked up from his report and shook his head.
"Your friend only found the girl, he doesn't know what happened. All we know is that she was shot twice once in the chest, and once in the abdomen, it looked pretty bad. She was unconscious when we brought her in, we'll only know for sure what happened if she wakes up." He explained, Andy backed away from the officer, we'll only know for sure what happened if she wakes up.
"Thank you sir." Andy said quietly.
"Uhm since you seem to be the most coherent one, can you tell us of anyone who would want to do this to Ms. Wentz?"
"No everyone loves Kate." Andy blurted out though his tears but then stopped to think.
"Because this was shoved in her jean pocket when we found her." The officer responded and handed Andy a piece of paper. Andy unfolded the paper carefully,
"If I can't have her, neither can you."
He inhaled sharply before responding,
"She filed for a restraining order against her ex boyfriend Sean, the police haven't been able to find him. He used to beat her up, that's the only person I can think, that would do something like this and then leave a note."
The policeman nodded and excused himself stating that he would get a statement later on. Patrick, Andy, and Joe sat silently as Pete called his parents from his spot curled in the corner. Patrick was long past the point of feeling anything, he was numb to the world, like the living dead.
"Where is she?" Sara yelled frantically as she ran over to the boys. Tears flooded from her eyes and she shifted Molly on her hip. Andy stood.
"They're trying to stabilize her, we don't know anything." He whispered as he embraced her. Sara nodded as Andy took Molly. She glanced at Patrick who was just sitting there covered in old blood staring at the wall, and Joe who was hunched over with his head in his hands. Finally Pete caught her eye, he was a little mess of a man crying on the phone as he told his mother the news. She walked over to her husband and pulled him into a hug.
"Sara go home, get Molly home. I'll call you if anything." Pete cried and Sara just shook her head,
"She's my best friend too Pete." She cried as well. Andy stood,
"He's right Sara, this isn't any place for Molly, take her to your parents if you want to come back."
She nodded in response and took the toddler from Andy and quietly walked away.
"The family of Kate Wentz?" a doctor in a white coat called out as he passed into the room from a set of double doors. Patrick immediately rose to his feet and ran to the doctor, the others soon followed.
"Where's Kate, is she ok?" He pleaded with the doctor.
"Well, honestly I don't know." The doctor sighed and shook his head.
"What do you mean you don't know?" Patrick raised his voice a tad, Andy immediately put a hand on Patrick's shoulder signaling him not to get riled up.
"She's a fighter I can tell you that much, she shouldn't be alive right now. We have her stabilized but it could go either way, the first 24 hours are the most critical, so until then we can't say for sure. She's in Intensive Care for the time being." He said very professionally.
"Can we see her?" Joe responded.
"I think that would be ok." The doctor smiled slightly and gestured for the group to follow him.
"Though she is stabilized she is hooked up to a lot of machines and she is severely bandaged up, it looks about as bad as it is, I thought you should know the compete truth before." The doctor paused as he drew back the curtain revealing Kate lying in the hospital bed.
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