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Sonnets and Tour Dates!!

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Lynne and Brendon are brother and sister. Lynne is in-love with Ryan Ross. Lynne is a dancer for Panic!

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We see Lynne reading some sonnets on her deck. She's smiling as she reads, sonnet 18, which happens to be her favorite sonnet. Ryan joins Lynne outside, he has made her some green tea and watches her smile. He holds her hand and kisses it.
"I love this sonnet and I love you," laughs Lynne.
Ryan kisses her passionately and then smiles at her. The two have been together for a year and they plan to be engaged soon. Panic! @ the Disco has been Lynne's favorite band for quite some time. Lynne and Brendon are both brother and sister, so that's how she got into Panic!
Just then Brendon came outside and he sat down next to Lynne.
"How's my sis?" Brendon asks her.
"I'm great, just reading some Shakespeare," Lynne replied.
Brendon rolled his eyes, laughed, and said "Of course." "And how is RyRo?."
"I'm good. I'm with my gorgeous girl," Ryan replied.
"Dude!! Stop!! That's my sister!!" Brendon said, as he watched Ryan and Lynne kiss.
The two laughed and they kissed again. Lynne's cell phone rings and it was Delilah. The two are dancers for Panic!
"Hey, what's up, hun?" Lynne asks Delilah.
The two are talking about how excited they are to start their new tour.
"Circus's are soo much fun," laughs Lynne.
"Ohh, yea and soo are caberats!," she continues.
Hours went by and the concert was off to a great start. Lynne and Delilah were backstage, reapplying their make-up. They got the five minute warning to go on-stage for the intermission. They were joking around with what they were going to say about the band. Lynne was the first to go on.
"Hello everyone!!" "My name is Lynne and I'm going to introduce two of the boys!!" " First off, we have Ryan Ross," Lynne says as she giggles. She continues with saying "Ryan enjoys taking pictures, reading, and he's a kick boxer!!" She stops and looks around for Brendon. She giggkes and says "He's a great kisser and my boyfriend!!"
The crowd then awes and cheers.
"Now, I'm going to introduce my big smelly brother, Brendon." "He enjoys racing, peanut butter cups, taking care of me," she giggles and continues with, " Ladies, I know he'd want me to tell you that, he's a virgin!!"
She and Delilah are giggling. Delilah introduces Spencer and Jon. Then they run-off stage. Panic comes back on-stage. The song is 'But it's better if you do' and Lynne enters with Brendon. He is escorting her to Ryan. Ryan and Lynne kiss, then continues to play.
To confuse the crowd, Lynne grabs Brendon. At this point in the song is when Brendon gets a lapdance from a harlett. Being brother and sister, they weren't going to do that. No, they were going to do something funnier. Brendon and Lynne start to tango. They were laughing and then Brendon twirls Lynne off to Jon. Jon and Lynne play fight and Lynne falls on the ground. Delilah comes on-stage and picks up Lynne. The two pose and dance with each other, while smiling and trying to get the band's attention. They shrug their shoulders and give up as they run off-stage.
By the end of the concert, Lynne and Delilah as well as the other dancers come back on-stage for a curtain call. Lynne and Brendon hug and then they all bow together. Ryan picks Lynne up and carries her off-stage.
"Oh my gosh that was an amazing first show!!" Lynne says excited.
"Oh I totally agree!! They had soo much energy and we were deffinately the BEST harletts ever!!" says Delilah laughing.
"I call the first shower!!" says Brendon as he raises his arms.
"Eww, put those arms down, Bden!!" says Lynne as she playfully covers her nose in disgust.
Lynne and Delilah go to the girls dressing room where they can get changed and shower. Ryan comes into their dressing room, not even noticing that Lynne and Delilah aren't exactly descent.
"Babe, I need deodorant, BADLY!!" says Ryan.
Lynne laughs and says "Ok, but you'll smell like a girl."
"I don't care, I'll just say you couldn't keep your hands off me," Ryan replies as he kisses Lynne.
Lynne laughs and hands Ryan her deodorant. Ryan leaves the girls dressing room and goes to finish changing. Delilah turns on some music. The two are in-love with the song 'Time to Dance' even if it is by the band that they just danced to.
"So, we're going to Energy tonight?" asks Delilah.
"Yea, I believe that's what Brendon said," replies Lynne.
Lynne calls Brendon on her sidekick.
"Hey stinky," Lynne says into her phone. She laughs and asks "Yea, are we going to Energy tonight?" "Well, I'm tired, but maybe we can just get a few drinks and relax." "Oh, Ry wants people to come over?" She sighs and says "Alright, no it's fine, I just wanted to go to a club or something, but yea, we'll go tomorrow or something."
They hang-up and Lynne puts her sidekick in her purse. Delilah and Lynne turn-off the stereo and grab their stuff to head out for the night. Lynne meets up with Ryan and they kiss. Their kissing still creeps out Brendon, but he'll get use to it, someday.
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