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Romantic Wake-up

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Movie at the Ross's and an intimate moment between Ryan and Lynne. Ohhhhh how the plot THICKENS!!

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Lynne and Delilah went in Ryan's car along with Brendon and Ryan. They drove off to Ryan's house, but before they did, Lynne and Delilah asked if they could stop at a local grocery store to get some candy. You have to be energetic all the time when you're two harletts or at least two gitty girls. They stopped at a store and the four got out of the car and went inside the store. They went to the candy isle and got some snacks. They also picked up some Red Bull and Monster.
"Oh dear, here comes some fans," says Lynne as she looks at the group of teenage girls blushing and walking up to the guys.
"I just saw your show, it was amazing! And you two are soo pretty in person," said one of the fans to Lynne.
Lynne smiled and thanked the girls. Delilah got out her camera and took a picture of Ryan and Brendon with the group of fans. Delilah promised the girls that the pictures would be up on the official website, eventually. The fans thanked her and one of the girls hugged Ryan.
Ryan laughed and said, "You're cute, but I've kinda got a girlfriend."
"Oh, yea I know, she told us during intermission," said another fan.
"She did, eh?" said Ryan looking at Lynne.
Lynne nods and replies, "We were revealing some of your secrets."
Ryan blushes and looks down. The fans eventually left and the four paid for their candy and drinks. They left the store and headed to Ryan's house.
In the car the radio was playing and they were all talking about random things. Mainly tour stuff, but still it was all random. When they finally arrived at Ryan's house, the four got out and went into Ryan's house.
As soon as Ryan opened the door, he felt an embrace around his legs. Like someone little was hugging him. He looked down and saw his little sister, Darci, staring back up at him. He picked up Darci and showed her to Lynne.
Lynne smiled and asked, "And who is this gorgeous little girl?"
"I'm Darci, who are you?" asked Darci.
Ryan laughed and said, "This is my five-year-old sister, Darci."
"Awe, she's so cute!" said Lynne.
Just then Darci's eyes lit up and Ryan let his sister down. Darci ran to Brendon and gave him a huge hug. Brendon almost tripped from Darci's 'tackle'.
"Brendon!!!!" she screamed.
Brendon laughed and said "Hey cutie."
"You have a sister? You never told me that," said Lynne.
"Yea, and I also have a twin sister, Nicole," replied Ryan.
"That's cool," said Lynne.
Just then, Mrs. Ross came into the living room that was connected to the mud room, where everyone was. She got a hold of Darci and then greeted Ryan and his guests.
"Darci's in the middle of watching 'Finding Nemo', so she has sole possession of the TV. right now, sorry guys," explained Mrs. Ross.
"Aw, I love that movie!" said Brendon.
Everyone stopped talking and looked at Brendon, confused. Then they all started to laugh. Lynne agreed to join watching the movie with Darci. Ryan, Delilah, and Brendon decided to join them. Ryan made some popcorn and got Lynne vitamin water. They also opened up the candy that they had just bought. Darci jumped at the sight of M&M's; she snatched them and opened the bag. Ryan told her that that was rude and Darci apologized. She's a five-year-old, whom enjoys candy. It was a weekend and that's when she was allowed to have candy; it was Mrs. Ross's house rule.
When the movie was over, Darci was sleeping on the couch next to Brendon. Lynne was asleep on Ryan, who was wide awake and reading a book. Delilah was asleep on another smaller couch, and Brendon was passed out on Lynne's shoulder.
The next morning, Mrs. Ross had just left for work and Darci was already off to kindergarten for the day. Ryan was awake and making tea for Lynne. He brought the tea out to her and she awoke at the smell of it.
"Good Morning, sweetie," Ryan said with a smile.
Lynne smiled and said "Good Morning, baby."
She sat up and drank her tea that Ryan made for her. They kissed and then Ryan grabbed her hand and took her upstairs to a room that had a balcony. The sun had just come up and Ryan wanted to start Lynne's morning off, romantically. She smiled and thanked him for waking her up to share this moment with her. He welcomed her and they kissed again.
Lynne sighed and said, "Another glorious day, another tour date."
"At least we're not leaving for a few hours, we can have some breakfast first," Ryan said.
"Yea, you're right," agreed Lynne.
They went back inside and made some breakfast. Brendon and Delilah awoke at the smell of eggs and bacon. Brendon walked into the kitchen, got out a coffee mug and made himself a cup of coffee. Delilah, went and brushed her teeth, and then joined the three in the kitchen.
"My baby sister's cooking, oh dear, here we go, I'd like my eggs" Brendon paused then continued with "Cooked."
"Shut up, Bren, I'm getting better!" exclaimed Lynne.
When breakfast was all made, they all decided to get ready to leave for the airport. Lynne went upstairs to take a shower, she got into a robe and then brushed her teeth. When she looked back up at the mirror, she was taken aback at the sight of Ryan in a towel. His hair and body weren't wet, so she thought maybe he wanted to join her.
"Um, excuse me, but I'm taking a shower," laughed Lynne.
"I'll join you," said Ryan as he untied the towel that was around his waist.
Lynne smiled and said "Ok then."
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