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you should never fight your feelings

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What a man whore!!

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I had the best nights sleep ever. He first time since Dan I hadn't had a nightmare. Instead I dreamt of Adam and I. We were on a boat just the two of us. We had champagne and grapes, the sun was just setting, and he asked me to marry him. Then my lovely but idiotic brother and Brendon stormed into my room just as we were about to kiss. Anyway I must be nuts I've known the person for like a day and I'm already dreaming about marrying him?

"LIZZI! Come on we gotta go" Brendon screamed jumping on my bed. I sighed hid my diary I know what a nosey bastard he is.
"Okay Beary now go and let me dress"
I took my time in getting ready to annoy Brendon and Ryan and just incase I bump into Adam.
I wore a pink top that read Scream Louder and some black skinner jeans and my pink converse. My hair was down and straightened finished of with a layer of eyeliner and mascara and some pink eyeshade. I walked out to find Brendon on my phone.
"Okay." "Yup I'll tell her" "I hope you have honest intentions towards her Adam" ADAM!! I'm going to kill Brendon.
"Adam..?" "(yep)" "I'm so sorry about him he just a moron and it doesn't matter coz he is gonna die soon anyway" "(Haha well don't kill him on my account Lizzi)" "lol so what can I do for you" "(how bout meet me at star bucks at 10?)" "Sure" ("kk cya") bye"
"BRENDON!" I ran outside to find him hiding behind a trash can I had to do it I kicked his ass
"Ry my bestest little brother ever" I pouted
He raised an eyebrow. "What do want?"
"Can you give me a lift to star bucks?"
"Sure" he smiled. I ran in and grabbed my diary.

Brendon is a man whore and is gonna die a very slow and painful death. How Ryan can be in a band with him is beyond me. How dare he speak to Adam! I'm surprised he is still talking to me after that slag spoke to him. Still I guess I should be glad it wasn't Pete he really is a man whore
10 minutes later we pulled up outside star bucks and a huge smile over took my face when I saw Adam sitting there waiting tucked behind a copy of the rolling stone.
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