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friends like theese

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Annoying friends

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"Brendon get lost" I sneered the boy would not get of my back. I think Ryan told him to coz he knew that if he did it I would kick his ass.
"But I wanna meet Lazzara" he pouted.
"Fine now get off" He did and called someone. "Hey." "It's on" "she said yes" "okay cya"
"So erm Jon Ryan and Spence all wanna meet him too"
"Hey Lizzi ok?" Adam came outside.
"oh Adam hey it's just my brother and his friends want to meet you I'm sorry just that they saw you yesterday and they haven't shut up about and Brendon is and well Ryan and Jon and erm Spencer"
"Right your babbling come in I don't mind" he took my hand.
"Haha so Adam Lazzara your big I'm Brendon Lizzi's bestest friend" he grinned
"OW that was uncalled for" he moaned clutching his arm.
"Shut up"
An hour later, everyone left and it was just Adam and me. He took my hand cupped my face and kissed me.
"So your friends seem cool." He stuttered
"Firstly there not really my friends they just kinda follow me"
"So Like a Lizzi fan club? Coz if so I wanna join"
"Haha well I guess you could say that" I laughed.
"So you wanna lift back"
In the car, I opened my diary.
Friends are good but sometimes they are very very bad. Take Brendon I love him and all he was there for me on that night with Chris you know the Rape and he is kinda good looking in a dorkish way. BUT he is the most annoying person I have ever met. Some one who isn't annoying or Dorkish is Adam. I mean he sat there and listened to what those dewbs were saying and afterwards he said they were cool so maybe he was lying but he still said it right?
"Here we are"
"yup thanks for tonight" I leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips
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