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i think we have an emergency

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Is Lizzi falling for.... Pete?!

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A/n: Sorry I haven't updated in a while I've been really busy :) and I'm gonna try and write some more stories kinda in a narrator style

I am crazy. I really am. I mean come on ADAM LAZZARA. Things are amazing everything is great I feel so uplifted and well happy all the time I mean even Pete said I looked better in myself. And normally he wouldn't have noticed if I had come into work with a great fucking beard.
Lizzi shut her diary and feel back on her bed contemplating the events of the past few days.
Within seconds, she found her self-asleep.
Lizzi was rudely awoken buy the gossip
"Hello?"(LIZZI! It's Jon where are you?")Shit work god I will be there in five byes. (Cya)
Lizzi dashed around the room finding a top that would best cover her new bruises. (A/N: DRAMA!)) The last thing she wanted was Ryan getting suspicious.
Like she said she was there in five, she was very Outta breath but still there.
After two hours of recording, Lizzi went to sit on her bench. Just like the day, she first met Adam. She sat and opened her diary.
My mum always told me to look on the positive side of life. Sometimes I really struggle to do that. I mean my friends, family are amazing, and my possible boyfriend. But there is always going to Dan I can deal with that it guess it's my fault. But Greg isn't. I can't say no to him because I'll be without a home. I want it stop-for him to stop but I can't I'm strong enough. I never have been a confident person I left all that stuff to Dan. People always said that it was my dad that made me and Ryan so shy and not having a constant mother figure.
Lizzi looked up to find Pete standing there arms cross in full on emo pose.
"Liz?" he questioned.
"Pete?" she replied sarcastically.
"Are you okay? I mean I know we aren't exactly best friends but I do care you know."
She sighed trying to hide the tears that were forming in her eyes. Who knew Pete could be so sweet?
"Yeah thanks I'm fine"
"Come on let's go for a walk"
He held out his hand she took and the walked of with their arms wrapped around each other.
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