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~My Little Pony!!~

by Krazy_gurl 18 reviews

Im new everybody!! And this is my first story!! Get used to crazy stories like this because there's going to be alot more to come!!

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One day they were all sitting down watching t.v when suddenly Cronus came out of his portal. He laughed and zapped them with some kind of ray. Everyone fell down on the floor.
"What was that?" odie asked. "I dont know but I feel weird" said Archie. Then suddenly they all dissapeared and reappeared in some kind of mystical world. "Where are we?" asked Theresa and then they saw all sorts of Ponies running around. There were green ones, and pink ones, and all kinds of ponies everywhere! They all started walking everywhere to find out where they were when they suddenly saw Cronus, riding a pony!!!!
"WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Cronus yelled. Everybody just stared at him like he was some kind of idiot. Then Theresa came closer to Jay and said. "Jay! Your so Gay!" Jay started to sweat "It's not me Theresa! It's Cronus! He's gay! not me!" Meanwhile Neil was looking at his hair while Archie was beside him, watching the two fight over who's gay or not. "All this 'Mystical World Of Wonder' junk is ruining my hair!" whined Neil. Archie then got very mad and jumped on his and started beating him up. But then the ponies all saw this violence and they started to sing something. The titans and Cronus all got hipnotised and started singing along with the ponies and they got trapped in Pony Ville forever!!!!!!

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