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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

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"I must return, Nexis. I will see you again soon," said Laska sadly, calling Vaika with a low whistle. Nexis grabbed her arm and looked straight into her eyes.
"Promise?" he asked. She nodded with a smile.
"I promise." Vaika arrived, but before she mounted, Laska gave Nexis a quick kiss. She mounted the horse and took off towards Obli. When she reached the gates of her kingdom, she saw a strange sight: several men of Vion knocking down the city walls. She asked what they were doing.
"Only following Lat-Reia's orders, Rider," said one.
"We are to build a wall spanning the distance between Vion and Obli, with a great castle in the middle to become the fortress," said another. Laska nodded and galloped away, curious to find out exactly what kind of castle this was to be.
Two long years later it was completed. A large, multicolored castle was built exactly in the middle between the two kingdoms. Walls stretched to both the Vion citadel and the castle of Obli, able to keep out invaders from all sides. On the day it was finished, all citizens of both kingdoms arrived at the castle. Aier-Tal, Lat-Reia, Alysia, and Laska stood by the doors.
"Welcome, Vionians and Oblians alike!" shouted Lat-Reia. "Today marks a new chapter in the histories of our kingdoms."
"Today we become one. We live as one, prosper as one, and fight as one. We are forever united under the protection of our great Crystal Angel Knights!" shouted Aier-Tal. This brought cheers from the people.
"We shall call the commanding fortress of this kingdom Castle Oblivion," they said in unison. "We live together in Oblivion Kingdom!" Everyone cheered, and though both Alysia and Laska smiled, Laska's eyes were sad. She watched as the people returned to their respective kingdoms. 'These fields are lush and green now,' she thought. 'But it will not last.'
She was right. One morning just a few months later, she saw new homes being constructed. Two months after that, Oblivion City was created around the great castle. And before a year had passed, she made a shocking discovery.
"They've taken our fields, my friend," she told Vaika from outside his now-permanent stall. "They've stolen our beautiful riding lands." She stroked his velvety nose softly. "It is such a shame."
"No, what's a shame is that such a beautiful woman is so sad," said a voice from the barn's doorway. Laska's face lit up at the sight of Nexis, though her eyes remained sad.
"How can I expect to be truly happy when my horse can no longer run to his heart's content? Look at him," she said, motioning to Vaika. "He acts like this is some sort of punishment."
"Do not worry, my love," he said, stepping over to her and holding both of her hands. He whispered in her ear. "You still have the skies." Laska shook her head.
"I may be able to truly fly, but Vaika...He is one who flies without wings." Nexis smiled at her. He leaned in to kiss her, and they both closed their eyes.
"Miss Laska!" shouted a guard. Laska and Nexis both looked at him, slightly annoyed. "Invaders are coming from the north!" Laska reluctantly pulled away from Nexis and let Vaika out of his stall. "I am sorry, Nexis. Hopefully this won't last long." He kissed her anyway and watched as she and Vaika flew off to battle. 'Hopefully,' he thought as her great purple wings helped them soar into the sunlight. 'Be safe, my love.'
As Laska had anticipated, the battle was not long. Alysia claimed to have defeated more enemies, but Laska said she had beaten the more difficult ones. It was like that all the way back to Oblivion Kingdom.
"I'm sure if you didn't bring that horse along, you would be able to move faster and defeat more people. You're stronger than me anyway," said Alysia. She flew next to the galloping horse, who snorted in her face in response. Laska glared at her.
" 'That horse' happens to be named Vaika," she said indignantly. "And I could not imagine denying him a chance to run like this." Alysia shrugged and flew higher to avoid any more horse snot in her face.
It went on like this for several more years. Laska and Nexis eventually married. The invasions became fewer and further between, almost vanishing altogether. Alysia still didn't understand horses. The ancient rivalries between Vion and Obli vanished altogether. The peace and prosper lasted so long that many began to wonder if it would ever end.
One person knew it would.
The same brown-cloaked man sneaked into the castle late one night. Within the folds of his cloak he held a small golden box. If the rumors served true, it would be his key to victory. He easily evaded the guards, eventually reaching the room where the two crystals slept. The famed Crystal Angel Knights no longer guarded the crystals all the time. It was perfect; they had gotten so overconfident that no one would attack from the outside that they had forgotten to protect the inside.
He found the purple crystal first, feeling it pulsate with dark evil. He opened the box quietly so as not to awaken the spirit. He slid a cloth beneath the floating crystal and gently placed the box over it like catching a firefly in a jar. He closed the box and slid it back into his cloak, heart beating in his ears. The difficult part was over. Now all he had to do was escape and return to Shade.
Laska was awake first. She felt incredibly weak and found that her magic was severely diminished. She cautiously entered the room where Aier-Tal and Lat-Reia were supposed to be sleeping. She suppressed a scream when she saw that Lat-Reia was gone.
"Aier-Tal! Aier-Tal, wake up!" she said abruptly. The crystal's white glow sparked to life.
"Lat-Reia's been stolen." The crystal sighed.
"I had sensed something like this. Go get Alysia; you will need her if your magic fails."
"It already has. And we can't leave you here unprotected."
"I will be fine. Now go; you must find Lat-Reia soon." Laska raced off. Aier-Tal crossed to the window to watch the sunrise. "Goodbye, Oblivion Kingdom," it said sadly.
Far away, the brown cloaked man held Lat-Reia prisoner. It could not escape the gold box; it was enchanted.
"What do you want from me?" the purple crystal asked indignantly.
"I want my wish," the man said simply. "Come now, Wish Crystal, I know you can grant wishes."
"I will not do it." The man laughed.
"Ah, but you will. Your precious little Knights will never find you here in the land of Shade." Lat-Reia knew it was defeated. Shade was inescapable.
"What is it you want, then? Control over Oblivion?" He laughed again. "No. I wish..."
Laska and Alysia searched throughout Oblivion, but found nothing. They even looked in some of the surrounding kingdoms, except for Shade. None who had ever ventured there had ever lived, even ones more powerful than they.
"It is hopeless, Laska," said the Quartz Knight. "We must return to Castle Oblivion." Laska's eyes were fixed on the darkness of Shade.
Then they saw the flash.
"I wish...for the destruction of Oblivion Kingdom!" Lat-Reia glowed a vibrant purple.
"It will not only be the destruction of my people you have brought on, but yours as well!" The light exploded. It swept across every kingdom and destroyed everything, leaving a swirling wake of pain. Alysia and Laska flew back to Castle Oblivion faster than ever to warn Aier-Tal.
"I know what it is, my Knights. Lat-Reia has been forced to destroy us all. But do not fear; I will reinforce this castle so it will withstand the ages. I will use the last of my magic to do one last thing for you." Alysia nodded obediently and left. "I suggest you say goodbye to those you love," it added. Laska raced out the door to find Nexis. She caught up with him in the barn and released Vaika, using the last bit of her magic to help him clear the wall.
"Goodbye, my friend. Go. Run and be free," she said sadly, breaking into tears. Nexis held her as she cried, and Vaika nuzzled them both one last time before taking off. It was perhaps the hardest thing Laska had ever had to do. "I love you, Nexis," she said through her tears. "I love you too." Then the light engulfed them.
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