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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

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Both Knights opened their eyes at the same time. They were in a silver room with the images of the crystals floating in front of them.
"Aier-Tal," said Alysia at the same time Laska said, "Lat Reia."
"This is the Realm of Twilight," said Aier-Tal. "You will wait here to aid the Angel and fight the Dragon."
"How long will that be?" asked Laska.
"We do not know. Until then you will rest," said Lat-Reia, sounding like a firm parent.
"What about Oblivion?" asked both Knights at once.
"Destroyed, I'm afraid," said Aier-Tal.
"Vaika? And Nexis?" asked Laska hopefully. The crystal said nothing, and she burst into tears.
"We are going to be separated by one called Blackheart," said the purple crystal "He cannot control either of us, so he is trying to scatter us far away from each other."
"We will meet again, Crystal Angel Knights. Do not forget the kingdom of Oblivion," said the white crystal. Their images vanished, and Alysia and Laska looked at each other.
"See you soon, Laska," said Alysia, stepping toward one side of the room. A flash of white light engulfed her and split the room down the middle with light, leaving an entirely black side for Laska.
"Yes...soon," Laska murmured, taking a step toward the darkness. It engulfed her form and wrapped her wings around her, bringing sleep not long after. "Nexis...Vaika...I love you..."
Naminé was practically kicked through the castle door. Though great green fields covered the area around it, the inside was pristine and almost new. Marluxia and the other Organization members followed her inside.
"Excellent," said the pink-haired man. "This will make a perfect base."
"Looks a little cold, don't ya think?" said Axel lazily, pretending to shiver and look pathetic.
"Silence. This will be our new base. And this," he added, pointing to Naminé, "will be our prisoner." She was not too afraid. She could sense the history the castle held within its ice like walls. There was a secret here, something too delicate for the other members to detect. And she intended to find out what it was.
Naminé could almost hear Marluxia's dying screams as her footsteps echoed through the empty hallways. Before she left, it was time to see what she could salvage.
She turned toward the voice, but saw no one.
Again she looked, but saw nothing.
A small winged figure floated just in front of her face It glowed with a pure white light that blended in with the walls around her.
"Who are you?"
"Aier-Tal," it said with a strange accent. It almost sounded like a foreign language.
"Aier-Tal? What a strange name."
"Find the Angel. Awaken the Knights."
"Angel? Knights? There's nothing like that around here."
"They exist within a dream. The dream of the Princess Elleinad."
"How do I find them?"
"Sleep, Naminé. I will do the rest." Naminé entered one of the sleep pods, holding the crystal delicately, and felt herself drifting off instantly.
The crystal explained everything in her dreams. She reached a room in the castle. "The Angel will come soon. You must tell her everything I have said. But do not tell her how to awaken the Knights. She must learn for herself." Naminé nodded and watched a shimmer of white and purple appear before her. Aier-Tal rested in her hands.
"Naminé!" called the girl. Naminé began walking toward her.
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