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Back To France

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Kimmi is back in France and someone also is there. What happens when Seb and Chuck appear at her birthday party? Read and find out. If you have any ideas for my stories let me know. I love having y...

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Kimmi's P.O.V.

I walked in the front door of the palace.
"Princess Kimmi, what are you doing home so early?" one of the people that worked for us asked.
"I ran into Patrick while I was there. Make sure you get my invitations and plane tickets out." I told her and went to my room. I miss Chuck already. I didn't think I liked him that much. I must have hurt Seb, he was really looking forward to spending the summer with me.
"Dear, is something bothering you?" my dad asked.
"Yeah, I don't want to be a princess. I want to be a normal teen. You know spend time with friends and go out on dates without the royal police there. Like Seb is." I told him.
"Someday you will realize that it will be worth not being normal." he said and left.

Kimmi's welcoming as Princess of France party - a few months later.

"Wow, you look amazing." Paige said.
"Yeah, how many people are here?" I asked.
"Almost everyone in France."
"Great, that's what I need, more reasons to be nervous." I said. "Time to go Paige." her escort said.
"Princess, our time is up soon." mine added.
"Please do not call me princess yet." I whispered.

Chuck's P.O.V.

We all were on a plane heading to France to start our world tour. Our first stop would be the royal palace to play for the princess on her 19th birthday. We hear that because of something that happen when she was sixteen they put off her becoming princess till she was nineteen.
"Seb, ask the pilot how much longer?" David whined.
"He says two hours." Seb yelled back.
"I can't believe we are headed to our first stop on our world tour. Plus, it is a very good place to play, also a hard show. I mean it is for the princess's birthday." Pierre said in one breath.
"Wow, you need to calm down." Jeff told him. We nodded in agreement.

Two hours later.
We landed and were heading to the palace. Pat was taking pictures left and right, of us, the sights, everything.
"Chuck, is that it?" David asked pointing to a huge building surrounded by people.
"Yes, that would be it." I answered. We pulled up to the house and they showed us where to set up. After we were done and in our places they gave us the cue to play one of the princess's favorite songs, "Minority" by Green Day. The king entered and we stopped playing.

Kimmi's P.O.V.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen." my dad said.
"As you know we are here to celebrate my daughter's nineteenth birthday. I won't to take a moment and show you all something, so if you turn your attention to the doors behind me, you will see the new princess of France." he continued. I started walking out and the band began to play "Minority", my song.
"People of France, Princess Kimmi Elizabeth Lefebvre." my dad yelled.

Seb's P.O.V.

"What did he just say?" I asked the guys. Even though we were in the middle of a song. Sure enough my cousin walked out on the balcony. She glanced our way and didn't even acknowledge me. What the hell?
"Bonjour, I promise that as your princess I will do my very best to ensure the country's future is safe. I will not over use my power, I am going to be a good princess." she said. A few pictures were taken of her and her family and then we all went inside.
"Princess Kimmi. Over here." everyone yelled as she walked on the dance floor with her escort. We were supposed to play our new song "Perfect", but none of us wanted to play until she talked to us. Chuck acted like he forgot her, but he never did. Kimmi walked over to us and demanded that we played, still not realizing we were.
"Never. We don't play for snotty princesses that promise to have dinner with someone and then leave because of an ex-boyfriend shows up." I told her. Just then she knew who I was.
"I said I was sorry. But you stopped calling or writing. Do you think I want any of this?" she asked. We all shook our heads yes. "Well, I don't. But unless I renounce my title, I have to do all this." she said.
"Why don't you do that then?" Chuck asked.
"Yeah, obviously you're not happy." David added.
"You can come on tour with us?" Pierre said. She thought for a moment and then walked up front to make a speech.

Kimmi's P.O.V.

My cousin was actually there, but I don't think he was there because of me.
"Attention." I said into the microphone.
"I want to thank you all for coming, but see, I'm not a princess. I want something different. I want to follow my love for music. So, in other words, I am now officially renouncing my title and giving it to my little sister, Angelica. I'm so sorry daddy." I said. Everyone was staring at me with confused looks. My dad got up on stage.
"Honey, are you sure this is what you want?" he asked. I shook my head yes.
"Okay, tomorrow we will start training Angie." he said.
"Thank you daddy." I said.

Chuck's P.O.V.

Yes, she is choosing us over France. She ran up to us and gave Seb a hug.
"Hey Chuck, how about that dinner I owe ya?" she asked.
"Sure, where too, my lady.?" I asked.
"I know a perfect first date spot." she replied. It was our first date. I didn't know that. I thought it was only dinner. Man, now I am scared.
"Come on, Chuck." she said.
"Okay, I'm coming." I said walking up to her. She put my arm around her shoulder and placed her head on my shoulder.
"Thanks for freeing me." she whispered.

She took us to a nice little spot that was surrounded by trees and a river flowed threw the middle. There was a blanket and pillow there already.
"Did you plan this?" I asked.
"No, I planned on sleeping here tonight. You just happen to come along." she replied with a smile. I couldn't tell if she was telling the truth or lying. We laid down on the blanket on she curled up close to me. It was so beautiful out there and being with her made it even better. I decided to see if I would be able to kiss her, so I kissed her on top of the head. She laughed. "What's so funny?" I asked.
"You trying to find out if you can kiss me." she answered. Then she kissed me on my lips. I decided to deepen the kiss and we went from there.

The next morning.

Wow, last night was awesome.
"Chuck, are we dating now?" Kimmi asked.
"Do you want too?" I asked.
"Yeah, but what about you?"
"Is this twenty questions or something?"
"Fine, then we are dating.
"J'aime oyu avec tout mon coeur." (I love you with all my heart) she whispered between my kisses. We headed back to the hotel and found David waiting at the door for me.
"Where were you? I was worried sick and who is this? Chuck are you cheating on me now?" he asked like a little girl.
"You know what I'll let you two love birds talk and I will go tell Seb something." Kimmi said walking off laughing.
"You are such a dumbass." I told David.

Kimmi's P.O.V.

"Sebby, me and Chuck are dating." I whispered to him as he slept. But he wasn't asleep for long.
"Good, now go make us some of your famous stuffed French toast." he said pointing out to the kitchen. I got up and made them all breakfast.
"Guys, breakfast is ready." I yelled. They all came in and sat down.
"Thanks." they all mumbled through their mouth full of food.
"The record company called and they want us back in Canada tomorrow." Chuck said.
"Okay, what about her?" Jeff asked pointing to me.
"She is coming with and will stay with Paige, Abby, and Julie." Seb replied.
"Okay, I am going to go back to my house and get my stuff then." I said getting up to leave.

We left on a plane and headed back to Canada. I had all my stuff with me and Chuck wasn't letting me go anywhere without him. Seb was happy to see Paige again and David was flirting with a chick, I think she said her name was Toni. Jeff was talking to his mom and Pierre was sleeping. We arrived and I was greeted by...
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