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A Big Secret Comes Out For The Both Of Them...

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Kimmi and Simple Plan goes back to Canada. Kimmi and Chuck both run into someone for their past. Chuck is more happy to see his person, then Kimmi is to see hers. Read and Review.

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Kimmi's P.O.V.

...I was greeted by my brother Justin.
"Justin, what are you doing here?" I asked angrily. See, my brother left the family with no explanation. My parents understood why I had to leave for a while. I planned on still being in my parent's life, but not ruling a country. After my brother disappeared, people said that the monarchy would soon see a change in family. In other words, my family would no longer rule and if Angie left then it would happen.
"We need to talk. We are in the same boat now." he replied.
"No, unlike you I made it to my seventeenth birthday, I didn't leave when I was sixteen. I also told people were I was going to be." I yelled. Being in the middle of an airport and being royalty people tend to notice.
"Get out of here. This doesn't concern you." we both yelled at people gathering around us. I quickly turned to me brother. "Follow me anywhere or ruin what I have going right now and you will pay." I said threatening.
"I won't leave you alone until you talk to me." he said turning and walking out.

"Hey babe, what was that all about?" Chuck asking.
"That my Chuck was my brother Justin. He is an ass. Left our family when he was sixteen. Caused everyone to think we would replace the royal family with new people." I told him. He nodded seeing that I didn't want to talk about it anymore. David walked up to us with the chick he was flirting with on the plan.
"Kimmi, I have someone you might want to meet." he said.
"Why hello, my name is Kimmi and I am the ex-princess of France." I said shaking David's hand.
"Wow, you are weird." he said. The girl laughed a little.
"Hi, I'm Toni. David invited me to tag along." she said shaking my hand. "I'm Kimmi and I am really a princess of France. I just took time of my title to be with Chuck." I replied placing my hand on Chuck`s shoulder.
"Hello. My name is Chuck Comeau." Chuck said.
"I know who you are." she replied very coldly.
"You do?" David asked. She nodded her head.
"How?" we all demanded.
"He's my brother." she said.
"I was on my way to track him down when David started flirting with me."
"You used me to get to Chuck. Wow that has never happened; usually it's the other way around." David said.
"I didn't use you. I didn't even know the Chuck you were talking about was my brother until he said his last name." she explained. "Okay, well then come hang with us and catch up." I told her.

We all headed out of the airport, but Toni and I walked slower to talk before we got in the car.
"So, you are Chuck's sister. I didn't even know he had one." I said.
"Some boyfriend he is. Not telling you about me." she laughed. "We have only been dating for two-three days now." I replied.
"He is embarrassed about what happen." she told me.
"Really, do tell." I said eagerly.

Flashback-Toni's P.O.V.

"I was about thirteen at the time. My dad was really abusive towards me and Chuck." I told Kimmi.
"Okay, go on." she said. We had almost come to a stop talking about this.

Chuck and I were walking really slow home one day. We knew what was waiting for us. As soon as we opened the door our dad would come in grab me and throw me on the couch. Chuck would once again try to fight him off. But it never worked.
"Chuck, please don't fight with dad today." I begged for the millionth time.
"I can't stand by and wait my turn." he said like always.
"I know but when you step in he hurts me even more." I said in a whisper. There were three guys walking behind us. He stopped me and grabbed my arm lightly.
"Toni, I will not stop fighting for you. No matter how much you beg. You are my sister and someday we will be safe." he told me. He always made this promise, but it would never happen. The three guys walked past us whispering. I bet it was about what Chuck just said.
"Got something you want to say?" I asked them.
"What?" they all asked.
"You overheard my brother and were walking past us whispering. Do you have something you want to say" I asked once again.
"Yeah, if you guys need a safe place to stay, Pierre's mom will take you in." one of them replied.
"Sis, if we don't get home soon, it won't matter if I fight him or not." my brother said pushing us past the three guys.

We walked in the house and I got ready for my hair to be grabbed and then I would be thrown on the couch. But it never came. "Something's not right." I told Chuck. Our dad walked out of the kitchen completely sober and dress nicely.
"Hey kids." he said with a smile.
"What is going on?" I asked nervously.
"What do you mean?" our dad asked.
"She means you have always been a worthless piece of shit who was always drunk and now you are sober and dressed up." Chuck yelled. "Boy, don't raise that tone with me." our dad yelled.
"What are you going to do? Huh. Hit me. That would be nothing new." Chuck yelled.
"Chuck shut up. Don't encourage him." I pleaded. Too late, my dad took off his nice shirt and walked towards Chuck.
"Stop it dad." I yelled. I stepped in front of Chuck, but our dad pushed me out of the way.
"Shut up you little bitch. You are just like your mom." he yelled.
"Do not talk about mom like that." Chuck yelled. Our dad turned and slugged Chuck across the mouth.
"Chuck..." I yelled trying to get up, but our dad pushed me back down then went back to Chuck.

Present day-Chuck's P.O.V.

By the look on Kimmi's face, Toni must have told her what had happen. I was too ashamed to tell anyone about it. Kimmi sat next to me, but never once let any pat of her body touch me. If she noticed she was getting close, she would move slightly away. I decided to wait until we were alone to talk to her.

At Chuck's house.

Kimmi walked into my house and sat her bags on the floor.
"Wow, smaller then what I'm used too." she joked with Toni.
"I bet." Toni replied.
"It's no palace, but its home." I said wrapping my arms around her. She flinched a little and made sure she touched me gently. Right then and there I knew she knew.
"Kimmi, we need to talk." I said pulling her into my room.
"Whoa, couldn't wait any longer." she joked.
"You know about my past." I said seriously.
"Yeah, Toni was telling some of it." she replied sitting on my bed. I knelt down in front of her.
"How much did she tell you?"
"Only to where your dad went back to you." she answered.
"Okay, I'll finish.


"Dad, stop and think about this." I pleaded.
"You should be used to it by now." he snapped and grabbed a beer and drank it.
"Please dad. He didn't mean." Toni said.
"Toni stay out of it. I am sick of you being the only one who gets hit." I told her.
"Well, just for that you are going to watch her die." our dad yelled. I jumped on him and pulled him back.
"Toni, run. Go find that guy and go. We will see each other again someday. I promise." I yelled. She went to the front door and stopped.
"Go, I'll be fine." I reassured her. She left to go find that Pierre fellow. Our dad threw me into the wall and disappeared into the kitchen. He came back with a knife.
"You worthless piece of shit the killed my wife." he yelled and plunged the knife into my chest.
"Fuck." he yelled realizing what he did. After that he ran away. My sister witnessed the whole thing and called the cops, but I never knew until later.

"They caught my dad and he is now rotting away in prison. I spent about three months in the hospital. I never knew where my sister disappeared to, until today." I whispered to Kimmi.
"Is that where the scar came from?" she asked. I nodded and she wrapped her arms around me.
"I will never hurt you." she said. This made me cry. It felt so nice to be loved again.
"Kimmi, I know it may be to soon, but...I love you." I told her.
"I love you too, Chuck." she said kissing my hand. I pulled her face up to mine and gave her a kiss.
"I don't love you just because you are a princess. I love you for you." I whispered.

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