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The Aftermath

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Justin returns and he finally explains to Kimmi why he left in the first place.

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Chuck and Kimmi woke up that day to the sounds of screaming. "What the hell? Can't someone sleep?" Kimmi yelled down the stairs.

"Shut up Princess Kimmi." Seb yelled back up.

"Oh...that's it. Seb you're getting it now." She yelled and ran down and tackled Seb.

"Hey you're supposed to be with Chuck. I'm your cousin get off me!!!" Seb screamed.

"Say you're sorry and I'll let you live." She told him.

"Never because at one time you were a princess dork." Seb replied.

"I was not a princess dork. I was Princess Kimmi and technically I was only a true princess for about an hour." She explained.

"Shut up you nerd. I was only messing around." Seb replied yelling in her ear.

"God dang Seb. That was only my ear. I only need that so I can hear you screaming when I kick your ass." She told him and jumped on him.

"Uh...there is a cow sitting on me." He gasped between fake breaths. She began to tickle him in the sides and then David helped her by getting Seb's weakest spot (his feet).

"Stop." Seb practically cried.

Pierre walked in just then. "Seb would you stop letting your cousin and David rape you all the time?" he asked.

"Ew...Pierre. I am so not raping my cousin. I'm not from some foreign country you know?" she smiled trying to see if he would get that.

"Yeah you are. You're from France." Pierre replied sounding quiet confused.

"Ha. You're not so dumb are you Pierre?" she asked sounding very serious.

"Nothing gets past you now does it?" he smirked at her. Chuck sat on the couch next to Seb and Kimmi slid over and sat on him instead of Seb.

Pat walked in from the bathroom...finally (he had been in there for about twenty minutes). "Hey Kimmi. Get in any good trouble with the old dad?" he asked.

"Let's review. I go to Canada to spend the summer with my family and meet Chuck. Go home early because of everything that happened. Make my dad post pone throwing me into the shark tank and come time to make an announcement I just tell everyone in the room that I want to go to Canada and live with my cousin and date a guy that I knew for a total of one day. Nope no trouble at all." She laughed.

"Sweet. Sounds like a lot of fun." He told her.

"Hey anyone feel like ice cream?" Pierre asked.

"Yeah, that sounds like a blast." Seb replied. "Let me call Jamie." He added and grabbed the phone and called her.

After about ten minutes Jamie showed up and everyone piled into Pierre's car. "Can we hurry up Pierre? Chuck has to pee and David is sitting here poking him." Kimmi told Pierre.

"David if Chuck pees in my seats you are cleaning it up with your nose." Pierre warned him.

"Okay, fine. Ruin all my fun Pierre." David pouted. Pierre pulled into the ice cream place and Chuck ran to the bathroom.

"I told him to go before we left." Seb said to no one in particular.

"Yeah, but we tell you that all the time and within five minutes after we leave you have to pee so take your own advice." Jeff told Seb.

"Shut up. It's not my fault that I have a small bladder." Seb retorted.

"Are you sure it's a small bladder and not a small brain?" Kimmi asked him with a smile.

"Stupid cousins." He muttered under his cousins.

They all sat down with their ice cream and talked about everything.

"So Jamie tell me about Seb? He is treating you well...right?" Kimmi asked her. They all sat at a round table it went Kimmi, Jamie, Seb, Pierre, David, Jeff, Pat, and Chuck.

"Yes, he treats me like a princess." She laughed. Kimmi glared at her for a moment and then also laughed.

"How'd you two get together?" she asked Jamie.

"Well that's a funny story...see..." Jamie began.

"No let's not tell that story." Seb said now joining the conversation.

"Aw. Why not...big cousin of mine?" Kimmi whined.

"We all went to high school together and back before I had ever met Seb I was a big prep. I mean a BIG prep. At the time I was a senior and he had just graduated. He was working as a...[muffled sounds]." Jamie was saying before Seb placed his hand over her mouth.

"Come on Seb let her finish." Kimmi glared at him.

"A janitor." Chuck told her. Kimmi muffled a small laugh.

"It's not funny. I hated that job, but I needed a job while everyone else was working." Seb whined.

"I worked at McDonalds." David said.

"I worked as a cook in some BBQ restaurant." Pierre added.

"Guitar teacher." Jeff told them.

"No work." Pat said proudly.

"A writer for a music magazine." Chuck added to all the others.

"Alright I get it your jobs were SO much better than mine." Seb retorted.

"Mine was the best though." Kimmi replied with a sly smiled.

"Yeah, sitting on your lazy ass all day while getting waited on hands and feet. I don't know anyone who wouldn't want that job." Pat replied. She glared at him knowing damn well that wasn't what she did.

"Patrick Cunningham, you know damn well that I never sat around. I was always at some function or ball. Being a princess isn't as easy as it sounds. Considering the training you have to go through and the social status you have to maintain. It's hard work. Anything I did ended up on the paper, especially after my brother left. Because then they were just waiting for me to mess up." She yelled causing everyone there to look at her. She slouched down a little farther in her car until her brother once again approached her.

"Here me out sister. I really need to talk to you and I know that somewhere in your heart you still care for least a little tiny bit." He pleaded. The look in his eyes were unbearable to her.

"Fine, I'll hear you out, since it is the least I can do." She answered him and took him somewhere where they could talk in private.

"Sis you have to understand that I never wanted to run away from my title. It was that I fell in love with this guy and I knew mom and dad would never approve of it." He began when they were in private.

"What are you talking about falling in love with a guy?" she asked.

"Little sister...can't you see...I'm gay. I fell in love with a guy. Not just any guy, but a commoner. So that was two strikes against our love. I ran away to be with him like you renounced your title to be with Chuck." He told her. This had hit her like a ton of bricks.

"That would explain a lot." She laughed.

"You don't care that I'm gay?" he asked. She smiled at her brother.

"No you're my brother and damn it I love ya. I just wished you would have told me earlier. Then I wouldn't have wasted all that time hating you before." She answered and gave him a hug. From that day on Kimmi and her brother, Justin, were just as close as ever.
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