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Chapter eight

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It does not go well with Harry Potter. In order to increase Harry's magical power, Dumbledore infects Harry and two girls with a disease. And his power surges.

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A/N: Beta reader for this chapter is crushalert1 (Heidi)


The surprise

Later that morning, they all sat on the breakfast table. Mr. Granger was sat comfortable eating his sausages with eggs. "Let's talk about that surprise we have mentioned yesterday, shall we?"

Hermione and Harry were looking at him anxiously.

"We received a message from your headmaster at Hogwarts a week ago. They are organizing a ball at Hogsmeade in honor of Professor Snape. He received an Order of Merlin second class, whatever that means. That ball takes place after the reception today. The reception starts at 5 pm and the ball starts at 7 pm. What do you think, are you two in the mood?"

Harry and Hermione looked at each other. Harry liked the idea, because they could talk with Professor Dumbledore about their problem. The idea of the other ball was something very confusing. He liked the idea of dancing with Hermione very much, but on the other hand, they might run into the problems with the mist and merging of their magic. Then there was also a problem with Ron and what he will say about them. He did not know how he would react on the fact that they were together, especially after the yesterday's show.

Mr. Granger looked at Harry and saw his confusion. "Harry, you don't like the idea? I thought that you two had such excellent time yesterday!"

Harry looked him straight in the face and felt a little bit guilty. "Mr. Granger, the idea of the ball is truly fantastic. Hermione, what do you think?"

"A ball with you sounds fantastic, Harry. Do you, Dad and Mum, also want to go?"

Mrs. Granger confirmed. "Yes, my dear. We are invited as well. Who is Professor Snape and why did he receive the Order of Merlin? What is the order of Merlin, anyway? Is that some type of medallion?"

"Professor Snape is our teacher for potions. He always wears black, and his hair is always greasy and lank, like he never washes himself. He is always very negative towards everyone and snapping is his second nature. I have no idea why he earned this order. The Order of Merlin is an honor in the wizard's world, which is represented by a medallion. There are three classes in the order of Merlin, the first, second and third order. The first class of Merlin is the highest honor in the wizard world. Professor Dumbledore has the Order of Merlin first class. He received the order by defeating an evil wizard with the name Grindewald during the Second World War. The order of Merlin is only given by the ministry of Magic and they can only give it when a wizard or witch did something extraordinary for the wizard world."

Hermione was in the teaching mode again. Hermione's nose tipped straight into the air, while she was reciting straight another knowledge session. Harry was looking at her attentively. He felt like his heart swelled in his chest when he saw her talking to her parents. Hermione seemed to be changed dramatically, or maybe it was only him. Maybe he was seeing things now that he had not noticed before.

Her parents act normally, so that means Hermione is not changed, it was something else, he thought. But yesterday morning he never noticed Hermione in this way. Something happened yesterday during the dance. This is so confusing. How could this happen?

But today they could go to the ball and talk with Professor Dumbledore and ask him for advice. Maybe it has to do with something between two magical people. He admitted that he did not know much about the mysterious issues between magical people. He never imagined the way a wizard funeral worked. He heard Ron talking about the way such funerals worked and how he assumed they were different than the funerals in the muggle ways.

Also the marriage act was different, and it involved a lot of magic to make a wizard marriage valid. So maybe they are lucky and this was something of the magical ways people can experience. Then, Professor Dumbledore can advise them what to do about it. But on the other side, when Professor Dumbledore would not be able to help, then the problems would be becoming serious.

Mr. and Mrs. Granger noticed Harry fixedly staring at Hermione with a dreamy expression on his face. They saw also that Hermione was aware of those stares and her expression was even more unbelievable. They never saw their daughter act like what she was doing now. She looked happy and very much in love! She had a blush on her cheek and looked very happy. Her eyes were shining at Harry.

She had no idea what happed between the two---it was so sudden. She asked Harry and Hermione yesterday if there was something between the two, which they denied. But very obviously this has dramatically changed. And it all began at the show during the dance yesterday. Yesterday she saw that they liked each other, but she believed them when they said that they were good friends. She knew that Hermione liked Harry very much, but she liked Ron as well. She always talked about both of them when she was home.

Mr. Granger stopped eating and was looking to Harry and Hermione as well.

"Ahem ... sorry guys ... hello ..."

None of them seemed to notice.

"This is starting to become annoying, the two of them."

"Hermione, please pay attention please ..."

"HELLO GUYS ..." Mr. Granger was yelling now. Both Harry and Hermione snapped out of their stares.

"This starts to become disgusting, both of you." Mr. Granger was laughing now. "You are so much in love with each other that it starts to look unhealthy. In god's name, kiss each other and prepare yourselves for the car ride, because if we want to go to that ball, then we need to leave in exactly one hour."

The temperature increased for both love birds and they started to become red. They apologized and stood up and went to their rooms.

Hermione and Harry took their showers, dressed and packed and were ready within the hour. Mrs. Granger however was not ready yet, so they were waiting together with Hermione's father. Harry studied some photos on a closet in the living room, while Hermione was reading a book. Mr. Granger was sitting in a chair waiting for his wife. At last she was ready and the trip to Hogsmeade could go on.

The trip to Hogsmeade was uneventful in every aspect. Mr. Granger was driving continuously on the highways and Hermione felt asleep very soon. Her head was lying on his chest, and he was stroking her hair very softly. She was so amazing and so beautiful.

When they arrived at Hogsmeade, they went to the party hall, where the reception of Professor Snape was taking place. Hermione's parents went ahead and Harry and Hermione stayed behind. "Hermione, we need to find Professor Dumbledore and speak with him immediately!"

"I know Harry, but how do we get him?"

"I know!"

He took the hand of Hermione and they ran to the post office in Hogsmeade. He knew that there were post-owls and he wanted to write a note and owl the professor. Arriving at the post office, Harry wrote a note on a parchment and sent it by owl. Now they just had to wait before Professor Dumbledore noticed it and hopefully he would be able to help them. Harry wrote in the note that they would wait for him in front of the post office. Both of them were sitting now. Harry did not look at Hermione, but was looking at a spot on the ground.

"Mr. Potter and Ms. Granger ... how are you today?" Harry jerked his head up and saw Professor Dumbledore standing in front of them.

"Oh professor, we are in trouble and we don't know what to do."

Professor's Dumbledore looked at Harry and Hermione. He stroked his hand along his long white beard and frowned. The twinkle in his eyes disappeared and he looked worried. "What kind of trouble do you mean, Harry?" His eyes looked from Harry to Hermione and back and his eyebrows went up.

"Oh professor, not that trouble. No, nothing like that happened but something much worse!"

"Professor, we are dreadfully in love and we don't know what to do! I can not stand the thought that I am alone with Harry for one moment, and my emotions are overwhelming me in a way, that I can not think about anything else any more. I am never being able to separate from him for more then one minute. Only the thought of that makes me sick."

Harry and Professor Dumbledore were now staring at Hermione.

"Hermione, are you saying that you are in love with me?" Harry felt something snapping in him self, like someone pulled a veil from his eyes. Everything turned to be in reddish colors.

Professor Dumbledore started to laugh. "But children, that is fantastic. You are in love with each other and you do not to be afraid about this. This is a normal feeling that everyone has once or twice in their lifetime. Don't worry, because this feeling will automatically go away after a time, because this feeling you are experiencing now will not last long. But what the important thing here is, that when this feeling will go away, with what it will be replaced with. Now that is an issue where you need to think about only when that happens. Before that, you need to enjoy each other's company and have a very good time."

The twinkle in the professors' eyes returned more intense then before. His white long beard seemed to move on his own, having its own life. The professor was now grinning and could not help to be very amused. He knew of the problems with Harry and his family and he knew that Harry never had experienced much friendship and love. Now that he encountered it, it came to him in full intensity and it was very logical that Harry was afraid. Hermione was the other case---she had her parents. What he understood was that her parents were very busy with their work and that Hermione spent most of her time studying and not socializing with other girls. He was pleased that his most promising students were now together in this.

"Harry and Hermione, you need to listen to me very carefully." The professor paused and looked at them with a happy expression in his face. "Falling in love is something what you two need to explore, but you always have to be aware, that there are certain things you need to wait for, if you understand what I mean."

Professor Dumbledore was looking to Harry, who was nodding. "Yes professor, we know. We will not let that happen, because that is oil on the fire."

"So Harry and Hermione, I am happy you understand. Now go to the reception and have a good time together."

With this, Professor Dumbledore stood up and returned to the reception.

Harry and Hermione looked at each other. "Hermione, I still have the feeling that we have a problem and nothing is resolved. But maybe the professor is right. Maybe this is the feeling we have when we are in love with each other. I never was in love before, so I have no idea what it feels like. What do you think, Hermione?"

Hermione looked at him.

"Harry, I feel that I am totally besotted with you, and I am sorry but I do not like the feeling not in control with myself. I think I am madly in love with you, and I have no idea what to do to fight it. Maybe the professor is right indeed and I worry too much and we need to have a good time and get everything out of this thing ... you know ... in love."

"Hermione, you know what? You are right. Let's have an amazing time and we talk tonight. In the meantime ... let's dance!"

Hermione took Harry's hand and together they walked slowly into the reception hall. There were so many people in the hall and most of them they never seen before. In the far corner, they saw Professor McGonagall arguing in a soft voice with Professor Trelawney. Professors Sinistra, Flitwick, Sprout, Lupin, and Vector were sitting next to them seeming to have a good time with each other and were in an animated talk. Moody and a dark haired man were clearly bored stiff and the cross expression of Moody's face meant that he had a row with the other man.

Harry was scanning the crowd for the Weasley's, but could not find any red-head.

"Hermione, do you see Ron or any of the Weasleys?" Harry asked, after getting slightly frustrated.

"No Harry, I am also looking, but they do not seem to have arrived yet," Hermione replied with an anxious look.

Harry saw Hermione's parents talking to Professor Dumbledore and that theywas looking in their direction. He saw the amused expression in the face of Mr. Granger and Mrs. Granger was laughing loudly. When Harry looked at Dumbledore, he saw the familiar twinkle appear again and the professor nodded to him slightly. Harry looked quickly away and stared at Hermione.

"Hermione, they are talking about us."

"I know Harry. However, they have fun, so then we have no problems, yet. By the way, I do not see any familiar faces here. There are no students of Hogwarts present. Where are they?" Hermione said.

At that moment Professor Snape's voice was clearly heard. "Please ladies and gentlemen. Let the music begin!"

Indeed, the music started at that moment. Harry had no idea where the music came from, but it seemed to come from everywhere.

He looked at Hermione, who was looking at him. Harry started delightfully to laugh. "Hermione my love, do you like to forget all of our worries and have this dance with me, before anyone steals you from me?"

Hermione mock-curtsied and accepted his hand, moving to the dance floor. At the dance floor, they saw an unknown couple already dancing and saw, with an amused and disgust expression on both their faces, Professor Snape approaching with a middle-aged woman in black.

Harry turned to Hermione, took her hand and the other hand on her hip and started to dance the waltz. The world changed into ... Hermione ... and that was it! His mind only focused on her, he felt his being, his soul being sucked into Hermione's and they truly started to merge! But this was more then it was yesterday. He felt a being, maybe her aura, maybe her spirit right in front of him, and slowly he touched the being.

When they touched each other, his world changed into an explosion of light. He felt her feminine being merged with him and a feeling of pure lust; pure satisfaction went through his being. He started to radiate, his surroundings disappeared into an explosion of light, penetrating him, and Hermione and the merging continued. He never ever experienced this ever before. He felt parts of Hermione as his and he knew that was the same for Hermione. He saw ... no, he felt her memories; he relived parts of her life and felt his soul being sucked into the soul of Hermione. He saw faces of people, one after the other appearing in him, he saw Ron, and other people he knew from his dorm in Hogwarts, he saw the professors, he saw her parents and he saw him self. He felt warmth from his belly flow straight up to his chest into his head.


A/N: Beta reader for this chapter is crushalert1 (Heidi)
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