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Chapter seven

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It does not go well with Harry Potter. In order to increase Harry's magical power, Dumbledore infects Harry and two girls with a disease. And his power surges.

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A/N: Beta reader for this story is Red


The dance

So the group went with the car and they reached an unbelievable dance club, somewhere in the middle of London. There was a real butler outside the club and there was a dress code. Hermione stole a lot of hearts when she made her entry to the club. Mr. and Mrs. Granger were close to each other during that night at the dance hall, so Harry and Hermione had the time virtually to themselves. Harry loved to dance the waltz with Hermione, while Hermione loved the tango. "There is so much drama in the tango, and you can put your self totally in the dance."

"But Hermione, the waltz is the only dance, where I have the feeling that I can fly with you. The music is not dramatic, it's light and the movements with you in my arms are unbelievable, and I have truly the feeling that I fly. When I dance with you, I have the feeling of perfection, especially with the waltz."

At that moment the music changed into the wonderful music of Strauss, and Harry squeaked with pleasure and dragged Hermione further onto the dance floor. Then they were dancing, having forgotten the total world outside them and only focused on each other. "Hermione, you look so wonderful, so lovely. " Hermione smiled happily.

In the meantime, Mrs. and Mr. Granger were drinking their sherry and watching the couple dancing. "It is hard to believe that Harry could not dance a short while ago. Look at them, it looks like a fairytale. They look to be made for each other."

Mrs. Granger sighed. "Yes indeed. "

All couples stopped dancing and looked at Harry and Hermione. Harry and Hermione were not aware of anything other than each other. Both of their faces had a serene expression and were looking dreamily in each other eyes. They went up into the flirting music from the small orchestra, playing the waltz from the front of the hall. The conductor turned and was looking to the dancing couple as well. Now the couple had caught every eye in the hall, and more people came to look to them from the foyer, restaurants and tea house.

Harry and Hermione seemed to be flying over the hall, slowly shifting and turning, their heads held high with perfect movements of their heads up and backs straight. Very slowly a light, sparkling mist appeared around them, slowly circling the couple. The Harry's legs became vague because of the mist, which changed it color into more violet, with silver sparkles swirling through it. Then the waltz was finished and the couple halted very slowly. Harry took Hermione's hand and bowed, kissing her hand and stood up straight, looking straight into her eyes. Mr. and Mrs. Granger were looking at the couple, who were keeping their eyes locked on each other, not aware of the commotion they were causing in the dance hall. Everyone started to whisper and looked to the couple. The conductor bowed to the couple and turned to prepare the next piece of music.

Harry was only aware of the beautiful dark colored eyes of Hermione, who were looking at him dreamily. Harry saw that she had a slight flush on her cheeks and he was drinking in those eyes, her face ... her neck. He felt strangely detached from himself and was only aware of Hermione. Everything else was closed out. He had the feeling that he was touching Hermione, like he was drinking her. That his aura was touching hers and the feeling that gave him was something he never had experienced. His body was tingling everywhere. That is the same feeling as when he was trying to perform self-hypnotism, only uncountable times more powerful. He was vaguely aware that the waltz had stopped. He did what came from his soul and took her hand and kissed it. He stood there looking at Hermione, who was still keeping her eye contact and he could do nothing else then to stare into those orbs, seemingly to drink his soul as well.

He felt something on his shoulder ... someone was knocking on his shoulder! He stirred out of the gaze with Hermione and looked startled around him. He saw the laughing face of Mrs. Granger, who was smiling. Hermione and Harry looked surprised around them. All the people were looking. "Oh my, what happened?" Hermione looked with a disconnected expression around her and blushed.

"Come Harry and Hermione, I think you two need to drink something. That was the most amazing piece of dance I have ever seen. "

Mr. and Mrs. Granger were looking at them, still smiling. "That was so unbelievably beautiful and sweet, Harry. You give our daughter really a good time ... us as well. "

They maneuvered the couple to the bar and ordered cola. Harry and Hermione stood along the bar, and still their eyes locked with each other while drinking the cola. "What happened with you two at the dance floor? There was a kind of a mist around you with stars in it. It was amazing. I did not know that this place made any special effects on the dance floor. It was an amazing sight."

Hermione was smiling sweetly and whispered in his ears. "Who caused that, Harry?"

"I think the stars were yours and the mist mine." Harry was so happy and he felt that was on the top of happiness, which streamed through him.

"What do you think; shall we dance again Harry?"

"Well Hermione, let's first dance with your parents and then I truly with all my heart would like to have the honor of a dance with you. "

Harry faced Mr. Granger and bowed slightly. "Mr. Granger, may I have your permission to ask your lovely wife to dance?"

Mr. Granger could not hide his surprise. "Go ahead, young man. Please return her in one piece".

"Mrs. Granger, would you give me the honor of this dance?" Mrs. Granger did not reply, but was smiling delightful and gave him her hand. Both of them went to the dance floor and started the tango. She was an excellent dancer, like her daughter was. Very soon Harry saw Hermione and her father moving over the dance floor as well. After the tango they went back to their corner.

Harry looked at Hermione and immediately their eyes locked ... something like a spark flew between them ... the mist appeared again with white sparkles swirling. The air started to become static ... Harry slowly brought his hand to Hermione's hand. He grabbed her hand tenderly and they moved to the dance floor without breaking their eye contact. Harry gave a small pull on her hand and she whirled straight in his arms. They started to dance as no one had ever seen in the dance hall. Their movements were perfect, interchanged with each other, totally like two bodies merged into one. They spun and churned around each other, flying dreamily with the fantastic music, totally lost for the world then only their own small universe, where there was only perfection, each other and their beings and their auras.

Then suddenly the music stopped! Harry and Hermione looked startled around each other. "What was happening?"

Mr. Granger smiled at them. "They are closing up and you danced the whole evening. It is time to go home, you two love birds!"

Hermione and Harry looked bewildered to each other. Hermione was perplexed. "What happened?"

"You and Harry danced, dear. You seemed to forget everyone and everything and you two were dancing like in a fairytale. It was an amazing sight, the two of you. I think the next time I will take Harry with me for a ball-dress." Mrs. Granger was beaming to the two of them, and Mr. Granger was laughing. They left the dance hall and started to look for the car. Harry and Hermione were walking very close to each other, obviously aware of the warmth and closeness.

Hermione sighed. "This was a truly wonderful and magical evening."

In the car Harry was looking at Hermione. "Hermione, what happened there on the dance floor? I don't understand, but that was dancing like I never felt before. I could dance like that the whole night with you."

Hermione was looking into his eyes and did not answer. Before they were almost home, Hermione whispered to him in his ear. "I don't know what happened this night, but I feel that it was perfect. Before you go to sleep, come to my room. I think we need to talk more then ever."

Harry and Hermione wished Hermione's parents good night and they went to their rooms. Harry took a quick shower and dressed into his pajamas. He moved quietly and stealthy to Hermione's room, but before he reached her door to knock, the door opened slowly. "Harry, come in".

"How did you know that I was at your door?"

"I felt you coming. Oh Harry, I don't know what is happening, but I'm getting a little scared. I feel that we have an unhealthy connection with each other."

Harry looked hurt. "Unhealthy? I don't feel it as unhealthy but it is indeed intense, and that might bring us some problems."

Hermione had changed her dress into a light-blue nightgown, which covered her from her neck to her feet. She looked so cute. Her hair was bound in a single tail and hung on her back, still wet from her shower. "Hermione, you need to dry your hair, otherwise you might catch a cold."

"You dry it then, you know-it-all!"

"That is what you're supposed to be, Hermione. But I want to dry your hair ... how do I do that, by the way?"

Hermione was rolling her eyes and smiled. "You men, so helpless."

She handed him the hair dryer and he started to dry her hair. He unraveled her hair from the tail and slowly he moved the hair dryer from the top down. Hermione was closing her eyes and had a dreamy expression on her face. Her lips were partly open and her chin went up. He took a brush from the table and started to brush slowly. Hermione was purring like a cat. When he moved her hair brushing slowly down over the hair on her back, he started softly to sing. Hermione could not hear the words, but heard only the melody.

"What song is that, Harry?"

"That is the only song I know, and my mother always sang it for me when I was very young."

While he was singing, his hand touched her hair. He was stroking her hair very tenderly and Hermione moaned quietly. "Harry, I think we need to stop, otherwise things will get out of hand. We still need to talk and I think now more than ever."

"I still insist that you are beautiful. That is a fact." Harry looked with a grin on his face to Hermione.

"Oh Harry, please ... for someone who wants to be only a friend ... those words are very strange indeed. Do you remember the talks we had before we went out this evening? Do you think we have something together? I mean what happened this evening between the two of us, I never heard about this happening between two people. Not even between two people who are in love with each other."

Both of them were looking now at each other. Hermione and Harry sat both of them on the bed of Hermione, and were very close.

Hermione started to whisper. "You know that our magic was merging with each other on the dance floor?"

Hermione continued now more softly. "That mist and the sparkles, and the feeling of floating and touching each other that was the magic, which was merging. I know that only married people are able to experience this when they are making love. And for this they need special spells and also a potion to make the merge happen. They say it is better then sex. "

Hermione became red like a tomato, and Harry became suddenly very hot. Both of them moved apart from each other and sitting on their edge of the bed.

Hermione looked at Harry and whispered. "I think it is a good idea to go slowly and see how this develops."

Harry was frowning. "I don't think we can ignore this, speed it up or slow it down. Maybe it is better to talk to Professor Dumbledore or someone else as fast as possible. Maybe he or someone else can give us advice before we do something rash. What do you think?"

"I think that it is an excellent idea. But for the time being, what are we going to do?"

Harry said nothing. She was right. He was very much attracted to Hermione. Very strange, that dance opened something in him, and his feelings for Hermione were suddenly multiplied by thousands of times. What exactly happened? "Do you remember my dream? "

"Yes, I think a lot of times about what you have told me, Harry. I think I love that dream ..."

"Do you have a dream, Hermione? Do you sometimes dream about what you are going to do when you have finished school? "

Hermione smiled very sweetly to him. "I think I will tell you my dream with full details to you, but not now. "

"Something happened between us during that dance, Hermione! Do you remember when we started to dance this evening? Something happened between us during that dance, Hermione! As soon as we started dancing, my feelings for you changed. Did it feel that way to you, too?

Hermione looked at Harry and he saw a sweet smile appear on her face. "That is right. It started with that dance. That felt so unbelievable good. Did you also have that feeling that you were flying? I had the feeling that I parted from my body ... and I think I felt you ..."

Harry smiled at the memory. "Yes, that was indeed good. I felt that my aura was leaving my body and touched yours ... well not exactly your body, but your aura. When I touched yours, something unbelievable good happened. I felt you ... I can't put into words the feeling it gave me. Maybe I could think of it in colors, in warmth." Harry's expression was like he was somewhere else and far away.

"Harry ... Harry! I think that our magic merged. I read about it. ... That was really merging our magic. But how did that happen? Harry, did you perform a spell?"

"No, I did not perform any spell. I did not even carry my wand, because it is still in my trunk ... what shall we do?"

Hermione shuddered. She stood up and switched off the lights. "I know what I am going to do. I am going to bed."

Harry slowly stood from her bed and walked towards the door. He heard a small voice coming from the bed. "Harry, please do not leave me here."

Harry froze on the spot. He turned slowly around and looked at Hermione, who was like a shadow against the wall. "But Hermione, this is not slow." But he walked towards the bed. Hermione opened the blankets. "Slip in; it is much warmer here then on top of the blankets and shut up!"

Harry slipped in her bed and lay down. He could feel Hermione's body against his back. "Oh man, that feels good", he thought.

"Harry, please let's not do anything we might regret. Let's only sleep and I will feel much better in the morning. I can not imagine that I need to leave you, even for a short time."

Harry nodded. He felt the same way. He knew that they were in deep trouble, because whatever was happening was indeed not healthy. It was so unnatural, but at the same time it felt so right.

"Harry, do you want to know my dream?"

"Yes, I would love to hear your dream. "

"I have the same dream as you have. I dream about a house, somewhere on the country side, with nobody around. I also dream about a garden, a large one. I see children, and I see that library and the cozy house. I see house elves, and I also see Dobby. "

They were both quiet for a while.

He heard the breathing of Hermione became more regular and deeper. He knew that she was already sleeping. But Harry could not sleep. He kept feeling her warm body pressed against his back, very tightly. He could feel her breasts pressing against his back. One leg was now hanging over his legs; her arm was hanging over his side near his upper leg. And he could smell Hermione, a smell so sweet ... lavender with something else, what he could not identify. How was it possible to sleep like this?

The next morning Harry woke up ... in a girl's room. Everywhere were plush little pink things on the floor and on the walls. It was starting to get light outside, and the room was still half in shadows. Then he saw the books everywhere and suddenly he realized here he was. He was suddenly aware of Hermione's arms over his chest. He also was aware of her leg hanging over his legs. He lay on his back, and Hermione was lying on her side. She felt so nice, and soft and warm. She was still asleep, and her face looked relaxed. Her night-gown was wrinkled, and the top buttons were open! He could look straight through the opening and saw a perfect breast ... Harry looked straight up. He felt aroused, and it was growing very fast. Harry felt suddenly very uneasy. He felt Hermione stirring and she started to wake up. He could not help to watch her face during waking up. This looked so amazing, that he pressed a little kiss on her nose. He could not help it, and he kissed her softly on her lips. Hermione's eyes opened slowly and a smile crept on her face.

"I never slept so well before in my life, Mister Potter. And this is the most welcome wakeup I have ever experienced. Did you sleep well?"

"Good morning, my love. I slept wonderful, except I was somewhat distracted in the morning."

Hermione looked at him in surprise. "What do you mean with distracted?"

Harry looked at her intently and chanced his gaze to her night-gown and to her leg.

Hermione smiled and started to stretch her self, meanwhile looking to Harry. She began too laugh because of the expression on his face; his eyes became very large and he could not help but notice her soft curves. Let's sleep some more, because it must be around five am. We can at least catch some extra hours of sleep." She turned her back and fell still. Harry turned as well, and encapsulated Hermione with his body. He felt her warmth, and it felt so good and right. He thought that this was the best ever happened to him.

He felt something warm on his lips! His mind started to drift up out of his sleep. He felt the same warmth on his nose, he cheek and his lips again. He opened his eyes slowly and saw something what stopped his heart! Hermione was lying very close to him and her face was only centimeters away of his. She was kissing him softly on the lips again. He kissed back slowly. Their lips touched each other and felt the soft and welcome touch of Hermione's lips. Her eyes were half closed and he could see they were watching him with a lovely expression.

"I think this is a dream!"

Her lips touched his lips again. But this time he gave a little pressure and opened his lips for her. Their kiss deepened and continued and continued, never ending. He felt himself turning around her tongue, which was now in his mouth. She licked his teeth and his tongue. He could not believe the feeling he got. He had the feeling that he again separated from his body and could sense the presence of Hermione. He sensed the aura of Hermione and when he touched it, the world ended in fireworks, in absolute pleasure and the feeling of completeness and being reborn, time after time. Both of them forgot the time and an hour later Hermione stirred. Harry suddenly stirred as well, and the untangled their arms and feet.

"Let's get up, shower and dress and have some breakfast. We are both in trouble now and I have no idea what to do about it. I think that we need to talk with a knowledgeable witch or wizard what is happening with us. Maybe it is normal and somebody knows how to handle it."

"But Hermione, it feels so good and so right. It is something natural, isn't it? "

"Yes Harry, it feels like that, but I like to keep control of myself and my life, my emotions and my thoughts. But This all is draining me, Harry. I feel not in control anymore. Do you remember what I told you about my dream? Do you remember I mentioned those children? "

Harry nodded. "In my dream there was a boy and a girl. "

Hermione smiled widely. "In my dream three boys and three girls."

Harry raised his eyebrows. "In my dream you were with me. You were the reason for our mansion, for our children, for our garden and library. You made our mansion cozy and you made me feel fulfilled. I dreamed this dream when I was with the Dudley's, but you were not there. In our first year, after the first day I saw you, you were the one who was the one who was with me in the mansion. "

Hermione longingly stared at him. "Did you dream it, or were you daydreaming? "

"First I dreamt about the mansion, but only once. Later I had only daydreams. "

"Do you want to say, that you had your eyes on me from the first day we met at Hogwarts? "

"Yes, Hermione, from the first moment we met. "

"And you never told me, you never showed me ... you never mentioned it to me! "

"I think I was too young, then. "

Hermione was now very close to Harry. She smiled and kissed his nose softly. "Are we boy- and girl-friends now? "

His eyes flashed with pleasure and awe. "Yes, I would love too be your boy-friend. "

"Harry, get your nice bum out of my bed and get going!"

Harry laughed and jumped out of bed and ran to his room.


A/N: Beta reader for this story is Red
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