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i don't like pumpkin, so there is no pumpkin in this story i don't like broccoli either

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A slender figure slipped through a partly opened window like water. It gave off no shadow in the blackness of night and emitted no sound that could be heard by human ears. Dragon ears have exquisite hearing. Particularly when they're in use. But dragons couldn't hear the figure; it was one of them; and they weren't listening.

Jake was sleeping; and dreaming. In the dream he ripped the mask off the huntsgirl and found out it was Emily; he then locked her up. The dream changed and he was the one imprisioned whilst the Hunstman congratulated the hunstgirl for his capture. She leaned in close to kill him, covering his mouth with a warm gloved hand...
Jake woke with a start, thrashing against the stifling hold the figure had on him. "You freak!" It hissed and Jake recognised the voice of Emily. The yell was ripped from his throat before he could stop it. A light flicked on in the hall and Susans voice came drifting down along with Hayley's yell. "Jake?" called Susan while Hayley yelled "OY".
"Sorry," he called back "bad dream." The light flickered off again and Emily swept the door shut.
"Don't do that!" Jake yelled in a hoarse whisper. Emily pulled a black beanie off her head and shook out her long red hair as Jake turned on the light.
"I've got important news," Emily pulled a crumpled envelope out of her coat pocket and handed it to him. "Don't you DARE leave it lying around."
The New Zealand Dragon pulled herself through the window and was gone as quickly as she'd arrived. "Know-it-all" Jake muttered; it was the best he could think of at 3 am. Staring grumpily at the envelope he placed it on top of the dresser, planning on reading it in the morning.
When the light was out and Jake was back to sleep a hand crept out of no where and stole the white envelope.


Suspensful! yes i've finally updated... Hooray!
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