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mysistersbeenreadinthismysistersbeenreadingthis ALL RIGHT JACQUI DON'T PANIC!... ARRGGGHHHHHH

Rotwood grabbed Emily's arm, "Miss Fraser what is this?" He asked gesturing to a colourful mark halfway between her shoulder and elbow. It was clearly a tattoo.
"A tattoo sir," Emily said insultingly.
"We don't encourage that sort of thing," Rotwood blustered desperatly.
"It's only a skull over a pair of flaming brands," Emily said.
The class snickered as Rotwood dragged the redhead to the door "wash it off!" The class laughed openly and Emily said.
"It's a tat, they don't come off."
"It's taken him a while to notice," Jake snorted.
"Fraser, Long- principles office!"
"Aww man!" wailed Jake.
Once outside the classroom Emily grabbed Jakes hand and dragged him out of the school. "Come on, we've got places to go."
"What the?" Jake resisted "where do you think you're... " Suddenly a song started playing, Jake recognised Evanescenses 'Snow White Queen'.
Emily grumbled and flipped open a silver mobile phone "What is it Fred?" Jake watched curiously.
"If you want to see me, tell me when you're coming over to NZ, I'm not home." I know you know, I'm not getting back until, oh, possibly next month." There was yelling that sounded suspiciously like 'Where the hell are you?'
"New York," Fred sounded gobsmacked.
"Tell him I say Yo Dude," said Jake.
"Jake Long says Yo Dude; all right all right." Emily pressed a button and Fred's voice filtered through.
"Hey mate, how's things."
"It was sizzling yo! Until yer sis here showed," Fred laughed.
"She does have a tendency to pop up unnanounced and flip things around." Emily rolled her eyes.
"We've got to go now little brother."
"I'm older than you by four minutes!"
"But you're scrawny."
"Anorexic stick!"
"Bye Fred," Emily hung up and rolled her eyes again.
"Okay Jake, what did you do with the envelope I gave you?"
"What envelo... uh, I don't remember it seeing this morning."
"Did you even read it?"
"No, it was like, two in the morning!"
"You are incredible," Emily grabbed his wrist "Let's go, and don't think I'm not going to punish you either!"
"Aww man!"

what is in the mysterious envelope? not even i know... i'd better think of something, who took it? and why? hang on, that's a stupid question
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