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The Department of Pureblood Records

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In which ties are broken

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A/N: From now on this story is in the present unless otherwise noted

Ch 2 Department of Pureblood Records

"Docket number 14357," said the court official. The Department of Pureblood Records was often frequented by people to record births and deaths.

"This concerns which parties?" A very short elderly man said from behind the desk. His name was Markus Firlary. He had been keeping records in this very hall for 43 years. Little did he know today would not be such an ordinary day.

"The House of Malfoy represented by Lucius Malfoy and his wife Narcissa Malfoy née Black. They wish to establish heirs."

"Heirs? They only have one have one son and he has been made their heir. Do they wish to create another?"

"May I have permission to speak your honor," asked Lucius Malfoy impatiently.

"Of course Mr. Malfoy, that is your right."

"When my wife's sister and her husband went to prison, they left her in charge of creating an heir. Likewise my wife's cousin, Regulus Black, left her the same responsibility."

"Go on Mr. Malfoy."

"We found pureblooded surrogate mothers in Bulgaria. Here, before you, stand my two nephews and my niece. We would like to record their names in their books and establish the heirs of their respective houses."

"Of course, Mr. Malfoy, let us go in alphabetical order, shall we. Black?"

"Orion Regulus," said a tall dark haired 18 year old man. He looked very much like his uncle Sirius, but he had the personality of a true Slytherin.

"Date of Birth?"

"June 9, 1988."


"Drumstrang Institute"

"Very good. Lestrange?"

"Arcturus Rodolphus; July 20, 1988; Drumstrang." He looked exactly like his father in every way. No one would ever deny he was his father's son.

"Belvina Bellatrix; February 2, 1990; Drumstrang." She had all of her mother's beauty, but she did not posses her mother's famous temper.

"I suppose you would like to declare the two males as heirs to their respective houses?"

"Yes sir."

"As I say, it so shall it be. By the power of this office they are in law and title the inheritors of their respective estates. Take your power and use it well. Next!"

The Malfoys made to leave the room until they saw who was entering. Ginevra Molly Weasley walked into the court room accompanied by her second cousin, Ignatius Prewett, and his wife, Lucretia Prewett. They were a couple in their early 60's who had never managed to produce an heir.

"Docket 14358."

"This I have to see," muttered Draco Malfoy. Why was she here? Was she getting married? Was she pregnant?

"What have you come to discuss before the record officer?"

"I have come to emancipate myself, to deny my share of my family inheritance, and to be declared an heir to my true house." Everyone in the room looked shocked. Ginny Weasley was denying her place in the house of Weasley. She was doing something that had only been done once in the past seven hundred years.

"Master Malfoy, Master Black, Master Lestrange will you please stay I need three witnesses for this. Now are you absolutely certain that you wish for this?"

"Yes sir."

"You are mentally capable of making this decision for yourself. You are not under the influence of any drug, potion, or spell."

"Yes I am competent. I come of my own free will."

"What is your reason for severance?"

"I refuse to bear my father's name. It shames me to bear the name of such a brutal and ignorant man. I do not want any further contact with any of my family bearing the name Weasley. They disgrace me."

"I'm sorry I can't emancipate you for not liking your family."

"I have documented evidence that my father was abusive. Three months ago I went to Saint Mungo's because he caused me to break my left wrist and three of my ribs." If Ginny was embarrassed for having to admit her family's faults in front of her worst enemy, she did not show it.

"Anything further?"

"My mother and brothers knew of his abuses against me and did nothing to stop him. My mother even went so far as to abandon me and leave me in his care."

"Do you know that you are legally required to live in your family's home until they have secured a proper marriage for you?"

"I wish to live with the Prewett part of my family while I am training to become a healer and until I am married."

"Do you see this emancipation as the only foreseeable solution?"

"Yes sir."

"May I have permission to speak my lord," asked Ignatius Prewett.

"That is your right."

"I came and saw my cousin at the hospital. She looked awful. Please grant her this emancipation. I can not bear to see her in that condition again." Ginny and her second cousin had never been very close, but since her trip to the hospital he had constantly been by her side.

"What do you see for her future?"

"I wish to have her name changed to my own. My wife and I never had an heir to our part of the family fortune. My brother has a son who will inherit that part of the family estate. She can live in our home and continue to attend healer training. Think, you will not be cutting her off from all her family, just the part of her family that is causing her pain."

"I should like to speak to Mr. Weasley about this."

"My cousin's father does not know she is attempting to emancipate herself."

"Is that true Miss Weasley?"

"Yes sir. He said if I took any kind of legal action against him he would kill me. After I am through with this matter, if you emancipate me, I intend to file for a restraining order."

"So you say your father is abusive and your family did nothing to prevent him from harming you."

"Yes sir."

"Do you wish to live with your cousin?"

"Yes sir, very much. He is like the father I never had."

"You are absolutely certain about this matter?"

"Yes, I am positive sir."

"In that cause I am forced to rule in your favor. Ginevra Molly Weasley you are officially emancipated with the houses of Black, Lestrange, and Malfoy as witnesses. Do you renounce your title, you birthright, and your inheritance?"

"I do."

"Next matter, Ignatius and Lucretia Prewett do you wish to give this girl you name with all of these people as witnesses?"

"We do," they said in unison.

"Do you wish to name her you heir, the heir to your personal fortune and estate?"

"We do."

"Do you Ginevra Molly wish to change your name?"

"I do."

"Do you wish to take the name Prewett?"

"I do."

"Do you wish to keep your middle name?"

"No, I do not."

"What do you wish it to be?"

"Gabrielle." This was a bitter sweet moment. The Prewetts had had a daughter named Gabrielle who had died in infancy. Her new parents nearly burst into tears of joy at this.

"Then by this seal in front of these witnesses I pronounce you Ginevra Gabrielle Prewett the legal daughter and heir to the estate and fortune of Ignatius and Lucretia Prewett."

Ginny felt a huge weight being lifted from her shoulders. She was a free woman. She could not believe it. She was no longer a Weasley. More importantly, she was now a rich female heiress, and she had the best parents in the world.

"Congratulations, Miss Prewett," said a smirking Lucius Malfoy. He found the demise of his worst enemy's public life by the hand of his own daughter almost comical.

"Come on now dear, we need to go file that restraining order," said Lucretia. "It's nice to see you, Master Malfoy."

"And you Mrs. Prewett, you look better than ever."
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