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'Till tonight do us part

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She is invited to go to a club and lost track of time. Who will take her home?

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"So are you going to just stare at me?" he wiggled his eyebrows
I snapped out of my state of stupidity.

"Oh yeah... I mean they were just doing their jobs right? I could be their pimp so they had to throw me out as well, just to make sure" I said sarcastically.
He looked at me, bended his head and leaned in my direction.
"You are right! I can imagine pimps must love FOB. It's just the inspiration they need! But I was thinking I don't like when fans are treated that I'd like to ask if you'd like to join us at our table ...' I cut him off.
"Oh no thanks...I've already ordered, you know... and I still have to run to get my bus to be home at least by 2am."
He raised one eyebrow in confusion.
"Wow so you came from far to see us? I'm flattered!"
"Yes, and actually I'm from another country, granted I've been in Chicago for about 5/ 6 months but I still don't know my way around" I said and was shocked when he pulled the chair to sit down.
"Oh I see, that's nice you see your order is here...I'll leave you with your meal...but I'll be right over there...make sure you just say goodbye, okay?" he got up as my delicious looking pizza came around. I only nodded.
As I ate my meal I noticed how loud they were being.
It was 12:25 am, I was finally finished just ready to go. But I was really intrigued with the thought of going there and maybe asking for my sister's freaking autograph. I sighed defeated. 'Here goes nothing...' I thought.
I walked up to them a little apprehensive; I noticed Pete was already anticipating my arrival.
"So you came to join us? Or you are going home already?" he pouted at the last option.
All eyes one me...and I could name some of the people that were with him.
"Well I really have to go...I don't even know if the bus comes after midnight so yeah...I better 1am curfew has blown already. I can't just abuse." I said after I waved to everyone in the table.
" So what's your name?" asked Joe.
"Alexandra...actually is Alexandra Alice a fucked up name really but it's the name of my grandmothers." I grimaced. They laughed, I was already used to that after I explained why my mom would give such and awful name.
"So that's the reason for this customized hoodie?" Pete asked. Eying the piece. "Yeah, my sister gave me as a birthday present..." I smiled.
" Ohh it's very nice come on girl sit down for about 15 min, we are not going to be around here for long, we are hitting the clubs" he pulled a sit next to him and a blond girl who I suspected was Maja Ivarsson,for 'The Sounds' turns out I was right! She introduced herself and was very sweet. Most of the people on the table were very nice. 15 minutes later time forgotten we were laughing at what happened at the show.
"..You know I was pissed at security for throwing them out...ya know.." said Andy pretending to be upset.
Pete got up on the table and extended his arm out for me.
"I want you to come to the club with us, what do you say?" he said.
I opened my mouth trying to explain but was cut off.
"We can take you home afterwards and we won't even be there for that long" said Pete making a weird face, I laughed.
"I'm not dressed properly!" they laughed so hard at this excuse.
"OMG that was just so lame! Do you know how many shirts Maja is wearing?...I bet she could lend one of her sexy shirts." He mentioned.
I looked at the others some kept talking and some were expectantly looking between Pete and me.

So here I was inside of a packed van, on the last row trying to change clothes and fix my make up that was already ruined.
" I like your make up dahling!" said Maja. I smiled.
"aww thanks! Ha-ha" she handed me one shirt as I tried to pull out my shirt form under the hoodie, but the van was bumping so hard it was almost impossible.
I finally made it, taking my 'Panic! At the disco' shirt out.
" Please everyone close their eyes because Alexa is going to change...and I bet she won't be able with the hoodie one because this shirt is kinda complex.
I blushed but after the other guys closed eyes or just hung their heads down I got to work on the task at hand.
I opened my hoodie trying to be discrete but there I was in all naked glory. When I was almost finished the car swerved to the left and I tried to regain my composure. I finally finished and decided not to put the hoodie back on.
We got to the place and we pilled out when I felt a hand holding my elbow.

"Hey...can I barrow your hoodie?? I just loved it so much...ha-ha" I looked at Pete, and nodded. I was very protective of it but I didn't mind with him, strange.
Okay it's back in the van, but I swear if you spill anything on my baby you are going to be paying to wash it!!!" I tried to sound threatening but I couldn't.

Back in the van as I entered Pete came inside and sat down as I handed him the hoodie. Suddenly he started to unbutton his clandestine dress shirt, I tried to leave but he held my hand as the thing slipped off.
"You can look you know...I've seen yours through the review mirror. I think you guys forgot that as the driver I could see you, right? Now I won't feel as guilty" he said putting his hand through the respective hole.
"You what?????" I yelled!!
"I saw them..." he put his hands on his breast and the said "They are actually bigger than I almost made us crash with your little show" he smirked as I was sure my face looked somehow a close shade to purple!
I made it for the door of the bus he grabbed my hand, pulling me back.
"Hey...I'm not going to molest you...I'm just saying...I'm sure you noticed I'm kinda attracted to you, right?" he tried to make me look at him. I just outright laughed on his face. He frowned.
"Sorry if I sound rude Pete...I said I'm from another country not another planet! I know your 'persona' or whatever u call this I quote ' I don't do girls' thing I really don't know how to react. Let's just go back inside" I plead looking at him...I've never felt like that before, nothing was really happening but my stomach was on fire.
"Yeah...I hear that every once in a while, especially when the girl thinks she is just too much for that your problem?" He pulled me to him. I stammered like crazy, what would I say?
"Honestly I'm trying to understand why would a guy like you be attracted to a common girl like me? Not just you but any guy for the matter. If you haven't noticed I'm not very confident." He smiled.
"Let's go inside I'll show you something" he pulled me up by my hand locked the van and we finally made our way in. 1º time in a club. Yay!
"It's my first time in a club" I tried to tell him over the music. He looked surprised and we headed to the bar.
'Please two drinks' he said and placed our order. He was pulling me by the hand. He sat on the booth and as if it was the most natural thing to do he pulled me in the middle of his legs. I raised an eyebrow and looked up just when he was freaking aiming my lips, it happened so fast I turned my head, laying my head on his shoulder since he had a hold of my head.
"Please don't do this Pete, I'm not like if you are looking for fun I suggest you just pretend you never met me..." I said close to his ear, he sighed.
"Women really love to complicate things, I am just a guy but I kinda follow the idea that you can only feel if there's something between people through their kiss." He said in my ear holding my head still. I breathed long and deep breaths.
"Pete...I just don't..." he cut me off got up from the stool collected our drinks as we headed again towards the place where the other guys were, dancing their weird asses away.
He silently sat down started to drink and called me over, Maja got to me before I could get to him, and she was all sweaty already from being on the dance floor. She approached, asking for company to a restroom trip. She went through her business then she came back as I stared at myself in the mirror.
"The guys said they saw you dodged Pete's kiss. They must be giving him a hard time for that..." she started a conversation that I didn't feel like having!
"I reeeeealy don't feel like talking about this Maja... is just too weird. A guy I barely know wants to hang out and boom he wants a kiss? No, that's not how I work. I don't do random hookups." She looked at me.
"Did you know he'll be around here for the next 2 months?" she said as she pulled me out of the room. She just leaved it at that, what did she mean? It was really kinda cute how his friends were trying to hook us up and shit, but it was not working. When we got back the guys were not there anymore and
Pete was just people- watching. I walked over but Maja said I could do some harmless flirting to see if he was really interested and I have no idea why but I thought it'd be fun.
"Let's go dance!" she shouted.
I could feel eyes on my back. Maja handed me a drink, we were dancing when 'Don't cha' started playing. Every girl came out on the dance floor.
Maja and I were having so much fun we started dancing non stop.
Sometime while dancing I had seen Pete sitting by the edge of his sit staring. creepy, but cute
I was dancing to an old song I guess t was Britney's 'Toxic' and there was a crowd of guys that were coming towards us. They had been ogling us from some time now.
I felt a hand on my elbow, turning I saw Pete, he leaned in "Let's go, I'll take you home then I'll come back to get the others, its past 2 o'clock!" I followed him out of the club before saying goodbye for the others and promising to give Maja's shirt back, she said just shrugged it off saying it was nonsense.
"Thanks for reminding me I still have a curfew to pretend to keep!" I laughed tiredly as we entered the van, this time it was me and Pete in the front. I was nervous a knot in my stomach.
"Yeah I just hope you are not in some serious trouble...." He said lightly watching the road ahead.
"I really don't know what to expect. They treat me like a family member...Don't know if they will treat me like a daughter or an employee in this case." He nodded.
I told him my address and as we neared my place " When can we do this again, I loved sitting down and watching you dance but next time I'd like it to be just maybe just the two of us?... Wanna go out with me Alexa?!" he asked not really looking at me and I was glad, just now I thought I had been stupid letting him take me home. I sighed, I do that a lot, I'm aware!
"I don't know...I can't really go out on regular week days but maybe we can I don't know see if we can do something next Saturday." He smiled.
"I can come to see you?" I mean...just to I don't know...ahh I gotta give you back your hoddie" he said as we parked on the Thompson's driveway.
There he was showing off his body, again. I was blushing. He gave me a side way glance and when I extended my hand to get the hoodie he pulled me by my hand as stole a kiss. Oh oh

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