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Pete meets the family.

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The kiss...Oh wow...

It wasn't wet, it wasn't was just right. My experience with kissing was next to 'zero' but it's still something. I felt like I was floating. I didn't have other option, so I kissed him back, I opened my eyes and he had his eyes closed too.
He sighed in to our kiss and tried to get us closer but I finally pulled out, breathing heavily.
"OMG! Pete !! Don't you ever listen? Now...why would you do that and complicate things? Now I'll be thinking about this for a loooong ass time as you move on to someone else. SHIT!!" I rambled moving my hands around as if it would make him understand what I said.
He just looked at me then to the 'dashboard' thing.
"It's 2:40am. Just go inside Alexa, I guess I'll have to prove to you...that I'm interested, right? So I hope you won't mind if I show up here to take you out, huh? Give me your number..." he took out his cell "Okay now smile, yeah big..." he then took a picture of me, and I made sure I didn't look like crap. I took out my cell phone and did the same thing. He just smirked in the photo. Sexy!
"Do I get a goodnight kiss?" he said as I opened the door. I looked back at him and leaned in kissing his nose lightly.
"That's not what I meant..." he whined. I had to laugh as I closed the car door.
"You forget I baby-sit...that's my signature goodnight kiss and that was what you asked for..." he groaned as I waved and went in.
And I waited 6 months for this? Wow! I think one night can change it all.

I woke up to Maddie and Freddie jumping on my bed, I groaned and rolled over. It was freaking Sunday!
"Kids! Please don't torment me like this" I tried to say from under my pillow.
I heard them giggle and that seemed to be enough to make me wake up fully.
I sat on the bed, tiredly.
"Mom wanted to know if you were alive" said the ever dramatic Freddy.
"Oh man...I know I forgot to call. I met some very nice people and we just lost track of time" I said hugging Maddie that had made her way to my lap.
She reminded me so much of my little cousin that was her age. It was funny how I got along with Maddie just as well as I got along with Lolla.
"So you kissed one of this 'nice' people because I heard mom all excited telling dad that she saw you kissing a guy in a van" Oh hell! Just what I needed!!
"OMG! I guess I have to talk to Sally about it!" I got up and went to freshen up to finally make it upstairs.
It was funny how Sally wanted me to experience a 'fling' as she says. When we go to the mall or to the grocery store she is always pointing out the hotties or the guys that were checking me out. She was only 39 years old and she had this great spirit about how young people should just 'go with the flow' in relationships 'cause once you get old it's not as easy to not get attached' that's what she told me about 4 months ago. She and her husband _Gary_ had a very cute story and they were best friends that ended up falling in love and marrying but after their first kid_ Matt, who is away in college now_ was born they had break things up and were actually apart for 3 years, because they were too young at the time and wanted different things... I was awaken from my thoughts when I got in the kitchen and the Thompson's that didn't wake me up were looking up at me with knowing glances.
"Morning sweetheart!" said Sally in an overly dreamy voice. I giggled. I was in deep trouble, I'd never hear the end of it.
Kallena and Gary just waved and smiled.
"Eh. Morning, guys!" I sat on the table and turned my bowl up to eat some cereal. Maddie sat by my right side and Freddy went to sit besides his mom.
"Mom you needed to see her face when I mentioned that you had caught her with her 'lips' in the cookie jar." Maddie said full of malice. I blushed again.
"Madeline! Poor girl just woke up and have to put up with this kind of thing? I'll talk to her when she is finished breakfast." Sally said that at first looking serious then finished with a silly grin on her face.

The morning went by fast, Sally's talk was more like curiosity and she wanted to know what had happened in fact. She was awed that I had landed a celebrity hook up _I couldn't help I had rolled my eyes at that_ she said that now that I had a social life she could give me a day in the week to go out and date. She was so dreamy.
"Sally I don't even expect him to call me back!!!" I had said in exasperation.
She said that if he didn't he was a fool. And that if he really didn't call that I should never listen to his band again, I laughed at that.

It's was already 3pm and the kids wanted to go to the park, down the street.
I changed into my legging pants a light hooded sleeved shirt and pink flip-flops. The kids decided to take some toys because the park wouldn't be crowded at this time. Maddie took 2 Barbie dolls and one Ken doll. Freddy took his huge battery car. And Kallena just brought her ipod! and a volley ball, I had promised to play with her after playing with Maddie. It was actually weird but I loved to play dolls with Maddie.
So about an hour of that I heard a car pulling over the street with music blaring from inside the car, it had jet black windows. I felt something in the pit of my stomach, I tried to watch Freddy that was actually on the other side of the park and tried to think of a way to run if it turned out to be a mobster gang kidnapping kids and Barbie dolls.
"Shiiiit" I said out loud as the door opened and a guy my stature made his exit, he had dark glasses on, a very low pair of pants and a dark blue t-shirt.
Here comes Peter. Oh God, here we go again!

He smiled at me and I pretended to ignore as I kept on playing with Maddie as if nothing was happening. The girls on the other hand were looking at him following his every step. "This really creepy guy is coming our way, Alexa. Do we run?" said Maddie an edge of fright in her voice. I just shook my head.
"So this is what you regularly do on your Sunday afternoons?" he asked amusement in his voice. I looked up and nodded trying to shield my eyes from the light.
"Yeah, I love playing dolls, and I'm not ashamed to confess. But actually this is the first time I get caught in public." I said trying to be sarcastic.
"hum so this are the kids you watch?" he asked as he sat down besides me and nodded at Kallina and Maddie who had skeptical looks on their faces.
"Yeah, this is Kallina and Maddie and over there our own little NASCAR racer Freddy." I pointed to the little boy that now was coming towards us full throttle.
"hi guys, I'm Pete!" he introduced himself and the once so unsure look on the little girls faces were gone, he had won them over. OH great!
"How did you find me Pete?" I asked annoyed, suddenly.
"Sally Thompson seemed to be glad I had really meant when I said I'd see you again. /Even when I interrupted their fun..." /he trailed off and I blushed, seems like Pete interrupted the older Thompson's activities. I knew it was Sally's idea to just tell him to come look for me. I nodded to him as Freddy finally made it, eying Pete like he was the enemy.
"Who are you?" he asked cocking his head to the side.
"Uhmm wouldn't you like to know? I think I'm in advantage here little fellow because I know your name..." I cut him off
" This is Peter, Freddy, He is a acquaintance." I said smirking at Pete who narrowed his eyes at me.
"We are about to change that because I want to take you to a date, if possible know just movies and a nice dinner maybe..." he said looking at me smiling this time.
I put the doll I was playing down and got up.
"Kallina let's play some volleyball before we go to the mall with Mr. Wentz.
I didn't even bother to look at him. I'd have to call Sally before going home so we wouldn't have any surprises.
To my dismay even Pete played with us. He was such a girl. We were playing a game that we count to three touches then the last person aims someone and if the person is hit, they are out but if they get a hold of the ball the one to leave is the person that struck.
At first we couldn't even get the ball three times up. But when it happened I got Pete - good!!
"Holy wow! My tight must be bruised after that" he whimpered like a baby.
"Ohhh come on! It wasn't even that hard!" I played off.
About three times then It was finally just me and Pete he had gotten the idea of the game. We were so into the game. He had struck me twice and I had dodged, I bet if those strikes had hit me I'd be bruised as well.
"Come on Alex destroy him!!" cheered on little Freddy waving his hands.
I laughed and that seemed to fuel Pete's need to win. Maddie the opened her mouth and I lost my concentration.
" Come one Pete hit her and then kiss to make it better!" I glared at her damn it! The ball struck me in the ass. The sound was like I was being slapped.
"OMG!" I heard as I massaged by butt cheek out of reflex. Pete had his hands covering his mouth an apologetic look on his eyes.
He came over and put his hand on top of mine. With my free hand I slapped it away and glared at him.
"Don't you dare!!!" I said blinking, as I heard all of them laughing their asses off at me. I pouted.
"I'm sorry baby" said Pete and before I could say anything he had hugged me.
I missed being hug. And to my surprise he was an excellent hugger I was stiff for a while but I gave in and put my hand on his lower back.
"I missed being hugged!" I admitted. He just chuckled at that. And suddenly I was being held my ass I may add. I was so shocked with his audacity that I didn't even say anything for like 30 seconds.
"What exactly are you doing, Pete! Put me down already!" The kids were in a laughing fit. They seemed to be very amused by Pete!
"It's called damage control...I'm just checking if I made a dent or something" I glared at him and slapped his hands HARD! He laughed and dropped me off.
Pete insisted to take us back home by car...I said no...but Kallina said she was tired and she would accept the ride. We loaded Freddy's car in the truck and got in, his car was so nice. It had leather sits and it smelled good too. I even felt underdressed to be in it. ¬¬'
It was funny the way the kids warmed up to Peter. I never thought he even liked kids. Weird!
I got my cell to call the house to make sure they knew we were coming over. Sally picked up, visibly breathless. So I knew I'd have to think of something.
"hey Sally it's hum me Alex. Hum I was thinking if it was okay to go to the mall with the kids for a while?" I heard giggling and blushed as Pete looked at me as if wondering what was going on...
"Oh God yeah! No problem! Thank you so much honey!" and the line went dead. Gross!
"What happened?" he smirked. He was already going towards the mall.
"Uhmm nothing really. They were 'busy' I guess." I shrugged off looking at him. He laughed and nodded.
"hum we have one soldier down, Alexa." I looked behind, Maddie and Kallena were sharing the ipod! ear buds and Freddy was awkwardly laying on the sit sleeping lightly. It made smile because he always crashed like this.
Arriving to the mall it was mildly crowded.
Pete helped me taking Freddy out of the car since poor thing wouldn't wake up. I was glad he was such a light weight. Pete even offered to take him but I refused.
"Wee I love coming to the mall, Pete!" said Maddie as she took his hands as we headed towards the entry.

I don't think he thought about the situation the moment we passed a bunch of Goth kids, in the same moment he let go of Maddie's hand and pulled the hood of his hooded sleeved shirt. I looked at him and he shrugged.
"I want a hoodie too" said Maddie pulling at his hand.
Kallena and I were too immersed in the display of a clothing store.
"But you don't need one, It's not even cold here!" that was the lamest reason he could have come with.
"Then Why are you wearing the hood?" she bitted back.
"hum because I'm silly..." he smirked " You know what let's see if we find a hoodie for you, let's find a kid store!" as I heard that I looked at them as they sprinted off to find the store. I shook my head and went back to the display.
About an hour late we were sitting in the food court. Pete had treated us to a huge pizza. Maddie now had a cute hello kitty hoodie on and the hood was almost covering her face, she was definitely having trouble eating.
I was a mess, my arms hurt from Freddy's weight and here I thought the kid was light!

1 hour later -3 autographs and lots of weird encounters

Pete parked out side of the Thompson's this time he was holding Freddy because I just had no strength left in my arms.
"I'll go ding the door bell..." Maddie said as she run to the door.
"Pete can you open the trunk so I can get the dolls and the little truck?" he handed me the keys and I unloaded the trunk closing it with a thud.
I walked over to Kallena as she helped me with the dolls as I carried the Fred's truck.
I nodded for Pete to go on, I noticed Maddie was at the door telling her mom already about the things we had done in the mall.
"Aww my baby just had to miss the fun by sleeping..." She said going up to Pete and taking Freddy. "He was out like a light in the car" I said. Kallena went it along with Maddie, Sally was looking from me to Pete.
"I'm sorry I spoiled your date, guys!!" she blushed. Pete laughed.
"I think it must be kinda hard to keep the romance alive with the kids around all the time, it was actually fun." He said looking at me. I smiled.
"It wasn't a date, Sally. We just went uh people trying to get to know each other, I guess." I went in after the kids.
When I was back Pete was sitting in the living room talking to Sally, Freddy was sitting on the floor drawing. I had helped Kallena putting the toys away in the den and freshen up a little.

"Sorry had to go put the toys away, Pete!" I said as I sat besides him in the couch. Not really close enough.
"No problem. Really! Sally was telling me great stories about you! And hum she said we can go out now if you want is still 6 o'clock we could still go see a movie...or a play if you want." He said looking at me. All faces turned looking at me expectantly. Sally mouthed 'GO, What Are YOU WAITING?!! I was actually in a difficult position and Pete had been a sweetheart.
"Uh I have to freshen up a bit and change clothes, do you mind?" he smiled big, it was actually cute.
"No, of course not." He got up "Actually I may even head home and do the same you know..." he was heading to the door; he waved a goodbye to the people on the living room as I followed him to the doorway.
"I'll be back in 20,ok?" he said and leaned in for a kiss, I couldn't help myself so I let him kiss me. It was brief and very light. But oh-so good!
He smiled at me and turned his back to walk to this car.
My heart was beating like drums in my ears.

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